Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2875

Fu Jincheng raised his eyebrows: “hmm?” Yueyue was stunned by him, but she admitted that she was right. Listening to her little chest, she said boldly: “am I wrong? Aren’t you a half baked lawyer? Let’s make an objective analysis from the perspective of a lawyer. What I said

There is no mistake

Yueyue recently learned that Fu Jincheng, like her uncle Qin, used to be a dignified lawyer. For this reason, she suddenly became very interested in law. When she had time, she would let Fu Jincheng tell her some legal knowledge.

Since she is interested, Fu Jincheng will not refuse.

Yueyue’s mouth is much better than her brother’s. It’s not long since she learned how to speak.

Half a lawyerโ€œ You said it very well Fu Jincheng eyebrows pick higher, “you have human rights, I do not have it? I’m your father. Yes, I do need to perform some clothes for you, but because of this, I have to put down what I want to do

Do you want anything? I’m chatting with your mother. I don’t want to be disturbed for the moment, but it’s not polite for you to disturb me. “


It seems to make a little sense.

Fu Jincheng saw that her daughter was surrounded by herself, and was very happy, “how? There’s nothing to say? “

Yueyue refused to admit defeat: “who said that? I’m respecting the old. I don’t respect the old like you

Fu Jincheng


Yueyue has grown up and has a good vocabulary. She is no longer called bad dad. She has come out of disrespect for the old.

Yueyue then found out that she was not careful to tell the truth. Seeing Fu Jincheng’s smiling face, she secretly said that it was not good and ran away: “I, I’m just talking nonsense.”

See Fu Jincheng stand up, a big hit the child’s posture, she ran faster, “hit the child is wrong, you are a lawyer, can’t know the law!”

How can her two short legs run better than Fu Jincheng’s long legs?

Did not run a few steps, was overtaken by Fu Jincheng, picked up, lying on his legs, Fu Jincheng strength is not light not heavy patted her little ass twice.

Xiaoxuan looked at him and rolled his eyes. He went to pick melons and ignored the childish father and daughter.

At noon, they stay at the farmer’s home to eat.

They picked a lot of things. When they left the garden, they all carried a lot of things in their hands.

Fu Jincheng opened the back compartment and was about to put things in, but saw two big looking gift boxes inside.

He paused and took it out. “What’s this?”

He was about to open it for a look, and the two little guys guessed it with sharp eyes. They immediately grabbed the sunspot from his injury and said excitedly, “it’s a toy!”

“Toys?” Fu Jincheng pick eyebrow: “your mother gives you surprise?”

This car is usually driven by Gao Yunjin. When they sent Gao Yunjin out today, they directly used her car, and the gift box was put in Gao Yunjin’s car. It’s obvious that Gao Yunjin bought a gift for two kids.

The two little guys nodded busily. Xiaoxuan said, “Uncle yuan bought us a gift for the new year. My mother never said it. I thought uncle yuan had forgotten it. I didn’t expect uncle yuan was really ready.”

“Yes.” Yueyue holding the toy, the heart is also beautiful: “mother to travel, afraid we are sad, so we prepared such a surprise?”

Xiaoxuan agreed with his sister’s opinion and nodded hard: “Hmm!”

Two little guys sing one song, Fu Jincheng generally understand what’s going on, “this gift, not bought by my mother?”

“No Two little guys said in one voice.

Fu Jincheng frowned and asked his own question: “who is the original uncle?”

Why didn’t he know that his child knew someone with a surname of yuan? And listen to what they mean, Gao Yunjin is also very familiar with him?

But how come he never heard her mention such a person?

“Uncle yuan is uncle yuan. He’s a friend of his mother. He’s so handsome and cool.” Yue Yue said with a smile, and hummed: “much cooler than you, you are a bad old man!”

“Mom’s friend? Have you seen it? “

Yueyue said that this is just talking, and Fu Jincheng doesn’t mind her saying that she is an old man. What he cares about is Yueyue’s saying that “my uncle is my mother’s pounce”.

“Yes, I have.” Xiao Xuan said: “we snowed together and had dinner together. Uncle yuan is very good at skiing. “

“Yeah, better than bad dad.” Yue Yue said with a wrinkled noseโ€œ And he often buys you presents, too? ” He saw that the two little guys couldn’t put down their love for the toy, and then he remembered that before they saw the things in the box, they immediately knew who had given the gift, so he had such a guess


“Yes.” The two little guys nodded together.

Fu Jincheng clenched his fist slightly and asked Yueyue: “you just said he was cool and handsome. Does he look very young?”

Yueyue smile, continue to stimulate her father, “yes, more handsome than you, cooler than you, younger than you.” Said, side body, Ao Jiao’s small voice added a: “also better than you to me.”

It means: you see, how bad you are to me. Even outsiders treat me better than you treat me. Don’t you think your father failed too much? You should treat me better in the future!

But Fu Jincheng’s mind is not on this now. He knows Yueyue loves to make trouble with him and sing against him. What she said just now is probably intended to stimulate him.

His eyes fell on Xiaoxuan, touching his son’s face as white as eggs, “Xiaoxuan, is what my sister said true? Is dad really not as handsome as that uncle, and not as young as that uncle? “

Xiaoxuan thinks that Fu Jincheng is playing with his sister again, but he has always been an objective person, “no, dad is also very handsome, very cool, very powerful.”

Because of objectivity, Fu Jincheng has affirmed that the other party is indeed a young and handsome man.

His heart sank at the thought.

If the other party is just a man who is much older than them and has no outstanding appearance, he may not think much about it.

But each other’s conditions are very good, and know how to please children, such a man, close to his wife, but he does not know anything, for whom, can not be as calm as water.

Most importantly, Gao Yunjin suddenly met a handsome man, but he never heard her talk to him.

But she had already taken their children to play with the man and had dinner with him.

It’s just like the wife has an affair. She has a close relationship with that man. Maybe she has a plan for the next step.

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