Adorable Baby Comes: CEO, Give Me A Baby

Adorable Baby Comes: CEO, Give Me A Baby







Adorable Baby Comes: CEO, Give Me A Baby

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Six years ago, she kidnapped him and forced him to take only one seed before disappearing without a trace. Six years later, she became a famous lawyer overseas and brought her son to the country. She did not want to be targeted by that wild wolf on the day she returned home. She did everything she could to escape and he chased her! In this battle of emotions, who wins and who loses? Big Blue: I’m too tired. Help me beat my legs. CEO Gao Leng: I’m busy! Big Blue: Alright then… Then I’ll look for someone else. CEO Gao Leng: Get the hell here! Big Blue: Ai ai ai ai, where are you going to touch your hands? I’m going to beat your legs! Beating his legs! CEO Gao Leng: I only do full-body massage. After the massage, Big Blue’s entire body was sore… Small Theatre 2: Why do you want to recognize him as your father? Cute Bao replied: Uncle Shuai said he was extremely capable! Everyone had a curious look on their face as they asked Gongbao: “How capable?” Kung Bao replied: Two hours at a time. Everyone: “…”


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