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I am M

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Nadia, the Imperial Medical Officer of Izetine.I saved another world, and I had just come to my original body.However, I seem to have become a pervert that seduced the crazy dog of the Empire.It would be ok to just tempt him, but ‘I’ made that crazy dog, Lexion, furious.I’m afraid of the guy who’s about to choke my neck right now.Then the system message, which I never thought I’d see again said:[System Message] The Fate Quest begins. Get Spanked on the Butt by Fate (0/100)My butt? Why must my butt be spanked.I have a question, wait!The body that had it’s soul changed in the middle, was sensitive to Lexion’s hands.Nadia, who had never even held a man’s hand before, inevitably spends her days trapped in a hot love affair.It is a life like an ‘M,’ but not fully an ‘M.’“I am M…


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