Adorable Wife Refuses the CEO

Adorable Wife Refuses the CEO

Adorable Wife Refuses the CEO

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A secret shooting, she was sent to his bed, and from then on her peaceful life was stirred up by him. Xiao Yueze is the dream lover of countless young girls in S City, while in Nian Shashi’s eyes, he is just the incarnation of the devil.” You went to great lengths to climb into my bed, but not for this day!” I didn’t, you let go of me, that’s enough …..” That’s enough? That’s not what you said last night, Nian Shashi, until I’m tired of it, you’re not going anywhere.” She pinched the pregnancy test, her eyes full of desperation: “If you do not love me, you let me go, okay?” You don’t even think about it.” Sinking in despair and disappointment, the luxury family entanglement makes her involuntarily deep in it later Nian Shashi but can no longer ask that – sentence – Xiao Yueze, you really ….. Forget about me?


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