Intelligent Industrial Empire

Intelligent Industrial Empire

Intelligent Industrial Empire

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China is the world’s largest producer of machine tools, as well as the largest consumer of machine tools in the world. However, the most high-end precision machine tools have been struggling due to the technological blockade of Western countries. A young engineer from 20 years later, in a great era full of opportunities and challenges, with his familiarity with various CNC machine tools in later generations, he wants to change this heterogeneous plane, which is also called Chinaโ€™s national high-end machine tool market monopolized by foreigners. situation. When he really started, he discovered how difficult it is in China to take the road of independent research and development in high-tech fields. The state monopolizes talents, and the funds are never enough to use. Rogue state-owned enterprises come to the door to rant about technology sharing when they see good technology. The supporting factories have to develop them one by one, and the partners say that it is the kingly way to make money by going to special technology development… If you want to change, why not break?


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