Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2860

Fu Jincheng pretended to be unhappy, “next year? What about the year after next, the year after next? “

In fact, if she was afraid that he would be sad and unhappy because she couldn’t accompany him, he couldn’t accompany her to attend the company’s annual meeting, right?

He also had regrets in his heart.

But she didn’t think about it that way, so he went further.

Gao Yunjin was cheated by him and said, “well, I will attend next year, the year after next and the year after next. Is that ok?”

“That will do?” Fu Jincheng was still dissatisfied: “what about many years after that?”

Gao Yunjin immediately said, “no matter what year I will be with you in the future –“

Before she finished, she stopped.

Fu Jincheng dissatisfied: “why not continue to say?”

“I –“

Next year, the year after next, the year after next, they are still very likely to be together, but in the future, she can’t be sure.

After all, they are child centered now. When the children grow up, they

Fu Jincheng didn’t expect this. He gave her a kiss, “why don’t you say that? Do you want to deny it? “

Gao Yunjin saw that he didn’t realize what she was thinking, and his heart suddenly trembled.


In his heart, he subconsciously or want to live with her for a lifetime?

Think of this, her heart trembled, smile: “no matter which year, after you want me to accompany, I must accompany in the end, mind?”

As she spoke, her heart beat wildly, expecting his reaction.

Fu Jincheng didn’t think so much, but now that she finished, he suddenly realized that it might be a promise.

Gao Yunjin seems to have been forced to make this promise, but since she said it, then

He took it seriously.

I will try my best to make her keep her promise.

He looked at her deeply, “we are all sensible adults. We should do what we say, you know?”

This tone of his is to coax her like Yueyue who likes to play tricks on her.

She nodded, “I know.”

Fu Jincheng did not speak, holding her, kissing her lips.

Fu Jincheng company held a reception, and Tian’s father and daughter also arrived.

They are very busy these days, and Fu Jincheng has been flying all over the world recently. It’s not so easy for them to see Fu Jincheng.

Therefore, after knowing Fu Jincheng’s feelings for Gao Yunjin some time ago, Tian Tian’s Thoughts on Fu Jincheng are a little weak.

Fu Jincheng can also feel it, so now he is more polite to the Tian family.

Tian Tian looked around and didn’t see Gao Yunjin. She couldn’t help asking, “where’s sister Yunjin? Why don’t you see her? “

“Her company has an annual meeting tonight, so she has no time to come over.”

Tian Tian’s eyes flashed: “is that so?”

This evening, Fu Jincheng has a lot of guests. It’s impossible to accompany Tian’s family all the time. He said hello to Jiaren and went to greet other guests after chatting for a while. This evening is a banquet hosted by Fu Jincheng, but there is only one host in Fu Jincheng, but the hostess Gao Yunjin is not present. For this reason, Tian Tian is not the only one to inquire about the reason. Many people are listening to Gao Yunjin under the name of “care”

What’s going on.

Fu Jincheng’s answer is the same.

For this reason, some believe it, while others do not.

And those who don’t believe it account for 78%.

They know that Gao Yunjin has a company, but in their view, Gao Yunjin’s company is just a small company. As Fu Jincheng’s wife, she should attach importance to Fu Jincheng’s thoughts and firmly hold Fu Jincheng tight.

She knows that it’s easy to have an accident on such an occasion today. If she doesn’t come, is she confident, or is she too confident in Fu Jincheng, or is she saying

They don’t get along with each other?

According to Fu Jincheng’s comprehensive conditions, it is not easy for Gao Yunjin to be too confident.

Over the years, it seems that Fu Jincheng won’t mess around, but there have been exceptions. Therefore, there is a third possibility.

So, for a moment, many people are thinking, whispering in the side.

Tian Tian didn’t know that every time Gao Yunjin didn’t attend various activities with Fu Jincheng, they would think so. She believed it.

Thinking of this, she looked at her father: “Dad, so I still have a chance, right?”

Mr. Tian was not sure, but he also wanted Fu Jincheng to be his son-in-law. He said, “you can have a try, but… Don’t go too far.”

I’m afraid that Fu Jincheng will become angry. If Fu Jincheng is angry, they can’t afford the consequences.

Tian sweetheart a joy: “I have a sense of propriety.”

Think of this, she took the opportunity to approach Fu Jincheng, went to his back, secretly behind his suit, fell a kiss, leaving a small not obvious red print on it.

But Fu Jincheng is wearing a black suit. If you don’t look carefully, you won’t find it at all.

Fu Jincheng felt someone close behind him. When he looked back, Tian Tian stepped back, lowered his head and called Fu Jincheng: “general manager Fu.”

Fu Jincheng thought she was just saying hello to him and nodded. Tian Tian quickly said, “well… I won’t disturb you. Let’s go first.”

Before Gao Yunjin opened his mouth, suddenly a female voice came in, “do girls have so many eyes now?”

The other side’s voice is not big or small. Fu Jincheng and Tian Tian, who have not left, have heard it clearly.

Tian Tian’s face changed slightly. Seeing that Fu Jincheng didn’t respond, she wanted to go. As soon as she turned around, the man said, “do you want to run? Are you guilty? “

Tian Tian suddenly stops and looks back at people.

The visitor has a delicate and beautiful face. She is wearing a long dress with a bra. She has a concave and convex figure. Her skin is snow white and her temperament is elegant. Her short black hair makes her more sallow in women’s dress.

The other party is very bright no matter in appearance or dress, even above her.

And the other party is obviously looking for Fu Jincheng.

To this end, Tian Tian determined that the other party is the opponent, her face sank down, “I don’t know you, also don’t know what you are talking about, if nothing, I’ll go first.”

“It looks like it.” The woman smiles and hugs her chest with both hands: “but just now you deliberately went to President Fu’s back and left a lip mark on his clothes. Do you think everyone is blind?”

Fu Jincheng’s face suddenly became gloomy, Tian Tian’s face even changed, “you didn’t, you are slandering me!”

“I slander you?” The side head that the woman Qiao smiles Yan Ran: “I have no injustice with you, why should I slander you?”

Tian Tian gritted her teeth and said, “I also want to know that we have no injustice or hatred. Why do you slander me?”

With that, she took a look at Fu Jincheng. Although she didn’t finish her words, she understood what she meant. She meant that the woman wanted to arouse Fu Jincheng’s idea through this.

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