Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2805

The two little guys suddenly wilted: “OK, but we haven’t eaten popcorn for a long time…”

“That’s enough for a small can.”

Two little guys blink with the big eyes of Gao Yunjin and compromise.

Gao Yunjin looks at Fu Jincheng, who nods to show that he understands.

After Gao Yunjin finished the line, Fu Jincheng bought a large and a small can of popcorn, two bottles of mineral water, a bottle of coke and a box of ice cream.

Gao Yunjin: “how to buy more?”

“I feel like eating a little.”

He doesn’t like to eat these all the time. He usually just watches his child eat with her. Today

Gao Yunjin thought of this and took a look at him.

After entering the cinema, Gao Yunjin arranged the seats for the two kids to sit in the middle and the two adults to sit on both sides of them, so that even if the two children have any needs, they can try their best to satisfy them.

After sitting down, Fu Jincheng handed Gao Yunjin the big can of popcorn, the box of ice cream and a bottle of water.

Gao Yunjin pushed the popcorn back to him, “don’t you want to eat it? You can eat it. “

Fu Jincheng: “you eat first.”

“I’ll have ice cream first.” Gao Yunjin doesn’t want to push it any more, but it’s summer now. Ice cream is easy for her. She can’t do without it.

Fu Jincheng did not push any more.

This kind of ice cream is bulk ice cream. It’s not just a stick or a box of ice cream. The staff dug it up with a small round spoon and put it in the carton. The small spoon is round, so the shape is round and lovely.

But Gao Yunjin just opened the lid and smelled a strong smell of Matcha. She hesitated and looked at Fu Jincheng.

Fu Jincheng just looked at her. The movie had already started. Fu Jincheng leaned over Xiaoxuan and asked in a low voice, “what’s the matter?”

Gao Yunjin shook his head: “nothing.”

She doesn’t like the smell of Matcha all the time. He should know that, so basically, the domestic servants can’t make Matcha cakes.

Thinking of this, she looked at the ice cream in her hand, feeling a little complicated.

She took back her eyes, holding a small spoon to her mouth bit by bit, the light bitter taste spread in her mouth, just like her mood at the moment.

Two little guys are already very focused on watching cartoons. Gao Yunjin doesn’t know when she finished eating the ice cream in her hand. Then she hears Fu Jincheng come to her and ask her to hand her the popcorn.

Gao Yunjin didn’t have enough to eat just now. She just ate a portion of ice cream, and the amount was not large. Although she is still full now, if she wants to eat popcorn, she can still eat it.

But now, she found that she didn’t want to eat popcorn, very much.

She shook her head at Fu Jincheng, “I don’t want to eat, you can eat.”

Fu Jincheng had no choice but to take back the popcorn.

After that, they didn’t talk much. Until the end of the movie, they left the cinema with a baby in their arms.

When he went out to the place where he bought snacks and drinks, Gao Yunjin looked over there and saw that there were all kinds of ice cream in the transparent glass cabinet, not just Matcha.

Fu Jincheng noticed her eyes, “still want to eat?”

Gao Yunjin shook his head: “no, just a look.”

She looked back and laughed downstairs. “It’s getting late. Let’s go back.”


After watching the movie, the two kids were a little sleepy. After they got on the bus, they began to be listless and fell asleep in the arms of Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin.

To small Xuan wiped the thin sweat on forehead, Fu Jincheng afraid to disturb the children, low voice asked: “you are not happy today?”

Gao Yunjin shook his head with a hook: “No.”

“But how do I look at you as if you’re not happy?”

Gao Yunjin light said: “may be coming to aunt, a little tired.”

Fu Jincheng nodded and calculated the time. Her great aunt is really coming these days.

But he could feel her unhappiness, not entirely because of this, but she didn’t want to say, and he didn’t continue to ask, but he didn’t understand her.

He thought that the reason why she chose to buy clothes for him was a signal, but now it seems that he was wrong.

They didn’t talk any more.

Gao Yunjin looked at him slightly.

He said that she seems to be a little unhappy. Yes, she hasn’t been unhappy these days, but he seems that everything is normal and abnormal. It seems that she is the only one.

Think of this, she put on the thigh of the small hand, slowly clenched into a fist, soon don’t open the head, no longer look at him.

When I got home, I woke up the two little guys and gave them a bath. Today, I didn’t have to coax them. After the bath, the two little guys went back to sleep.

This time for adults is still early, they did not plan to sleep, Fu Jincheng went to the study to deal with things, and Gao Yunjin went to the studio to deal with things.

However, before she had finished her work, she felt that her stomach was really uncomfortable. She really came to my aunt.

She has no mind to continue to deal with business, plus time is not early, she washed, ready to go to bed.

When she finished washing, Fu Jincheng didn’t come back.

Think of it, she and Fu Jincheng have been in such a state for some time, but she has not been able to have a good sleep in this period of time, always habitually toss and turn in bed, lying for at least an hour to sleep in the past.

Now she is still.

Just, she came to my aunt this evening, too tired, and soon fell asleep.

When Fu Jincheng comes back, Gao Yunjin has fallen asleep.

It’s easy to see if you are familiar with her. Fu Jincheng knows that she has gone to sleep.

He knew that these days they shared the same bed, she had been very difficult to fall asleep, now she fell asleep so early, is really rare.

He stood still, looking at her sleeping face, which looked thin for a long time. After a long time, he walked over and sat down beside the bed, gently kissing her face. Then, his eyes fell on her lips. His eyes were deep, and he had an idea in his heart, but he didn’t know whether she was sleeping

How long, afraid to wake her up, in the end, he still did not kiss her.

But when he came out from the bath, he made sure that she was still sleeping and there was no sign of waking up. Before he turned off the light to go to sleep, he could not help but peck her on the lip a few times before he hugged her and went to sleep.

The next day was the weekend. When Gao Yunjin wakes up, Fu Jincheng is no longer in bed.

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