I'm The supreme Fairy King

I'm The supreme Fairy King





I'm The supreme Fairy King

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In a world ruled by magical beings; dragons, krakens, vampires, giants, werewolves, foxesโ€ฆ etc. Humans were the weakest in the worldโ€™s order.Itโ€™s a story about a sixteen years old human youth, called Jim, who was cursed his entire life after failing in some sort of a test. In one destined day he had his own powers uncovered to him by a mysterious voice in his head.And since this moment he started a new chapter of his life!He will go to the Fairy Academy and discover more about his powers, make friends and many rivals, plus a lot of enemies.Amidst all this, his legend will be born, as the new Fairy King of this age.Release Schedule: Two chapters per day โ€” Increased by more if it reached a rank in the New Ranking.


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