CEO, Please Dote On Your Muddled Wife

CEO, Please Dote On Your Muddled Wife







CEO, Please Dote On Your Muddled Wife

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The president of the Han Empire Group, the mysterious person standing at the top, was her mission target. Her goal was to capture his heart and gain his trust. But who would have thought that at the same time she obtained his heart, she herself fell. When all the plans were about to succeed, the truth was revealed step by step, and her nemesis appeared on the surface โ€ฆ “I’m sorry, I approached you for a mission.” A little white rabbit, who was pretending to be silly, repented with tears on her face. “So?” “A certain CEO was very cold.” So don’t abandon me, I was wrong! ” The little white rabbit hugged the CEO’s thigh. “Reason?” I… I must have made a mistake in my target of vengeance… ” If you are wrong about the target of your revenge, then you might even be wrong about your husband!


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