Divine God Against The Heavens

Divine God Against The Heavens





Divine God Against The Heavens

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Heavenly Pearl, an unknown mysterious, and heaven-defying object, for some reason, enter the heart of a young man named Ye Xiao who was framed and crippled by his fellow sect members for some unknown reasons and got kicked out from his sect.After the Heavenly Pearl enters Ye Xiaoโ€™s heart, it not only repaired Ye Xiaoโ€™s dantian but also grants him an unknown rank cultivation technique, which let him create Nine Divine Dragons in his Sea of Consciousness, and use the dragonโ€™s abilities as he wishes. He also gets the opportunity to merge with the memories of three Ancient Gods from the Heavenly Pearl.From then on, Ye Xiao embarks on the path of Martial Arts, cultivates to the peak of the summit, and ascends the heavens. With the help of Heavenly Pearl, he will fight against the gods and devils and even against the heavens.ยซNo One Has The Right To Look Down On Me, Not Even The Heavensยป.


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