Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2877

Is she really confident, especially at ease with Fu Jincheng, or has she never really put Fu Jincheng in mind?

Gao Yunjin is good-looking, but no matter how good-looking a person is, Fu Jincheng, a well-informed person, will be tired of seeing too much.

If Fu Jincheng has been attracted by Gao Yunjin just because of her appearance, it can’t be said.

But in her eyes, Gao Yunjin’s comprehensive conditions are really not very good. There are many people with better comprehensive conditions than her, but Fu Jincheng seems to have fallen into her pit and hasn’t climbed out for more than ten years.

Maybe it’s also related to her scheming?

If a person does not have any scheming, how can she rest assured that Fu Jincheng, such an excellent man, is in the flowers, but she is not worried at all?

What does Lei Yun think? Fu Jincheng doesn’t know.

He hung up just as he went downstairs.

The two little guys haven’t slept yet. They have just taken a bath and are wearing soft pajamas. Because of the bath, their faces look more white, tender and smooth.

They held their heads high and looked at Fu Jincheng: “Dad, are you going out so late?”

“Yes, dad is going to a cocktail party. He is expected to come back very late. You will listen to the housekeeper and go to bed early, you know?”

The two little guys nodded obediently, “I see.” Yueyue is a little older. Recently, she peeked at some messy videos. She watched Fu Jincheng go out in such a handsome way. Now it’s still at night. She said with her waist in her arms, “then you should come back early. You are not allowed to get too close to other beautiful aunts. Oh, no

But I’ll tell mom! “

Speaking of Gao Yunjin, Fu Jincheng’s eyes darkened a little. He gritted his teeth and said, “are you watching those messy videos again?”

Yueyue just found out what she had exposed. Before she spoke, Fu Jincheng narrowed her eyes and said, “don’t watch those videos. If you watch them again, I’ll see how to deal with you!” What does Fu Jincheng look like when she is joking or not? Yueyue is very clear. Although she is always against Fu Jincheng, she is not afraid of everything. In fact, Fu Jincheng is very serious and has the dignity of her father,

She listened to his words: “I see.”

“Promise is done, you know?”

“I see, Dad.”

“Good boy.” Fu Jincheng’s tone was a little soft. He touched his daughter’s soft face and went out.

After getting on the bus, Gao Yunjin replied his message: I’m still busy now. I just came out to go to the bathroom and saw your message.

Fu Jincheng: when will it be over?

Gao Yunjin: it’s about ten o’clock in the evening.

Fu Jincheng: OK, we’ll talk when you’re finished.

Gao Yunjin: good.

After chatting, I put down my cell phone.

More than ten minutes later, Fu Jincheng arrived at the place where the banquet was held.

At this time, the guests of the party have basically arrived.

She was the last to come.

However, no one would say that he was well received by the host of the banquet.

And Lei Yun, when Fu Jincheng arrived, went over: “here it is?”

Fu Jincheng smiles: “well.”

Seeing that he was chatting with the host of the banquet, Lei Yun said to him, “I’ll come to you later and introduce some people to you.”

Fu Jincheng: “good.”

It’s not that there are no women with short hair at the scene, but she is the only one who is as soulful and feminine as she is, with both aura and not domineering.

She seldom came here to attend such occasions before. Many people didn’t know her, and many people were very interested in her, especially men.

But seeing the president sun beside her and his attitude towards her, many people stopped thinking.

But there are also people with good conditions in all aspects. They have good self-supporting conditions and come to inquire.

This inquiry, after knowing the identity of Lei Yun, no one on the scene dare to easily approach Lei Yun, only dare to wait and see from a distance.

Therefore, no one dares to disturb her easily at the moment.

When she found a place to sit down, she saw several young men walking down the revolving ladder. They all looked up and down 30, young and handsome, which attracted a lot of people’s attention.

Lei Yun is just bored. He looks at it.

And just because of her special and beautiful, some of the young men were attracted by her. Then, they gave a look to their friends and let them look at her.

Therefore, Lei Yun happened to see a familiar face among the men.

Her ability to recognize people is very good. The first time she meets her partner, she already thinks that her partner is the man who is not clear with Gao Yunjin.

At the first sight of Lei Yun, Yuan Shi remembered her.

It’s not because she is very beautiful, but because he has seen very few women with short hair and such a strong air.

They looked at each other for less than two seconds. As Yuan Shi was about to leave his face, Lei Yun laughed, raised his cup and stood up.

Yuan Shi’s friends were stunned and looked at Yuan Shi jokingly: “acquaintances?”

Yuan Shi shook his head: “I don’t know.”

At this time, Lei Yun came towards him.

The people who can attend the reception are rich or expensive. Even though Lei Yun is not very interested in Lei Yun, he still doesn’t leave, waiting for Lei Yun to come.

Some of Yuan Shi’s friends are interested in Lei Yun, but since Lei Yun is not interested in himself, they don’t know what to say. He patted Yuan Shi on the shoulder and said, “let’s go, come on, we’ll take care of you!”

Yuan Shibai looked at his friend and didn’t speak.

Lei Yun came up to him and held out his hand to him: “Lei Yun, nice to meet you.”

Yuanshi reached out and shook hands with en: “Yuanshi, nice to meet you, too.”

Lei Yun took out a business card from his bag. Yuanshi took it. He was a little surprised. “It turns out that Mr. Lei, I’ve heard a lot about him.”

Yuan Shi also took out his business card and handed it to Lei Yun. Lei Yun was also surprised: “it’s a coincidence that you are the original family.”

In the early years of her family, she had a close relationship with the Lei family. However, after her family moved abroad, her relationship with the Lei family became weaker. But her grandfather’s generation occasionally mentioned the Lei family.

Therefore, even if he has not met Yuanshi, he has no business relationship with Yuanjia, but he has a certain understanding of the current development of Yuanjia. She doesn’t know who is in charge of the family now, but as for the identity of Yuanshi, he already has the wealth that can’t be spent in his life. Maybe what he has can’t compare with Fu Jincheng, but if Gao Yunjin is put into his arms, no one will say that she is


“It’s a coincidence.” Yuanshi’s impression of the Lei family is also that of his parents.

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