I'm the King Of Technology

I'm the King Of Technology





I'm the King Of Technology

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Chu Yi dies in a car crash and becomes Landon Barn, the illegitimate son of king Barn, ruler of Arcadina. Because his mother was a maid and the kingโ€™s greatest disgrace, his father had always despised him. The same could be said for his half-siblings.When he turned 15, his father had announced that the city of Baymard would be given to him, and would no longer be under the empire’s control. It was a well known fact that Baymardโ€™s lands were barren, and poverty stricken…. For godโ€™s sake, this was banishment.His deadbeat father had indirectly banished him from the empire.Chu Yi woke up in a carriage, on his way to Baymard with a system”So what if my father hates me? So what if Iโ€™m banished?…. I will turn my territory into a modern society”..Author here, thank you all for tuning in….. english is my second language… so I promise to try my best.P.S, please dont compare my Novel to others… not all world development novels have to have the same format.


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