After Rebirth, the Buddha-like Star Is a Medical Expert

After Rebirth, the Buddha-like Star Is a Medical Expert





After Rebirth, the Buddha-like Star Is a Medical Expert

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# FOLLOWERS Her mother was a top actress while her father was a famous director. After Ning Youguang played a cameo role in her father’s movie at the age of seven, the entire entertainment industry waited for her to grow up. Her debut could possibly be the most awaited highlight within the industry. This was in part, thanks to the reality show, The Prosperous Beauty, which was one of the highest-grossing TV shows at that time. It helped to garner millions of fans on Ning Youguang’s anonymous blog. Yet, Ning Youguang didn’t want to be a star or appear in the limelight. She only wanted to make an honest living as a doctor and accumulate merits in her life, so that she would not have to suffer an early death once again. Wouldn’t it be much better if she could enjoy a regular and disciplined lifestyle where she could spend time planting flowers, raising cats, and living to a ripe old age? She never had a chance to do any of that in her previous life! But Youguang never imagined that she would meet Shi Wangyue. He was one of her patients in her previous life, who had not been cured of his ailments due to her premature death. When her mother brought Shi Wangyue, who was also her half-brother, on a reality show, he appeared distracted. Host to him, “Are you speechless because you are awe-struck by all these beautiful ladies?” Her younger brother looked at the female stars who were dubbed as ‘Prosperous Beauties’ on the show, and said with disapproval, “They’re okay. They only possess one percent of my sister’s beauty.” Everyone was shocked, and this created an uproar in the entertainment circle. It also became the #1 trending topic on Weibo’s hot search. Her mother couldn’t agree more with her younger brother’s words, “My daughter is absolutely amazing.” One day, a photo of Ning Youguang was accidentally leaked to the public. Haters of Shi Wangyue proclaimed, “Bro, we’ll never laugh at you again. Is this a beauty that humankind deserves to have among us?”


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