Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2796

Yue Yue is not happy, tiger with a meat face, “what do you say? It’s not right to say that girls are heavy. Boys should be gentlemanly. Didn’t your teacher say that? “

Xiaoxuan hung his head and whispered, “no, the teacher told us that children should be honest and not lie.”

“You Yueyue’s white and tender little flesh blushed, and angrily stretched out her hand to pull her brother’s face, “I’m your sister, you want to listen to me, you know?”

Xiaoxuan said with no expression: “Oh, I see.”

Gao Yunjin sat and looked at them. He was amused and laughed. His heart was soft and became a pool of water. He couldn’t help rubbing the heads of the two little guys and then hugged them.

No matter why God arranged this, she was very glad that she could use these two treasures again in her life, and thank God for giving Yueyue a chance to be born.

Thinking of this, her hand holding the cup stopped.

She thought, maybe she should also thank Fu Jincheng.

In this life, his protection work is very good, Lin Yixun has no chance to hurt her, Yueyue can be born safely, right?

Although Fu Jincheng said that if the two kids didn’t sleep after he was busy, he would make a video call to them again, but when the two kids went to sleep, he didn’t make a video call again.

However, fortunately, they talked for a long time before. Although his video phone didn’t call, the two little guys didn’t particularly talk about him. When it was time to rest, they still went to bed.

Two days later, the cooperation between her and harashi was negotiated. On the same day, she signed the contract.

After signing the contract, Yuanshi invited Gao Yunjin to dinner.

Gao Yunjin: “I should invite you.”

“You’ve invited me once, and it’s my turn to invite you this time.”

He insisted so much that she had to smile and say, “OK.” When they went out this time, they took Yuanshi’s car. Yuanshi said, “it’s not long since I came back here, but my friends have taken me to eat a lot of delicious food. Although you are much more familiar with the capital and China than I am, I’m not sure about the food

It’s very insightful. I hope you can like the place you’ll go later. “


It took more than 20 minutes to get there. There are more residential areas here, but the surrounding environment is very good.

When the car was about to enter the small yard, harashi said to her, “this is a private dish. My friend said that ten tables would be made in one day. Last time I came here, I really thought it was very good.”

High Yun Brocade hangs Mou to smile next, “I know, here I also came.”

Over the years, Fu Jincheng is also very keen to take her to look for food everywhere. It can be said that the two cities, Beijing and G City, have been to famous places with delicious food.

Yuan Shi looked at her chagrined, “really?”

Gao Yunjin didn’t want him to be too disappointed and comforted him: “but I haven’t been here for a long time. Besides, I haven’t tried some dishes. It’s rare to have a chance to come here. Naturally, I want to taste them again.”

Yuan Shi laughed, “girls in China are as gentle and considerate as you are. Do you like to think about others?” When he said this, there was some ambiguous atmosphere in the narrow carriage. Gao Yunjin didn’t know whether she was thinking too much, but Yuanshi never showed any action that didn’t agree with her identity. She felt that she was thinking too much, “maybe

Let’s go. “

Yuan Shi said with a smile, “I think so, too. So when I come back this time, I’m looking forward to meeting someone I like in China.”

“It should be very easy to meet someone you like because you are always so excellent.”

Before their conversation, the topic is basically around the clothing market, he suddenly talked about personal feelings, Gao Yunjin also some not adapt.

Yuanshi shook his head disapprovingly: “thank you for recognizing my excellence, but isn’t it that the more excellent a person is, the more difficult it is to find a person who likes and shares the same ideals?”

Yuan Shi’s words are particularly impressive, but his eyes are still looking at her.

Gao Yunjin didn’t notice, but she was confused, “is that so?”

“Isn’t it?” Yuanshi said, “I heard Mr. Gao say that you are married. Aren’t you and your husband both excellent people? Aren’t you like-minded?”

Gao Yunjin was stunned, then shook his head: “No. He… Has always been excellent. I’m far behind him in this respect, and we have different preferences and habits. “

Yuan Shi’s eyes flashed: “really? But in my opinion, Mr. Gao, you are already excellent. What’s more, since your husband is so excellent and likes you so much, doesn’t that mean that you have something to attract him?

As for like-minded people, it is not everyone’s standard. The chemical reaction is the most important thing in love. Of course, to maintain the length of love, excellence is essential

After listening, Gao Yunjin felt thoughtful.

The car had stopped, but they didn’t go out. Gao Yunjin didn’t notice it. She was lost in thought. She was reluctant to move her sight.

Growing up abroad, he is more open-minded and in line with the West. His pursuit of love is not pure at the beginning, but as he grows older, he is more and more eager for real love that can touch him.

But never.

Until I met her in the bar.

In the bar, the moment Gao Yunjin came in, he was attracted by her.

Of course, being beautiful is one thing. The most important thing is her elegant and charming temperament, as well as her uneasiness and inability to cope with her age. She seems to be a mature woman, but when she enters the bar, she seems to be coming for the first time, and it’s not the timidity and cowardice that she has never seen the world before, but she is simply not used to it, just like a precious golden rabbit raised in a golden house,

It’s clean. It’s beautiful and itchy.

In fact, he wanted to call her immediately after reaching her phone number, but he was delayed because he happened to have something to do in those days.

Later, after knowing that she was the partner of his company, he felt that between him and her, just as the ancient Chinese myth said, they were destined for each other.

Otherwise, how can there be such a coincidence?

After several times of getting along, he likes her more and more and appreciates her.

He can wait for the pursuit of her.

Think of this, his eyes a little gentle, “Yun Jin?” This is the first time he calls her that. Gao Yunjin feels that he is not used to it and is too close to her.

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