Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2818

Then he looked at Xiaoxuan: “Xiaoxuan, run for a while? When you’re tired, tell your father

Xiaoxuan nodded and said seriously, “Xiaoxuan is a boy. Don’t hold him.”

Fu Jincheng rubbed his little head and said with a smile, “that’s good.”

“But I’m going to run with you.” Xiao Xuan holds Fu Jincheng’s thigh and says with his head raised.

Fu Jincheng nodded: “good.”

Then, looking back at Gao Yunjin, he nodded and agreed.

Fu Jincheng is healthy and strong. She doesn’t have too much load to run with Yueyue. Naturally, she won’t disagree. Then, just like what Fu Jincheng said, Fu Jincheng ran with Yue Yue in his arms. Yue Yue kept laughing in his arms. He was so happy that he leaned on his shoulder and lowered his head to talk to Xiao Xuan. After that, he said to Gao Yunjin, “Mom, I’m taller than you


Gaoyunjin see her so happy, mood is also good, brush her small nose, “get se.”

Gao Yunjin just finished, Fu Jincheng also photographed her daughter’s little ass, “also bully mother?”

Yueyue pouted, “where is it? Now they are taller than their mother. If you are bad, you will know how to protect your mother and bully me. Hum

Fu Jincheng laughed angrily and patted his daughter’s little ass again. “Since Dad is so bad, then Dad will let you down now. Dad will run with mom. Do you run by yourself?”

This words, Fu Jincheng just smile, Gao Yunjin’s heart is a tight, notice Fu Jincheng look back at her, she is not comfortable don’t open face.

Yueyue joked and immediately hugged Fu Jincheng, “no, they want their father to hold them.”

Fu Jincheng raised his eyebrows: “you said dad is bad. Is Dad Bad?”

“Not bad, dad is a good dad.” Yueyue was held by Fu Jincheng in his arms. He was very happy. Xiaorou held Fu Jincheng’s face in his hand and gave him a big kiss on his face, leaving a lot of saliva.

Fu Jincheng wiped the saliva on his face and gave his daughter a kiss, “I see, you are the little villain!”

This tone, to spoil, spoil.

Yueyue is so happy that she smiles more happily in his arms. She leans on Fu Jincheng’s arms at ease, and then lowers her head to chat with Xiaoxuan. She discusses with Xiaoxuan. She will let her father hold him in a moment.

Xiao Xuan said he was not tired.

Yueyue is a good child who loves humility, “then let father hold mother?”

Fu Jincheng steps and looks back at Gao Yunjin. Gao Yunjin’s face is hot. He staggers his line of sight and says to Yue Yue, “Yue Yue, mom is not tired either.”

“All right.”

After a while, Gao Yunjin saw Fu Jincheng sweating and was still a little tired, but he didn’t mention putting Yueyue down.

Gao Yunjin can’t help but say: “you put her down and let her run.”

“It’s OK. It won’t be too late in a while.”

He said so, Gao Yunjin is hard to say.

In his life, he really loved these two children, and he loved them as much as she did.

Although Yueyue often scolds Fu Jincheng as a bad father, she feels tired when she sees Fu Jincheng. She also loves him and struggles to get out of his arms and run by herself.

Fu Jincheng will have been tired, but has been reluctant to say tired Xiaoxuan picked up, Xiaoxuan in Fu Jincheng arms struggle, do not know is blushing or running tired, white and tender face revealed two pieces of red halo, “Dad, I can run.”

Fu Jincheng also gave a kiss on his son’s face and said, “dad knows, but Dad wants to hold Xiaoxuan.”

Xiaoxuan’s face is more red, and he buries it in Fu Jincheng’s arms. Yueyue sees it and teases him: “Xiaoxuan is blushing.”

“No!” Xiao Xuan has a hard tongue.

“That’s it.”

Xiaoxuan was seen mind, this time, the face is red like a ripe apple, “bad sister.”

With Yue Yue mixed two mouth, in Fu Jincheng’s arms smile.

Obviously, he also likes being held in his arms by Fu Jincheng.

Looking at Fu Jincheng’s doting on the two little guys and their dependence on and trust in Fu Jincheng, Gao Yunjin’s heart warms.

She was a little lucky.

Fortunately, even if Fu Jincheng has recovered her memory, she still dotes on the two children. Fortunately, Fu Jincheng didn’t divorce her so that the children can still live a carefree life.

Therefore, she is more sure that they are right not to divorce.

They’ve been out for more than ten minutes.

Two kids have to go to school. They’re going back soon.

The children are active. On the way back, they run away, leaving Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin behind, watching them from a distance.

Looking at Fu Jincheng sweating, Gao Yunjin takes out a handkerchief from his pocket and hands it to him.

Before they did sports together, he was sweating, it was Gao Yunjin who wiped his sweat.

Now, she does not help him, Fu Jincheng did not say let her help, took her handkerchief, said: “thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Gao Yunjin said, laughing, and suddenly said to him: “thank you.”

Fu Jincheng puzzled looking at her, “thank what?”

“Thank you for being so nice to them.”

Fu Jincheng stopped and said faintly, “they are also my children.”

Gao Yunjin hears that he is a little unhappy, but he can’t say sorry to him.

He said they were his children, and she didn’t have to say thank you. But in the last life, Xiaoxuan was also his children. How did he treat him?

Or, just because they didn’t get married in their last life, he got married with others. In his eyes, he couldn’t really treat Xiaoxuan as his child?

What about miscarriage in her last life?

Why did he really love Yueyue who was not born in time?

Fu Jincheng saw her face is not right, suddenly understand that she is thinking of the last life.

In the last life, the people he was sorry for were not only her, but also their children.

Thinking of this, he held her hand, “I’m sorry, i… I’ll treat them well in the future. Don’t worry. I won’t, I won’t — “

What’s not going to happen?

Won’t you treat them like you did in your last life?

He said it himself and felt pale.

Because no matter how good he is to these two children now, it’s just for them. He can’t make up for the past life.

He also believed that even if he said so, Gao Yunjin could not forgive him.

So, he can’t say it.

But he doesn’t know that Gao Yunjin’s requirements are not high now. If he can really do his father’s duty, treat them well and care for them, as he does now, she will live a lifetime.

So, Fu Jincheng this sentence, Gao Yunjin is listen to go in, “that’s good, I… Hope you can keep your promise.”

No one can predict the future. Their relationship is not strong now, and she is not sure that they can go on like this all their lives.

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