100 years before Divorce

100 years before Divorce





100 years before Divorce

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The only thing that Xia Sha hate in this world is cheating man. Her parents marriage is the prove that woman shouldn’t tolerate a cheating man.Just her luck! her fiancee is cheating with his secretary. What a legendary romance, she wanted to congratulates them.Then she meet again with her rival’s brother, Guan Xian. He is one of that disgusting creature on earth. Playboy, f*ck boy, womanizer, what ever it is he is the man with the biggest potential to cheat his wife!The problem is HE WANTED HER TO BE HIS WIFE! omaya, she shouldn’t come to elder Wang’s birthday party for the first place. He even collude with her mom.Now she has to beware of his sly trap every second of her life. Damn it!At the end she end up with wedding ring with that devil because her mother threatened her with her health.Just as what she expected! He cheated on her! the moment she found that he cheated, Xia Sha send the divorcee agreement to Guan Xian’s office immediately.Guan Xian! you cheating scum! I want divorce! divorce! divorce!Divorce? sure, but I recommend you to read our premarital marriage arrangement again.It was stated that they have to undergo 100 years of mediation period!โ€ฆ when did she sign this prenup arrangement. why she didn’t saw this coming?Several months later she was pregnant.GUAN XIAN YOU BASTARD, GO TO HELL


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