Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2791

In the next few days, she didn’t communicate with Fu Jincheng at all and didn’t talk on the phone, but he kept his promise and would make video calls to the children. But at this time, she was usually absent and didn’t have the opportunity to participate. It was her fault

After work, listen to the children, just know.

As for Fu Jincheng’s straightforward approach, Gao Yunjin understands that Fu Jincheng really takes her proposal of respecting each other seriously, not just talking about it.

It was also at this time that she suddenly realized that perhaps Fu Jincheng had been looking forward to such a day for a long time?

She brought it up, and he just had a step down.

This reminds her of Fu Jincheng in her last life.

In the first few years when they were together, things between them changed from simple to complicated. She still remembers his attitude towards her before he and Lin Yixun got back together for the first time.

At first, she really thought that he was busy. Later, she realized that he didn’t contact her. In fact, he was gradually alienating her.

At that time, she was stupid and didn’t realize it.

By the time she realized it, he was already with someone else. At that time, although she knew that she was not qualified to hate Fu Jincheng, she was more or less disappointed and shocked. She thought that since he was with others, she would clearly tell her that he would not contact with her in the future

Is to leave her alone in the same place, let her still have fantasy and memory of him

Wishful thinking, about looking forward to, can wait, but it is to make her heart broken voice. Now she doesn’t know if Fu Jincheng means the same thing, but the practice is too similar. Although she can’t believe it, after all, their feelings for so many years, even if Fu Jincheng has the memory of his last life, did they say love a few years ago

Did her people just disappear?

Is this all gone?

He walked out of these two relationships so easily, leaving only her, no matter in her last life or in this life, still wandering in the same place

Think of these, Gao Yunjin red eyes, scared to come in to her report itinerary secretary a jump, “Gao Zong, are you ok?”

The Secretary has long found out that Gao Yunjin is not in good spirits since he was injured and discharged from hospital last time. He is often absent-minded.

Gao Yunjin wiped his tears, “it’s OK, you say it.”

“Well, our business expansion in the United States is quite smooth. We suggest expanding cooperation with us. Do you think so?”

“I see. I’ll call someone back later.”

“Good.” Having said that, her secretary told her the next trip. After the secretary left, Gao Yunjin put away her emotion and called someone.

It’s half an hour after the call, and it’s almost time to get off work.

Gao Yunjin sorted out the documents on her desk and looked in the mirror. She just cried and her make-up was a little too much. When she went back, what would her children see? She sorted out her make-up before leaving the company and returning home.

Back home, she just stepped into the door, Yueyue jumped into her arms, but this time, her face is not as happy as before, but depressed.

Gao Yunjin touched her head, held her in his arms and kissed her. He said in a soft voice, “why do you want to cry? Are you unhappy at school

“No,” Yue said

Xiaoxuan stood on one side and didn’t look very happy. She carried her childlike face and asked her seriously: “Mom, what is Xiaosan?”

Gao Yunjin was stunned. “Xiaoxuan, what are you talking about?”

How could he know the word when he was so young?

Xiaoxuan looked at his sister, hesitated and then said: “sister said, said that just now that aunt is likely to be a small three, she does not like her, because the sister said she would take dad.”

Gao Yunjin was stiff all over, and a cold current flashed over him. He suddenly looked up at the housekeeper and said, “is he… Back?”

Just now, she thought that Fu Jincheng had gradually alienated her in her last life, and then she got back together with Lin Yixun. Unexpectedly, when she got home, she heard such news

Does Fu Jincheng really keep up with his life——

“No The housekeeper was flustered. “Sir, I’m still abroad and haven’t come back yet. It’s just children’s wishful thinking. Don’t take it seriously, madam.” Gao Yunjin sees that the housekeeper seems to be in a bit of a panic. Her brain suddenly explodes. She hugs Yueyue tightly and forces her tears back into her eyes. She asks Yueyue in a soft voice: “Yueyue, why do you say these words to my brother? What happened?

Tell mom? ““ Just now when I was making a video with my brother and Dad, there was a beautiful aunt walking in my dad’s room! ” Yueyue bit her little mouth, “my father at the same table was robbed by the little three outside. I don’t want her and her mother. She lives with her mother now

From now on, she miss her father very much, but her father is fascinated by the fox spirits outside. He doesn’t want to see her and doesn’t love her any more! “

For a moment, Gao Yunjin doesn’t know whether to shock Fu Jincheng with a woman or Yueyue who is still so young. He knows what fox spirit is and what small three is.

She only knew that her heart, suddenly a cool, what taste has. She was not present, and she didn’t know what was going on. She wanted to explain to Yueyue that Fu Jincheng would not look for Xiao San. The other party was not a fox spirit, so she didn’t want to think about it. However, she was afraid that the current situation of Fu Jincheng and her husband would suddenly worsen when she didn’t know

Maybe one day, before she could react, Fu Jincheng would suddenly say, “madam, I’m just worried, madam. Don’t think about it.” the housekeeper looked at Gao Yunjin’s white face and said, “there was a woman in my room just now. My husband was not happy when he saw that woman. I saw that woman

The woman is not happy, let that woman leave, it seems that they should be just friends

“Is it?”

The housekeeper doesn’t know. It’s ok if he doesn’t explain. Once he explains, it’s broken.

Over the years, she and Fu Jincheng are so close that she doesn’t know what his female friends are?

Since it can make Yueyue dislike, the other party must have done something to make Yueyue unhappy.

You know, children are possessive. Their parents are reluctant to share them with others. If there is a strange woman who is intimate with their father, children will feel uncomfortable. Just now, after hearing the child’s words, she was still speaking for Fu Jincheng in her heart. Although it’s right that Fu Jincheng is there at night now, since Fu Jincheng will make a video call to the child, it means that the place where he is now must be his residence.

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