Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2870

“No She just reflected that he had been with her for so long, “are you hungry? Would you like to have something to eat first? “

Fu Jincheng shook his head: “fortunately, not very hungry, I wait for you to eat.”

He is very gentle, eyes are smiling, inside the gentle, almost drowned her.

But she looked, but extremely not adapted, because she knew that even if he was gentle, it did not mean that he loved her, but she could easily fall into it.

She didn’t start and said, “don’t do that. You’d better go and eat something to fill your stomach.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Then he put his eyes on the bag: “besides, isn’t there food here? If I want to eat it, I’ll just eat anything in it. “

The food in this bag is cold. Now it’s cold. It’s bad for the stomach to eat cold food. I eat too much cold food at noon, so my stomach will be uncomfortable. “

Fu Jincheng looked back and said with a smile, “OK, then I won’t eat. I’ll wait for you.”

Gao Yunjin: “you –“

Fu Jincheng looked at her with a smile, did not speak, Gao Yunjin bit his lip, “whatever you want.”

Then, he stopped talking.

Fu Jincheng said with a smile, “Why are you still angry?”

“I’m not angry.” Gao Yunjin’s tone is light.



“Then why don’t you look at me at the beginning?” He looked at her with a smile.

Gao Yunjin bit his teeth, looked back at him and glared at him, “I’m looking at you now, OK?”

Fu Jincheng: “no, if the eyes are gentle and the tone is better.”

Gao Yunjin chokes.

But it was only at this time that I realized that I just seemed to

I lost my temper with him.

It’s not supposed to be.

Although the reason why she was in a bad mood was because of him, they agreed that they would continue their marriage only because of their children.

During this period, he did well, and she had no reason to blame him.

The problem is just her.

Think of this, she small hand clenched into a fist, whispered: “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be angry with you.”

“Nothing.” Fu Jincheng continued to hold her hand, “if you are in a bad mood, it doesn’t matter if you lose your temper with me.”

He’s too gentle.

So tender

It’s very imaginative.

High Yun brocade Heart a tight, half ring just say: “I hereafter… Won’t again have no reason to lose temper with you.”

He said it doesn’t matter, and he didn’t need her guarantee, but she still promised him, which made their relationship strange.

By now, he realized that her bad mood seemed to have something to do with him.


He had no idea why she was angry.

And he also understood that even if he asked, she would not say.

Fu Jincheng was silent.

This half an hour, in silence, seems particularly long.

When she finished hanging the water, he helped her to stand up, “let’s go home.”

“Good.” After she stood firm, she said, “I’m ok. I can walk by myself.”

“Good.” He let her go and took her hand instead.

Gao Yunjin pauses, but doesn’t break away.

On the bus, Fu Jincheng asked, “do you want to go home for dinner or eat out?”

“Go home.” She leaned back in her chair and said wearily.

“OK, I’ll call home.”


“What would you like to eat?”


She was listless. He stopped and asked, “is there anything to avoid?”

Gao Yunjin thought, “I…”

At that time, her stomach was very upset and she didn’t listen carefully, so she didn’t know what the doctor said, “I forgot.”

“Never mind. I’ll call the doctor.” He took her medical record, found the doctor’s phone, and called the doctor.

The doctor quickly replied to him, Fu Jincheng politely thanks and hung up.

“Now you shouldn’t eat too greasy food. Would you like some dumplings? Have some porridge? “

“Good.” She has no appetite for anything now, but she doesn’t eat anything and it’s not very good.

When they get home, the kitchen has food for them.

Fu Jincheng said that Gao Yunjin was ill. As soon as they came in, the housekeeper came up and asked for help. The two children were also very concerned about Gao Yunjin.

Looking at the two children, Gao Yunjin squatted down and held the two children in his arms, “mom is OK, don’t worry.”

“It’s OK.” Yueyue came out of her arms, “Mom, you and dad haven’t eaten yet. Are you hungry? Hurry up and eat. “


Gao Yunjin touched the heads of the two children. She finally got up and went to the dining room to eat.

Fu Jincheng stood in the same place, looking at her back, lost in thought.

Gao Yunjin just held the children very hard, it seems that holding them, she can be at ease, also seems to tell others, she only has them.

And he

Completely excluded.

This kind of feeling, has not appeared for a long time.

The last time they felt this way, they didn’t make up.

Gao Yunjin has no discomfort now. After eating, she goes to accompany her children. Fu Jincheng is also here.

They communicate with each other. It seems that everything has no change with the normal, but Fu Jincheng feels that he is not in her eyes.

When the child goes to sleep, Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng go back to the room. Gao Yunjin goes to the wardrobe to find his pajamas, and Fu Jincheng holds them in his arms.

She stopped, did not push him away, Fu Jincheng came to kiss her, Gao Yunjin also did not refuse.

Fu Jincheng looked at her not refuse, not active appearance, eyes dark a few minutes, in-depth kiss her.

Breathe. It’s going to be a mess.

Gao Yunjin this time, but can’t raise interest, opened his eyes and pushed him, “I’m a little tired, want to have a rest early, next time, OK?”

Her tone is very gentle, with the tone of discussion.

Fu Jincheng hoped that she could be coquettish with him, or be cruel to him, angry with him, and scolded him, why she was sick, but she didn’t know how to stop.

But she’s explaining it gently.

He felt that if he said he wanted to, she would also cooperate.

But he didn’t want her to cooperate with him like a puppet.

What he wants is the unity of soul and flesh.

This kind of cooperation is not enough.

“Good.” He still held her, “I’m not good, forget your body just right.”

“It’s not your problem.” But she said, “next time, how about next time?”

If the courtship fails, it is easy to make a man dissatisfied. She is afraid that he will be angry.

She did not know, because she was afraid, Fu Jincheng held her hand and released, “OK.”

Gao Yunjin didn’t see the sadness of his eyes. After finding the clothes, he turned and went to the bathroom to take a bath. Fu Jincheng looked at the closed door of the bathroom, but couldn’t recover for a long time.

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