Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2802

“Sorry.” Fu Jincheng knew that she fell asleep very late last night.

“Nothing.” Listening to his polite apology, Gao Yunjin pauses for a while and sighs in his heart. After finishing his skin care work, he leaves the room to take care of the two kids and get up to wash.

Today is Saturday. The two kids need to teach in private. Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng also have time to arrange their own private affairs.

Gao Yunjin did not leave home, but stayed at home to deal with things.

She found the report that Yuanshi gave her, and then read some questions several times. After confirming that Yuanshi might get up, she sent a message to him. Yuanshi called back soon, “get up so early?”

“Well, wake up early.” She laughed. “Don’t you get up so early?”

“You may not believe it. I’m used to getting up early every day.”

Gao Yunjin smiles, “believe it, why don’t I believe it?”

“I can’t help it. When many people see me, they think I’m not very serious. I’m afraid I’ll think the same for you.”

“Of course not.” If they had such an idea when they first met her, she would not think so when they were negotiating the price for each other’s cooperation.

Yuan Shi laughed: “yes, I have vision.”

Gao Yunjin smiles, and Yuanshi says, “call me about the market analysis report, right?”

“Yes, I have some questions.”

“You asked After a pause, harashi said, “but as you know, this report is written by me according to the market situation. It may not be objective. Just make reference.”

“No, you’re very good and specific.” She also knows about the market there. Although the data is not so detailed and clear, she knows more or less, otherwise she can’t understand it at all.

“Thank you for exaggerating. Since you have said that, if I don’t solve your doubts conscientiously, I’m sorry for your calm to me.”

Gao Yunjin laughs. He teases him so much that he is in a better mood. Then he begins to ask him.

In order not to waste too much of his time, Gao Yunjin purposely simplified the question, so it didn’t take him too much time to wait for Yuanshi to finish answering.

Moreover, after that, Yuan Shi said with a smile, “in fact, I don’t think we know much about each other.”

“No, it’s a long way off, OK? You are too modest. ““ I should say you are too modest. ” Yuanshi didn’t know what he thought, and then he paused: “I remember you told me before that your company can have the current scale, and your husband has stood for most of the reasons. But according to what I know about you these days, I send you a reply

Now you know the market very well, and you have a very good vision, and you have a very accurate grasp of the trend. Are you sure what you said to me at that time was not self abasement? “

Gao Yunjin did not expect that he would talk about Fu Jincheng. Her smile was a little complicated. “Thank you for your affirmation, but… It’s not self modesty.”

If she is really modest, it can be said that without Fu Jincheng, she has no chance to open a company.

“You’re not confident?” Yuanshi frowned, “why do you want to feel inferior?”

Gao Yunjin

So, do foreigners speak so directly?

Yuanshi knew that she might not be used to it, but he couldn’t help saying, “in my opinion, you are excellent in all aspects. Why do you feel inferior?”

Gao Yunjin pinched the mobile phone tightly, and a bitter emotion welled up in his heart, “that’s because what you see is me now, not me in the past.” Now she may be excellent in the eyes of strangers, but without Fu Jincheng, she has no chance to go abroad for further study, no chance for further study. After further study, Fu Jincheng asked her to stay there and find a big company to contact the market

Her sense of fashion and design, as well as her control over the market, is not the same as it is now.

Although her company started up in the last life, her design style in this life and that in the last life have been greatly surprised. In terms of scale and high praise, it is obvious that now it will be much better than that in the last life.

In her life, it took her ten years less than the most successful time in her previous career.

What does that mean? She thought that according to the current development trend of the company, if her relationship with Fu Jincheng does not change, ten years later, her company and her brand are likely to be well-known in the world, which is not easy to do with money

I’ll be there.

Yuanshi suddenly remembered that someone seemed to have said that Fu Jincheng and his wife were not the same family in China. His wife seemed to have a very common family

And they seem to have been together for a long time.

Listening to Gao Yunjin’s meaning, it seems that all her auras are inseparable from Fu Jincheng’s support and cultivation. I’m sorry, but I just don’t think you should have low self-esteem. Anyway, even if you leave everything behind and apply for a job in a well-known foreign clothing company, I believe you will be very popular

I don’t think you need to feel inferior. “

Gao Yunjin smile, “I know.”

This was known long before she returned to China for development.

Over the years, she has not been complacent, but has been making progress.

However, it is still different. Without Fu Jincheng, she would not have the present knowledge and insight.

“Well, it seems that there is no problem, right?”

“Well, thank you, and I’m sorry to have taken up so much of your time.”

“Why are you so polite? I’m still thinking about your meal. For that meal, I should be more positive. “

Gao Yunjin was amused by him. Yuan shidun suddenly asked, “by the way, how’s your injury? Is that all right? “

Gao Yunjin reached out and touched the gauze on his forehead. “It’s OK. You can take down the gauze tomorrow.” Then he asked, “by the way, are you free the day after tomorrow? I’ll treat you to dinner the day after tomorrow. “


“That’s settled.”


Speaking of this, the two tacit understanding of laughter, and then polite two, hung up the phone.

At this time, there was a knock at the door. Gao Yunjin looked back and saw Fu Jincheng standing outside with a tray. “The kitchen cooked soup for you.”

Then he came in.

Gao Yunjin got up and thought about the past. Fu Jincheng had come quickly and put the tray on her desk. “Drink while it’s hot.”

“Thank you.” Gao Yunjin sat back.

Fu Jincheng did not speak, eyes fell on her desktop on the document, “overseas market analysis?”

“Yes.”“ What did you do? “

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