Interpretation of story genres

The Story of the Palace of Battle

is a genre of stories about the struggles and power struggles of the ancient kings

Supernatural stories

The story appears characters possessing special supernatural powers

Fiction story

Also known as plowing literature, it tells about the life of a farmer, taking care of the fields and gardens

Short story

A type of short story that usually has only one or a few chapters

Fighting Story

It is a story about fighting, fighting for money and power among family members

Horror stories

It is a genre of stories with elements of ghosts and horror

Love story

Contents are romances

Adventure Story

The content of the story is usually adventure adventures, mysterious places


is a type of story that has episodes that make viewers feel strongly, often angry, nostalgic or even inhibited instead of the main character.

The story of strong women

is a story genre with female characters possessing strong personalities and abilities

Women's stories

is a type of story that does not revolve around the main female character but delves into the supporting female characters in novels

Official stories

The story tells about the main character's aspects as well as the process of promotion in politics

color story

genre of stories with episodes 18+

Grace story

is a type of story about love and pampering, usually for lovers

Rebirth story

The story has the main character who is brought back to life for some reason

Fairy Tales

Fairy tales often tell about the main character's process of cultivation and discovery of the mysterious fairy monk world

Legendary story

stories with elements of magic, fantasy ... are set in the context of super fantasy (fairy world, demon world ...)

Detective story

The theme is thrilling stories in the struggle between scouts and enemies

heterosexual story

There are strange worlds in the story, different from the world we live ing

science fiction stories

stories with mysterious science elements

comic swordplay

The story often revolves around the life of the main character through the process of training, learning martial arts secrets, and adventures in the Gypsy.

hammock story

It is a type of story in the form of science fiction

story through space

space travel is a genre where the main character is sent to live in another space or time for some reason.

Teen Stories

is a genre of teen and cute stories that often have content about school age

The story of the world

revolves around the content of the perishing earth preparing for the apocalypse

Synopsis story

also known as LES stories or lesbian stories

Love story

Also known as gay stories

ancient stories

is a type of story whose plot revolves around content from the past

urban stories

stories whose content mainly takes place in a modern urban environment

History Story

The content of the story often happens in history, there are many similar elements compared to the real world history

military story

The story has military elements, usually taking place in the military environment


The genre of prose is fictional, through characters, situations, and events to reflect the social picture


Genre Comedy

system story

Systematic stories are stories that often have the main character carrying a symbiotic system, bringing many benefits to the main character..

humorous stories

stories with funny content, bring laughter