Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2810

“It’s like Yuanshi.” Fu Jincheng said, “do you know him? I think it sounds familiar to me, too. “

Fu Xiaocheng muttered: “Yuanshi? What is the original fitness? I haven’t heard of it. I just look familiar. I feel like I’ve seen it somewhere… “

After thinking about it, he didn’t think about it. He didn’t worry about it. “How can you be alone? What about my sister-in-law? “

Fu Jincheng said with no expression: “it’s said that your sister-in-law is not free.”

“You mean my sister-in-law is busy?” Fu Xiaocheng frowned: “sister-in-law is so busy, don’t you know if you want to help?”

Fu Jincheng did not answer, asked him, “in which box?”

“This way.” Fu Xiaocheng didn’t notice that Fu Jincheng wanted to move the topic. He went into the box and asked, “I came to your house that night? I want Yueyue and Xiaoxuan, too. “

Fu Jincheng: “next time.”

“Why wait for the next time? I have all my luggage with me In the past, he came here on business. If it wasn’t inconvenient, he lived in Fu Jincheng’s house.

Fu Jincheng paused, “it’s up to you.”

“Whatever? Brother, are you too casual? “

Fu Jincheng: “otherwise?”

“You –“

Fu Xiaocheng was about to retort. Seeing Fu Jincheng’s face, he frowned and said, “brother, are you in a bad mood?”

Fu Jincheng said nothing.

Fu Xiaocheng put away the cynicism on his face, “what happened?”


“What happened to the company?”

But he didn’t hear of any problems in his company. If there were any problems in his company, it would have been noisy, but he didn’t hear anything.


“What’s the matter?” Fu Xiaocheng frowned and said casually, “is it a fight with my sister-in-law?”

He and Gao Yunjin’s sentiment is too good, he has never seen them quarrel, this sentence just casually said.

Fu Jincheng was silent.

Fu Xiaocheng was stunned. “Did you really fight?”

Fu Jincheng lowered his head and sipped a mouthful of water, coldly said: “drink your water.”

Fu Xiaocheng did a shut up action, no longer asked.

But he didn’t take it seriously.

Their feelings are so good, and their children are so old. They have each other. Even if they quarrel, it’s just a small matter. Fu Xiaocheng doesn’t take it to heart.

“There’s a party the day after tomorrow. Do you want to come with me?” Asked Fu Jincheng.

“The day after tomorrow? Yes. “

“All right.”

After dinner, they each have something to do, so they separate.

When leaving, some coincidentally, Fu Jincheng and Fu Xiaocheng met Yuan Shi again.

However, at this time, it turned out that Yuanshi was behind them, and Fu Jincheng and Fu Xiaocheng were in front.

Yuan Shi’s friend saw Fu Jincheng, “why does this man look so familiar?”

Another man patted his head and said in a low voice, “Fu Jincheng, that’s Fu Jincheng. Don’t you look familiar?”

The man suddenly realized, “yes, that’s him! I said, “why do you look so familiar?”

Yuan Shi suddenly stopped, “you say… Fu Jincheng?”

“Yes, that’s Fu Jincheng. That’s the one –“

Yuanshi’s friends thought that Yuanshi had lived abroad for a long time and didn’t know about Fu Jincheng. They planned to popularize science for him. Looking at Fu Jincheng’s back, they interrupted him and said, “I know. I asked which one is.”

“Left, left.”

Yuan Shi recognized it, and his steps stopped in the same place, and said to himself, “so, he is Fu Jincheng?”

“Yes, he’s in his thirties. He’s well maintained. He looks just like us.”

“You can pull it. They look much more mature and stable than us.”

What they’re talking about, harashi can’t listen at all.

He knew that Fu Jincheng was several years older than him, but he did not know that Fu Jincheng, who was several years older, was not only handsome, but also had a sense of maturity and steadiness that he could not reach.

Such a man, even if he is a man, knows that the other side has enough attraction for women.

Therefore, relatively speaking, if he wants to make Gao Yunjin fall in love with him, it seems that his advantage is not as high as he thought.


In the afternoon, both Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng got off work on time, but Fu Jincheng’s company was far away from home. After she arrived for a while, Fu Jincheng came back and followed Fu Xiaocheng.

Fu Xiaocheng greets Gao Yunjin as soon as he enters the door: “sister-in-law.”

Gao Yunjin was surprised. “When did you come here?”

Fu Xiaocheng said bluntly: “what happened a few days ago? Didn’t my brother tell you? “

As soon as the words came out, Gao Yunjin looked at Fu Jincheng. Fu Jincheng frowned. Gao Yunjin took back his eyes and changed the topic: “how long do you want to stay here this time?” Fu Xiaocheng was careless in front of his acquaintances, but he also carefully found that there was something wrong between them. After looking around Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng’s faces, he confirmed his own idea and said, “let’s go back in a few days


Gao Yunjin nodded, but before he spoke, the two little guys were familiar with Fu Xiaocheng, and a little uncle called. Fu Xiaocheng went to tease the children.

Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng stand in the same place and are silent. Gao Yunjin wants to say something. When it’s quiet, Fu Jincheng turns and goes upstairs, with a cold attitude.

Gao Yunjin clenched the water cup in his hand. After half a sound, he released it and went to pour a glass of water for Fu Xiaocheng.

Fu Xiaocheng took the cup and asked in a low voice, “sister-in-law, did you really quarrel with my brother?”

Gao Yunjin gave a wry smile: “it is.”

“How long have you been fighting?”

“More than a month.”

“One… More than a month?” Fu Xiaocheng was so stunned that he almost wanted to spray water, “so long? Never been better? “


“What happened?” Just now, when he was playing with the children, he also observed their husband and wife. He found that Gao Yunjin’s attitude towards Fu Jincheng was not as warm as before, and Fu Jincheng was also very indifferent to Gao Yunjin. Now they can’t find any love for these years

Sticky traces, people who don’t know think they are so indifferent.

Gao Yunjin smiles, “nothing.”

I don’t want to talk about it.

When Fu Xiaocheng saw this, he finally felt the seriousness of the matter and came up with an exhortation. However, he could feel that neither of them wanted to talk to the outsider. If he asked again, it would be meaningless. After a while, Fu Jincheng came downstairs to chat with the two children and play with them, but his sight fell on Gao Yunjin’s Shenhang and didn’t say hello to her. Although Gao Yunjin was watching Fu Jincheng, he didn’t speak to Fu Jincheng

The meaning of the words. But the strange thing is that they get along with each other in a natural way, like they are used to the present state.

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