Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2864

Gao Yunjin looked up at him, but he didn’t see anything. He had to shake his head: “nothing.”

Who I love?

Once they were, but now.


Although they are now sitting hand in hand with each other in the past, many lovers in the world are doing the same things, but in fact, they are different.

“What’s the matter? Are you sleepy

Gao Yunjin didn’t hear what he said, only nodded in a panic.

Fu Jincheng thought she was really sleepy and said, “let’s go back and have a rest.”


Fu Jincheng took her hand and was ready to drive home.

Two people walking on the road, suddenly there is a high-end business car by the side of the road, the back seat of the car to see them stupefied.

Lei Yun was a little surprised: “isn’t that Fu Jincheng?”

Mr. Sun: “it’s Mr. Fu.”

“Is it really him?” Lei Yun laughed: “I didn’t expect that he was quite romantic.”

Sun zongxiao: “it is said that Fu is always a kind of love.”

“Oh?” Lei Yun also knows more about Fu Jincheng these days, “but how can I hear that he and his wife have a good relationship?”

She thought that love in Mr. Sun’s words was a derogatory term.

“Yes.” Mr. Sun said, “isn’t that his wife just now?”

Lei Yun was stunned. “That was his wife just now?” Then he looked out again.

There are a lot of people here. They drive very slowly, so she can really see clearly.

She said without any taboo: “she looks so young. She doesn’t look as big as me. I thought it was the woman he raised outside.”

Mr. Sun said with a smile, “no, it’s his wife. I’ve seen her twice. It is said that he and his wife have a good relationship. Now it seems that all the rumors are not unreliable. “

“I’ve heard that, too, but I thought what they said was ironic.” Lei Yun was a little interested and said with a smile, “but I didn’t expect that they would have such a good relationship. At night, they were just like other young lovers who were in love with each other

“His wife is very lucky.” Sun said.

Lei Yun nodded: “it’s not.” She said with a look of surprise: “however, after that day’s discussion, I thought that Fu Jincheng, who is ambitious and capable, would like to help him in his career, or a woman with the same strength as him,

I didn’t expect that he liked this kind of woman with a good wife and a good mother. “

Mr. Sun said with a smile: “each of us has its own criteria for judging feelings. What everyone wants is different. Maybe we don’t know him yet.”

In fact, he thinks it’s good to separate work from emotion.

A person who is strong at work does not mean that he must find a strong person. On the contrary, many people like to be obedient to their girls, so that they can find a sense of happiness at home.

It depends on who likes it.

“Perhaps?” Lei Yun shrugged his shoulders and agreed with Mr. Sun. However, just now, she still felt that Fu Jincheng and his wife were not a perfect match. Fu Jincheng had no ambition. Is Fu Jincheng really Fu Jincheng? This kind of Fu Jincheng is similar to what she knew that day

The contrast is too big.

At this time, Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng have gone far away. Lei Yun seems to think of something: “is Fu Jincheng from G city?”


“No wonder I met him here.” She is not from G City, but she is from H city. H city is close to G City, and she often came here before. Mr. Sun said: “although Fu Jincheng is from G City, his focus of development is in the capital city, and his wife and children also live in the capital city. He still has very little time to come back to G city. However, it is said that he will still come back here to celebrate the new year, so what’s more

So we can meet him. “

Lei Yun nodded: “so it is.”

After that, he changed the topic and stopped talking about Fu Jincheng.

During the Spring Festival, it’s very busy.

The busy days passed very quickly. Soon, Gao Yunjin went back to the capital.

At this time, harashi called her and asked when she would come back to Beijing.

Gao Yunjin: “I have come back today, and you?”

“Me too.”

“You come here alone. Spring Festival should be boring, right? Would you like to come out for dinner? “

“I’ve been at a friend’s house, but I won’t be bored. There are still things to do these days. If I have dinner, next time.”

“OK, you can tell me when you’re done.”


After the Spring Festival, Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng go back to work respectively.

Both Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng are very busy. After a week’s work, Gao Yunjin’s work can be slowed down, but Fu Jincheng’s work is more and more busy, because the cooperation between their company and Leishi has officially begun.

Now the cooperation between Lei Shi and Fu Jincheng is discussed by Lei Yun himself, President sun and her secretary. If Lei’s family gives face, Fu Jincheng will naturally give face to each other. Only in this way can we have a happy cooperation.

He and Lei Yun have a lot in common in their ideas.

Lei Yun looks very young, but she has a lot of ideas and a thorough analysis of the market. As a leader, she really has some material.

So, on the whole, their cooperation is very happy.

On that day, after a morning of negotiation, they went to Fu Jincheng’s company for lunch.

After getting off the bus, Fu Jincheng thinks about Gao Yunjin a little. He calls Gao Yunjin and asks if she has eaten.

Gao Yunjin: “eating, and you?”

“Just arrived at the hotel.”

“Didn’t you say there were customers? Why do you still have time to talk on the phone? ” Gao Yunjin said with a smile.

“Because I want to talk to you.”

Gao Yunjin couldn’t help laughing, “well, don’t be poor, don’t neglect the guests, hang up.”

“I see.”

Fu Jincheng just hung up.

Lei Yun also heard some of his words, “the relationship between Mr. Fu and Mrs. Fu is very good.”

Speaking of Gao Yunjin, Fu Jincheng’s smile is a little gentle: “it’s very good.”

Lei Yun looked in his eyes and raised his eyebrows: “Mr. Fu is very kind to your wife. When you come out for dinner, you don’t forget to call her. She won’t think about it.”

Fu Jincheng sighed: “recently, I’m busy with my work. I have no time to accompany her. I’m sorry.”

Lei Yun: “you are busy at work. Your wife should understand you.”

She thought it was Gao Yunjin who complained that Fu Jincheng was too busy to accompany her.

And she is extremely disliked regardless of the weight of people, she is now single, although in love, but the experience is not wonderful.

Fu Jincheng explained: “she has always understood me, but I feel sorry for her.”

Ray Yun stopped. “It seems that I misunderstood. I’m sorry.”“ It doesn’t matter. ” Fu Jincheng smiles.

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