Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2830

Zhuolin rolled her eyes, “you really think too much, don’t believe you see him.”

Gao Yunjin looks at Yuanshi again. Yuanshi looks at her, and her eyes fall on Zhuolin. Even if he falls on Zhuolin, his eyes are very light, and there is no other meaning.

Maybe they were too close just now, which gave her an illusion, so she thought too much.

She breathed a sigh of relief at the thought.

Fortunately not.

Zhuolin is married and has children. If her husband knows that she lets Zhuolin come out with her to relieve her depression, then Zhuolin is abducted by others, she is guilty.

Yuanshi also noticed that Gao Yunjin’s look was not right, and then

Also guess a probably, suddenly some laughing and crying.

After a while, he looked at the time and said to Gao Yunjin, “it’s late. Doesn’t it mean that we should go back to have a rest? Shall I see you to the door? “

“You’re welcome.”

“It should be. Besides, it’s not safe for you two girls. I think you’ll come back after you get on the bus. “

Gao Yunjin looks at Zhuolin. Zhuolin doesn’t say anything, and Gao Yunjin can’t refuse. They turn around and leave the bar with Yuan Shi.

They just got to the parking lot, a car parked not far away.

Qin Jingxu, the owner of the car, was stunned when he saw the three of them, especially Gao Yunjin. He suspected that he was wrong.

Then, his eyes fell on Yuan Shi, who closed the door for Gao Yunjin. He was a little familiar with this. Then, but it soon rang out. He saw Gao Yunjin eating with each other in the restaurant before.

And the other person’s look at Gao Yunjin

There’s something very wrong.

And now, they come to the bar together?

After a while, Gao Yunjin and Zhuolin left.

But harashi stood and waved until their car was out of sight, so he went back to the bar with a smile.

Qin Jingxu also wants to go to the bar, and then follows up, and secretly observes Yuan Shi in the bar.

Yuanshi is a kind of person who grows up well and seems to be able to play. Many beautiful women come to chat him up. He refuses with a smile, and only drinks and dances. It’s just to relax, and he’s not interested in hooking up.

Qin Jingxu frowned.

Not long after that, Yuan Shi and his friends left together. Qin Jingxu walked out of the bar and called Fu Jincheng.

Fu Jincheng is still busy and doesn’t answer. Qin Jingxu doesn’t continue to call. He just sends a message to him, asking him to call him when he has time. He has something to say to him.

After Fu Jincheng was busy for a while, he was so busy that he noticed that he had missed a call. He thought it was Gao Yunjin, but when he opened it, it was Qin Jingxu.

He’s a little bit down.

Seeing Qin Jingxu’s information, he immediately called back. Qin Jingxu went out of the bar and found a quiet place to answer the phone. “You didn’t answer the phone when you called. I thought you were sleeping.”

“No, just finished. Ready to go back.” Fu Jincheng laughs: “so late, return to call me, is have urgent matter?”

“It’s not too urgent.”

“Well?” Fu Jincheng asked: “so?”

“Guess where I am now?”

“Fu Jincheng doesn’t play these boring games with him,” he said. But if you want someone to drink with you, I don’t have time. I’ve been very busy all day. “

Qin Jingxu

“Say something.” On the car, Fu Jincheng resting on the back of the chair, urged the road.

Qin Jingxu: “I’m in the bar now.”

Fu Jincheng: “so?”

“Guess who I saw just now?”

Fu Jincheng loosened his tie. “I don’t know who you see? If you think about it, it’s OK

As soon as he finished, his mind flashed and he sat up straight, but he soon felt that it was impossible. After all, Gao Yunjin was very good in her two lives, and she rarely went to those places.

She doesn’t like those places either.

He suddenly did not speak, Qin Jingxu knew that he had guessed, “how could Xuemei come to the bar? You don’t know? “

Fu Jincheng put his palm on his forehead and sat up. His hand with tie was rude. “Did you chat?”

“No, I just saw her go when I came. I didn’t talk.”

“Are you sure you read it right?”

Qin Jingxu: “there should be no such similar two people in this world, right?”

Fu Jincheng understood, that is to say, maybe Gao Yunjin really went to the bar.

Thinking of his phone call, Gao Yunjin didn’t answer, his heart sank down and said, “thanks, I’ll call first.”

Then he hung up.

Qin Jingxu

He’s not finished yet.

He also wants to tell him that there is a younger handsome guy around Gao Yunjin, who seems to have some kind of intention towards his wife.

But Fu Jincheng didn’t give him a chance to say it, so he hung up.

But it’s good.

They always have a good relationship with each other. Gao Yunjin is a very gentle and considerate person. Her feelings for Fu Jincheng are as deep as Fu Jincheng’s.

He still believes that Gao Yunjin can’t do anything wrong to Fu Jincheng.

Thinking of this, he put the mobile phone back in his pocket again.

Over there.

Fu Jincheng is in a mixed mood. He wants to call Gao Yunjin and press the numbers, but he just can’t press them. Then he calls the housekeeper.

The housekeeper didn’t sleep, so he quickly picked up the phone: “sir?”

“Is Madame out this evening?”

The housekeeper nodded, “yes.”

Fu Jincheng squeezed the hand of mobile phone tightly, “have you come back?”

“Not yet.”

Fu Jincheng took a deep breath, “when did you go out?”

On hearing this, the housekeeper felt that something was wrong and said, “about an hour ago.” Then he asked, “what’s the matter with madam?”

“No Fu Jincheng continued: “she went out alone? Did you say anything?

The housekeeper was relieved: “it seems that he went out with his friends. He said that he was going to have supper with his friends. He told me not to wait for the door.”

Fu Jincheng: “no more?”

“No more.”

“Is there anything wrong with her when she goes out?”

“No Gao Yunjin seldom goes out alone at this time. He is quite concerned about it.

Just because of this, he didn’t call Fu Jincheng when he knew that Gao Yunjin was going out.

However, after listening to Fu Jincheng’s questions, he reflected that although they seemed to be reconciled, there seemed to be a gap between them?

Otherwise, Fu Jincheng will not call Gao Yunjin when he knows that he is out. He will know the situation from his side, but will call Gao Yunjin directlyโ€œ I see With that, he hung up again, and then called Gao Yunjin.

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