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CEO's Tease&Love

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Other people’s big wedding was to enter the bridal chamber, while she and Mo Jingyao wore wedding gowns. Eh? Where is this? The space was too small and it was too close. From then on, Young Master Mo was used to having many small pets in his arms.If a pet wasn’t pampered, it would be a waste.Thus, Young Master Mo was determined to bring this truth to its peak.She went up to the house, and he helped her undress.She said that her father didn’t love her mother, so with a wave of his hand, he decided to change his mother to a new father and mother.She said that her elder brother and elder sister bullied her, and he stepped on her. My wife is your ancestor.The little ancestor went out every day, and Young Master Mo’s body was filled with tears. “My little wife is fair and beautiful, a natural born beauty. Watch out for me.””Young Master, are you blind โ€ฆ””Scram…”


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