A Precious Pearl in the Imperial City

A Precious Pearl in the Imperial City

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There are three treasures in the imperial city: Me, my husband and my mother-in-law.Noble Consort Su was favoured and envied by countless imperial consorts. King Chen grew up with His Majesty showing favouritism to him. However, anyone, who is more or less educated, would sigh with regret and say that this pair of mother and son are sure to come to a bad end in the future.Ming Jiuzhu, who is about to marry King Chen: Really? I donโ€™t believe it.King Chen in Jiuzhuโ€™s eyes: a beautiful and kind-hearted little celestial boy vs King Chen in the eyes of others: His Majestyโ€™s and his favoured consortโ€™s hedonistic sonJiuzhu often wondered why people always gazed at her and King Chen with a โ€œyou are doomed one way or anotherโ€ look. Could this be the ugly side of jealousy?Oh my, the hearts of these people are so dirty.


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