Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2807

The children went out early, so he didn’t want to delay. He changed his clothes and went downstairs to have breakfast with the children.

After breakfast, Gao Yunjin came downstairs to take him and his two children out.

After they went out, Gao Yunjin went back to paint a make-up, put a 20 cm long gift box into the bag and went out.

At noon, before it’s time for dinner, harashi’s phone called, “ask her when she’s free, and then he’ll come to her company to pick her up for dinner.”

Gao Yunjin: “no, I’ve already made a reservation for the hotel. We’ll just meet at the hotel. We don’t have to be so troublesome.”

“No trouble. What’s the trouble? Anyway, I have nothing to do recently. I have a lot of free time. “

“All right.” Gao Yunjin did not push again.

Half an hour later, Yuanshi really drove to pick up Gao Yunjin.

Besides, he drove the car himself.

Gao Yunjin was flattered. “How did you drive today?”

“The driver was ill, so he was given two days off and didn’t go to work until tomorrow.”

“I’ll trouble you.”

“You’re welcome. I haven’t driven in China yet. I want to have a try. Aren’t you afraid?”

Gao Yunjin Leng next, still really have so a little not at ease, “or, I come to open?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll pay attention. I cherish my life very much. I won’t make trouble.”

When he said that, Gao Yunjin was relieved.

On the way to dinner, yuan shidun said, “are you sure we’re going to that private restaurant for dinner?”

The private restaurant he said refers to the one that met Fu Jincheng at the gate of the restaurant a few days ago.

Gao Yunjin nodded: “well.”

Since he wants to eat, she is not good at his face.

There are some things that she can’t remember if she doesn’t think about them.

Anyway, she can recall that picture countless times every day, which is equivalent to that she has been there countless times a day. What’s the difference between where to have a meal?

Seeing that her tone is so calm, I don’t know if she really wants to open up and get through it, or if she just insists on it and pretends to be calm.

But he didn’t want her to think more about these things. He changed the topic and talked about some interesting things that she was interested in.

The car stops at the gate of the restaurant, but Gao Yunjin doesn’t get off immediately. Instead, she looks around and makes sure she doesn’t have any acquaintances before she gets off.

And Yuan Shi, looking at her every move, sighed silently.

The restaurant wanted to expand a few days ago. It had a few seats in the corridor Pavilion, and the scenery was very good. There were rockeries, flowing water, and full of private and picturesque. But it was not a box, but it was especially suitable for summer.

Yuanshi looked at it and was very interested. “Sitting in it, it felt like going back to ancient times.”

Gao Yunjin: “just like it.”

She’s been to many of these restaurants, and it’s no surprise.

“I love it.”

After ordering the food, they chatted for a while. Before the food was served, Gao Yunjin suddenly remembered the gift and took it out of his bag. “This… Is for you. It’s an apology.”

Harashi was very surprised, “and gifts?”

“It’s a handkerchief.” Gao Yunjin can’t feel the original comfortable mood, “before I soiled your handkerchief, should have returned you one.”

“Didn’t I say don’t care?” She was a little frustrated when she knew the difference so clearly, but he was happy when he thought that she was a gift for him. “May I open it and have a look?”

“Yes.” Gao Yunjin said: “it may not be as expensive as your one, but I remember that you especially like things with Chinese style. I saw them two days ago and bought them easily. I hope you like them.”

Yuan Shi’s eyes brightened, “yes, I like it very much. Thank you.” After a close look, he praised, “you have a good eye.”

Gao Yunjin: “you just like it.”

“Where is this shop? Tell me about it? I want to see it, too. “

“I’ll send you the address later.”

“Won’t you take me to have a look?”

Thinking that he had made a market report for herself, she asked him to have a meal in return. In fact, it was not enough, so she nodded: “OK, I’ll go after dinner? I’m busy this afternoon. I may not have time. “


That’s it.

They both enjoyed the meal.

They didn’t drink because they had to drive. After dinner, they went straight to the shopping mall.

The two soon arrived at their destination.

Yuanshi has a certain preference for Chinese style things. He visited a shop for more than half an hour, looked at all the bright designs inside, and bought several sets of clothes and ties.

But he didn’t buy the handkerchief.

Gao Yunjin looked at it and said, “in fact, there are several handkerchiefs here. You can also choose some.”

Yuan Shi said with a mysterious smile: “I said I have many handkerchiefs, so I don’t need them. That’s enough.”

Since she gave him a handkerchief, in order to highlight the dignity of the things she gave, he would not ask for the same style of things.

Gao Yunjin didn’t know what he was thinking. Seeing that he had his own ideas, he didn’t ask much.

After reading it, it was late. Yuanshi settled the bill and wanted to be sent to his home, but there were not many things. He thought it was troublesome, so he took them by himself.

Gao Yunjin wants to help, but Yuanshi shakes his head: “how can a lady take somethingโ€œ

“It doesn’t matter.”

Yuan Shi didn’t know what to think of and laughed: “so many, I just handed her one of the bags.”

Gao Yunjin

Forget it. He’ll be happy.

After shopping, they plan to leave, because Gao Yunjin will have to go to work later.

Two people take the elevator downstairs, and then go to the first floor to drive back. They just came out of the elevator, but the next elevator didn’t arrive. Fu Xiaocheng, who was waiting for the elevator downstairs, heard Gao Yunjin’s voice and looked up. He was very happy to see Gao Yunjin. But when he saw a young and handsome man standing beside Gao Yunjin, Fu Xiaocheng was very happy

I was stunned.

Gaoyunjin side face to that side, didn’t notice him, and Fu Xiaocheng this Leng, gaoyunjin and Yuanshi has entered the underground parking lot.

Yuanshi looked at their backs, and then remembered the man’s look at Gao Yunjin. Now, he looked at the things they were carrying and frowned.

Fu Xiaocheng pauses. Instead of going into the elevator, he turns back, gets on the bus and keeps up with Gao Yunjin’s car.

But at this time, there are still a lot of cars in Beijing.

Even if he was with, he was not followed by the front and rear cars. He could only be separated by a few cars, but he knew that the company they went to was Gao Yunjin’s company.

It’s much easier. Finally, Yuanshi’s car stopped by the side of the road in front of Gao Yunjin’s company.

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