Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2861

Woman pick eyebrow: “OK, you say slander?”? Then why don’t you just let Mr. Fu take off his clothes and let me have someone examine him? “

Tian Tian’s face changed: “you –“

When Fu Jincheng saw this, he had made up his mind. His eyes were cold: “tell me, did she slander you?”

Tian Tian saw Fu Jincheng’s eyes for the first time. Coupled with his awe inspiring momentum, her legs softened and she almost didn’t stand firm: “I…”

Fu Jincheng did not wait for her to finish, looked at the blue eyed Secretary: “ask Mr. Tian to come.”

Secretary LAN nods. Tian Tian doesn’t know what Fu Jincheng is going to do, but seeing Fu Jincheng’s face, she knows it won’t be a good thing.

She reflexively pulls Secretary LAN: “brother LAN, brother Fu, I’m wrong. I’ll never dare to do it again. I really know I’m wrong. Brother Fu, please forgive me once, OK?” Mr. Tian was standing not far away. Seeing this, he knew that something had happened. He hurriedly came over and pulled Tian Tian to his side. He scolded him and said, “if you don’t look at you for a moment, you will make trouble. You are no longer a child. Can you be more mature?

There were a lot of onlookers at the scene. Tian Tian’s face turned white and her eyes turned red. She understood that her father was giving her steps. She hurriedly bowed her head to admit her mistake: “Dad, I’m wrong. I dare not. Would you please let brother Fu not be angry with me?”

“You…” Mr. Tian, with an expression of hate for iron but not steel, turned back and said apologetically to Fu Jincheng, “Jincheng, it’s my goddaughter who has no way to help you. I’m really sorry for the trouble.”

Their father and daughter’s mind, Fu Jincheng heart door clear, “it’s not a big deal, Tian always don’t have to be so nervous. I don’t think Miss Tian is in good spirits. Why don’t you take her back to have a rest? “

This sounds like concern, but everyone in the room knows that he’s giving orders.

Mr. Tian didn’t expect that Fu Jincheng didn’t give face. When they were in M country, they were very happy to get along with each other and cooperate with each other.

But Fu Jincheng didn’t smile, which showed his attitude. Tian always didn’t dare to offend him easily, so he said with a smile, “I mean that too. Then I’ll go first, and we’ll get in touch another day?”

Fu Jincheng: “I have guests here, so I won’t see you off. Take your time.”

Tian always face stiff nod, pull Tian Tian to leave.

They left, but the woman with short hair was still there.

She looked at Fu Jincheng for a while and said, “it’s said that President Fu treats people kindly and is not a heartless person. Now it seems that the rumors are wrong.”

Fu Jincheng doesn’t mind what others think of him. He only knows that Tian Tian has stepped on his bottom line by doing so. If he connives at her, there will be a second time once, and the consequences may not be acceptable to him.

So, he can’t easily forgive.

Moreover, many people have brought young women to discuss with him this evening. Can he not know what the purpose is?

Therefore, in doing so, he also has a way to set an example to others.

Of course, he didn’t have to tell the woman in front of him.

He looked at each other faintly: “are you?”

He is sure that he has not met her, but he knows the middle-aged man beside her, that is Mr. Sun, executive CEO of Leishi group.

But when he was around the woman, he focused on her. It was obvious that she was bigger than Sun Zong.

When Fu Jincheng was still in doubt, the other side extended his hand to introduce himself: “I’m Lei Yun.”

Fu Jincheng looked at her in amazement: “Miss Lei Yun?”

Lei Yunxiao: “yes.”

Fu Jincheng reached out and shook her hand, “Hello, Mr. Lei.” He has a new cooperation with the Lei family. The Lei family is an old brand enterprise and has a large business. The current leader is Lei Yun, but many people have cooperated with the Lei family, but they have never met the leader of the Lei family. Everyone thinks that the other party is a man

Until now, Fu Jincheng knows that the other party is actually a girl.

“Hello, Mr. Fu. This is the first time we meet. Please give me more advice.” Lei Yun is a woman and still very young, but she has her own aura in her smile.

She said with ease: “I heard that you have asked someone to send me an invitation. I’m very interested in our company’s cooperation. If you come first, you can join in the fun. Is Mr. Fu still welcome?”

Fu Jincheng said: “I don’t dare to give advice. It’s my honor to let Mr. Lei come out to talk about cooperation with me in person.”

Lei Yun personally came forward to deal with it, which showed that he attached great importance to the project. Naturally, he was happy.

Thinking of this, he said: “Mr. Lei, Mr. Sun, there are more people here. How about talking in another place?”

Lei Yun nodded: “good.”

Fu Jincheng found a relatively quiet place, and several people sat down to chat together.

Such an occasion is not suitable for us to talk about specific matters of cooperation, but we can talk about the things that are on the edge so that we can get to know each other better.

Twenty minutes later.

Lei Yun looked at Fu Jincheng with more appreciation and satisfaction than when he first met him. He said, “we had a good chat today, and we are looking forward to our next cooperation.”

Fu Jincheng has the same feeling to Lei Yun: “me too.”

Although Lei Yun still wanted to talk with Fu Jincheng for a while, considering that Fu Jincheng had other guests to receive, she got up and said, “I still have something to do here, so I’ll leave first. Let’s talk about the details after the spring of next year?”

“Good.” Fu Jincheng said, “I will send you.”

After Lei Yun and Mr. Sun got on the bus, Mr. Sun poured a glass of wine for Lei Yun and asked, “Mr. Lei, this Fu Jincheng is really something. It’s really a good partner.”“ It’s not just something? ” Lei Yun gently shook his glass and said: “no matter his knowledge or his views on the world market, he is very comprehensive and has a long-term vision. Such a person is not a man

It’s just like a man. I heard that he started from scratch. I didn’t believe it before, but now I believe it. “

Mr. Sun said with a smile, “then the cooperation will be settled?”

“Of course, if you don’t cooperate with such people, who do you cooperate with? However, it’s better to be careful when dealing with such a smart person. You can’t let others take advantage of it. “

Mr. Sun: “yes, I will play twelve spirit.”

Lei Yun nodded and then said, “he started from scratch when he was young. Up to now, it seems that he hasn’t missed any big mistake. It’s not easy to do this. Compared with him, I’m far behind.”

With a smile of the elder’s special kindness, Mr. Sun said with a smile: “it’s not like you to say such words, Xiao Yun.”

The Lei family is a well-established family in H City, which stresses many children and many blessings. There are more than ten descendants of Lei Yun’s generation, all of them are not incompetent. Lei Yun is young and can get on the top, and can make most of the people in the company obey, so there is no shortage of talent.

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