I Turned Over A New Leaf After Marrying A Sickly Lord

I Turned Over A New Leaf After Marrying A Sickly Lord





I Turned Over A New Leaf After Marrying A Sickly Lord

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# domesticfightLuo Cityโ€™s beauty, Su Anan, was made to marry a sickly boy from the Shen family who was kept in the countryside to overturn his undesirable fate. It instantly became the talk of the town. Many lamented the fact that such a beauty was marrying a blind man. What a waste! But what stood out more was that Miss Su would probably soon become a widow, judging by how frail the Shen familyโ€™s son was. Gossip was rampant everywhere, but Su Anan remained calm and decisively got married. This was because she had actually been reborn, and she knew how severe the consequences were after being forced to run away from this marriage in her previous life. So, when she woke up and realized that she had returned to the eve of her wedding, she decided not to run away and would obediently get married. Initially, she thought that she would remain respectful and meet her husbandโ€™s needs in the marriage, but she never expected that this ill husband of hers would be so different from the rumors in her previous lifeโ€ฆ Didnโ€™t they say he was blind? Didnโ€™t they say he was sickly? Didnโ€™t they say he would die soon?! Who said all this? Come out and admit it right now! Su Anan stumbled out of the room, holding her aching waist and sighed from the bottom of her heart. Ah, rumors were really unreliable!


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