Empress Of The Lost Kingdom

Empress Of The Lost Kingdom





Empress Of The Lost Kingdom

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You are already having enough nightmares and demons in your day to day life.What happens when you start getting haunted by nightmares from an ancient world or maybe, as the legends say, memories from your past life?On her 18th birthday, Li Juan had a nightmare which changed her life forever.She saw a queen of an ancient kingdom being murdered in her dream. Even though it was just a dream, intrigued by it’s content, she starts searching for its meanings and interpretations.Today, Li Juan is a research scholar at the archaeology department and she is on a quest to find a lost city. While searching about the lost city, she realises that her past and present life is being intertwined with three men who claim to own her heart.”Li Juan, you belong to me,” declared her Highschool crush who also happens to be her current boss.”Li Juan, we are destined to be together,” proclaimed her celebrity crush.”Li Juan, both of our families, wants us to become a couple,” proposed her family friend.”Wait a minute!!! Are you sure the “Li Juan” whom you all mentioning is really me?” Even Li Juan herself finds it difficult to believe their claims,” I am sorry to disappoint you all, but I have already fallen in love with my research career.”” But Li Juan, I promised that I’ll help you to find your Queen,” A blurry image of a man from her memory reminded her.Who is that?Through her broken dreams and shattered memories, Li Juan is still searching for the one who made the promise, to find the Queen from her dreams !!


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