Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2865

What happened between him and Gao Yunjin is their own business. It’s good that they know their own business. There’s no need to tell others. Although he’s a little unhappy, he won’t make trouble with Lei Yun for this.

After that, they stopped talking about it.

The place where they eat is a Cantonese restaurant.

After sitting down, Mr. Sun said with a smile: “both G city and H city are family members. They have similar tastes, customs and food culture. Now when we come to have a meal, we all save the problem of what to eat.”

“It’s not.” Fu Jincheng said to Lei Yun, “this Cantonese restaurant is very authentic. You’ll know after a taste.”

Lei Yunxiao: “since Mr. Fu recommended it, I have to eat more.” Speaking of this, she sighed: “I often come here too. I’m tired of going to those Cantonese restaurants here. Now it’s better. I have another choice.”

“Has Lei always tasted the special dishes in Beijing? It’s delicious, too. “

“Yes, but I’m not used to it.” Lei Yunxiao: “how about you? It’s said that the focus of your development over the years is here. Will you have this trouble? “

“No Fu Jincheng sipped his tea. “My wife is from Beijing. We have been together for more than ten years, and her taste has been assimilated. It’s almost the same for me to eat Cantonese food and special dishes here.”

Lei Yun looked at him and began to laugh. “Three words are always with your wife. Mr. Fu is really a good man who cares about his family. Your wife is really lucky.”

“I made you laugh.” He seldom talks about Gao Yunjin in front of partners, not that he doesn’t want to talk, but that he can’t talk too much.

If the relationship is not strong, he doesn’t want others to know too much about his family. This is also a good way to protect Gao Yunjin and their children.

“How?” Lei Yun said: “when talking about your family, Mr. Fu, you have a human touch. I think it’s very good.”

Yes, she felt it. Although Fu Jincheng was gentle and polite when he was talking about business, when it was time for him to be tough, he did not step back and was very formulaic.

Obviously, it’s just a state when he’s faced with work.

But when it comes to his wife, it’s a different state.

As if, apart from the halo of a business tycoon, he is actually an ordinary man who loves his family.

Thinking of this, she felt that Fu Jincheng was more and more powerful.

He has such a career at such a young age, and can treat it with an ordinary heart, not arrogant, not domineering.

All this seemed to tell her that he could not only smile at the peak, but also be at ease in ordinary times.

This kind of mentality is not easy to achieve.

For this reason, she felt that Fu Jincheng was more and more mysterious, and her eyes could not help but be more interested.

They are very busy with this project. They are all striving to settle down as soon as possible and start the project as soon as possible.

After dinner, we continued to discuss the details. After a few busy days, the project was finally thoroughly discussed.

After a period of time, Yuanshi also came back to the capital, and immediately called Gao Yunjin to have dinner with him.

Gao Yunjin felt a little uncomfortable in her stomach today and wanted to refuse. But thinking of her promise, she covered her chest and said with a smile, “OK, let’s have dinner together that evening?”

“Good.” Yuan Shiyi: “do Xiaoxuan and Yueyue have time together?”

“They?” “They are playing in their grandmother’s house now, so they won’t bring them here.”

There are many acquaintances in jinrulan’s residential area, and there are many children in the family. Yueyue and Xiaoxuan are now visiting the neighbor’s house with jinrulan.

In addition, she is worried that Yueyue has been pestering Yuanshi to buy her a gift.

Yuanshi has already bought a lot of gifts for them. She is really embarrassed to buy them again.

“All right.”

He is very fond of her two children, yes, but he wants to be alone with her.

They haven’t seen each other for half a month. Now he misses her very much, so he can’t help it. As soon as he comes back here, he wants to see her for the first time.

In the evening, when Gao Yunjin got off work, he called Fu Jincheng and told him that she had dinner with her clients and asked him not to pick her up.

Fu Jincheng: “I also have a dinner party in the evening. I want to call you and say I can’t come to pick you up.”

Gao Yunjin smiles: “well, don’t drink too much wine. Come back early.”

“I see.”

When she arrived at her destination, she found that Yuanshi didn’t go in. Instead, she stood at the door of the hotel waiting for her. When she saw her, she immediately waved to her, “this way.”

Gao Yunjin walked over quickly, “sorry, I’m late.”

“I just arrived, too.”

“Come on, let’s go in.” She said.

“Wait a minute.” Yuanshi opened the car door and came out with two gift boxes: “New Year’s gift.”

Gao Yunjin laughs: “did you prepare toys for those two little guys?”

“I hope they like it.”

Gao Yunjin: “in fact, you don’t have to be so polite –“

He bought presents every time, but she didn’t prepare anything, which made her very impolite.

Harashi interrupted: “I’m not polite. I bought them because I like them. Why? If the children are yours, don’t let others like them? “


Well, she had nothing to say, and had to take over: “thank you.”

Then she opened the door and put the present in the car.

“Next time, let the two little guys say thank you to me.” Yuanshi said, “OK, let’s go in.”


“You don’t look good. Is there something wrong with you?” Yuan Shi looked at her more and soon found something wrong with her face.

“It’s OK. It’s just something wrong with the stomach.”

“Do you want to go to the hospital?” The original appropriate care of the pause step, “the meal thing is not urgent.”

“It doesn’t matter. It will be ready in a moment.”

“Really?” There was something wrong with her face. He was a little worried.

“Really.” Gao Yunjin really doesn’t think he has any problems. “If I really feel uncomfortable, do you think I won’t worry? Don’t worry. I’m fine. “

“That’s something. You tell me.”

Gao Yunjin: “good.”

The location was ordered by Gao Yunjin, and it was a private room.

When they went up the stairs and went to the private room, someone came out of the elevator on the other side, and they hit each other.

Gao Yunjin only thinks that one of the middle-aged men looks familiar, but she forgets what his name is.

However, Lei Yun, the leader, stops to see Gao Yunjin and looks back at her.

Gao Yunjin noticed her sight and stopped, “what’s the matter with you?”

Lei Yunxiao: “it’s OK.” Yuanshi focused on Gao Yunjin and didn’t look at her. But at this time, he also looked at her and thought that she had something to say to her: “what’s the matter?”

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