I'm Getting a Job As The Duke's Wife

I'm Getting a Job As The Duke's Wife







I'm Getting a Job As The Duke's Wife

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The 2nd round of life.Reborn as a silver spoon aristocrat and even had a mysterious abilityHowever the parents treated her like a demon, and the family was ruined for treason.What, am I a s*ave?!However itโ€™s me who has to pave the way of my life!Negotiate with the man who came to overthrow the s*ave merchant and get a valuable job opportunity.โ€œHire me, please. I can give you the information you want. Anytime and anywhere.โ€โ€œAll right, Evelyn. I accept your terms.โ€But thereโ€™s only one problem.โ€œI intend to make you my beloved Duchess.โ€โ€œWhat? What Duchess?โ€***Evelyn who got a job as the Dukeโ€™s wife.During her 2 years contract, she has three tasks to accomplish.First, make the King who hates her because of her humbleground to be on her side.โ€œCutie, donโ€™t leave my side.โ€Second, melt the father-in-law who hates his son.โ€œSheโ€™s not my daughter-in-law, sheโ€™s my daughter!โ€Third, defeating the villainess who is rushing to steal her husband.โ€œEvelyn, I want to destroy the child with an innocent look like you.โ€Will Evelyn be able to complete all her duties and retire safely?


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