Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2803

“No He stood, she sat, he looked down at her, can see all her emotions, she was a little nervous, holding soup, drink up, ease the mood.

Fu Jincheng frowned, “did the person who called you just now?”


Gao Yunjin answered while drinking soup for a year.

Gao Yunjin doesn’t seem to want to say much. Fu Jincheng pauses, “can you show me?”

“Of course.” She handed him the report.

Fu Jincheng also has a share in the company. For the future development of the company, Fu Jincheng is certainly qualified to participate.

Fu Jincheng took the report and stood in the same place.

The soup was a little hot. Gao Yunjin drank slowly. Seeing him standing behind her, she felt a little pressure. “Would you like to sit down somewhere?”

“It’s OK. I’ll just look around.” He didn’t move.

Gao Yunjin is silent. Fu Jincheng read the report at a glance. Not long after Gao Yunjin finished the soup, Fu Jincheng read the report roughly and closed it. Then he saw the word “Yuanshi” in the lower left corner of the report. He didn’t pay much attention to it, but he still said: “this paper is very important

“I’ve done a good job.”

Gao Yunjin came to be interested and looked up at him: “did you know that before?”

Fu Jincheng light said: “you said before want to understand, I also let people help me do a, with this inside a lot of data are almost the same.”

Gao Yunjin opened his mouth and couldn’t speak. Looking at the report, he didn’t speak.

She did say that before, but I didn’t expect him to do it.

And now, the relationship between them has already changed. Now, thinking of the sweetness of the past, Gao Yunjin’s heart beats hard.

Seeing that she didn’t speak, Fu Jincheng was silent for a while and didn’t leave. For a long time, he said, “I promised to take Xiaoxuan and Yueyue out for dinner in the evening. Do you want a place?”

Gao Yunjin took back his thoughts and put the report in place, “you’d better ask them what they like to eat.”

“Yes, what about tomorrow? Where to play? “

“Didn’t they say that?”


“Listen to them.”

Fu Jincheng nodded: “good.”

They were quiet again.

Fu Jincheng said, “I have to go out later. I’ll be back in the evening. Please tell the children for me.”

Gao Yunjin asked, “where are you going?”

As soon as she asked, she noticed Fu Jincheng’s stunned face. As soon as she turned white, she realized that her tone seemed too urgent.

Fu Jincheng did not ask more, light said: “some things to be busy.”

Gao Yunjin nodded: “OK, you are busy. I will tell the children.”

“Well, it’s hard for you.”

“It should be.”

They both spoke politely, and then fell into silence.

Gao Yunjin couldn’t resist such silence, “aren’t you busy? Go ahead and I’ll tell them after class. “


Fu Jincheng reached out to take away the tray and chopsticks. Gao Yunjin said, “I’ll do it myself. Go and do it.”

She is holding the other side of the tray, Fu Jincheng is not easy to take away, had to let go, “good.”

He left her studio.

Gao Yunjin leans on the back of his chair, lost his mind.

Fu Jincheng originally said that he would accompany the two kids to dinner, but before dinner, he called back to say that he couldn’t come back for dinner. He asked them to tell him that he would go there before they finished eating.

The two little guys were very upset, but they were happy when they thought of going out to play.

In the evening, I took two little guys out for dinner. Before they finished their meal, they had already quarreled and asked her to call Fu Jincheng.

She couldn’t beat her two children, so she had to call Fu Jincheng.

There until the phone almost automatic hang up, just picked up: “hello.”

Gao Yunjin turns on the mobile phone and hands it to the two children. The two children chirp and ask when Fu Jincheng is coming. They are almost finished eating.

Fu Jincheng: “I’ll come over in a moment, you play first.”

“All right.”

The phone soon hung up, Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng did not mention each other from beginning to end.

The place where they eat is a large shopping mall, in which there should be all kinds of basic necessities, such as clothing, food, housing and transportation, and a lot of big brand things. Gao Yunjin has always wanted to buy some gadgets or clothes for the two kids. She has a good time with her two children, and the two kids are also very happy. They just don’t like to pick clothes, so they want to go to toy stores, although they are not happy at home

We already have a lot of toys, but just like girls never get too many clothes and bags, children never get too many toys. In her last life, Gao Baixuan said that Gao Yunjin couldn’t teach children. She was too fond of children. In this life, she was OK before she recovered her memory, but after she recovered her memory, the child became more and more important in her heart, and for her children, she was more important than her

Before remembrance, the unconscious becomes indulgent.

So I bought them a lot of toys, and the two kids were very happy.

When they left, they continued to stroll. The two kids were in good spirits. They liked to make noise and play chasing games. Gao Yunjin was afraid that they would run around, so he had to keep up with them.

Gao Yunjin is a clothing maker. When she sees a clothing store, she is used to seeing more and observing the places where other people’s designs and styles are brilliant. Sometimes, if other people don’t mind, she can stay in other people’s clothing store for an afternoon.

After the two children had been running for so long, Gao Yunjin ordered them something to drink and let the nanny look at them. She went into a clothing store nearby, because when she passed by just now, she saw that there were two kinds of clothes with special designs. This store is not very famous, but the design and fabric of Chinese style are very obvious. Gao Yunjin watched it for a long time, but she was still worried about the two children. After a while, she was going out of the door to look at the two little guys. How about them

OK, just keep going back.

She could not rest assured of her children, and she was not in the mood to look at them one by one. Then, her eyes stopped on a man’s shirt on the model inside. This shirt is off white. The fabric is glossy, with a slight flash of color. Besides the collar and hem, there are also a few ornaments. It looks both grand and fashionable. Looking at it, Gao Yunjin feels that this dress is especially suitable for the customers

Fu Jincheng.

Although she makes clothes, she makes women’s clothes. Although she can also make men’s clothes, she is not very good at it. Therefore, most of Fu Jincheng’s clothes are customized.

He doesn’t lack clothes to wear, but she occasionally comes across clothes that are especially suitable for him. Regardless of the price, she will buy them for him to have a try. Over the years, she has never seen them. And in front of this dress, also let her buy down to Fu Jincheng try impulse.

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