CEO's Crazy Dote on His Cute Wife

CEO's Crazy Dote on His Cute Wife







CEO's Crazy Dote on His Cute Wife

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After a night of amnesia, she had no intention of offending the dignified CEO Xiao, and was even forced into marriage. Her heart felt like it was about to collapse! Shuangqing: “Let’s forget about what happened that night, there’s no need for you to take responsibility!” But I need you to take responsibility. ” Xiao Yi raised his eyebrows in dissatisfaction, “You want to run after you’ve slept?” Shuangqing: “…” How much did Xiao Yi love Qing Qing? He said that even the stars beside the moon would be plucked from the sky! ” However, a certain someone was still restless. Xiao Yi had no choice but to capture her and force her away. He wanted to see how she would run with the ball!


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