Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2878


If it is to continue the friendship of their parents, there is no need. After all, they are not familiar with it.

Moreover, he was not interested in Lei Yun, so he had to politely ask, “what can I do for Miss Lei?”

Lei Yun raised his glass. Yuan shidun and touched a glass with her. Lei Yun said, “it’s nothing. I just think you look familiar.”

This is certainly not true.

She just wanted to know who he was.

When necessary, she thought they might be able to “cooperate”.

“I see.” She has no infatuation with other girls in her eyes. As far as her identity is concerned, Yuanshi knows that even if she knows she looks good, she knows that Lei Yun won’t fall in love with him at first sight.

But Ray Yun obviously didn’t tell the truth.

It’s not a big deal. Anyway, I just want to get to know each other, and I won’t lose a piece of meat.

“By the way, do you want to open up the domestic market when you suddenly return home?”

Yuan Shi: “well, all industries in China are developing better and better, and there are many opportunities. We also intend to have a try.”

“So you expect to spend a lot of time in China in the future?”

“Yes.” Yuan Shi smiles: “why does Lei always ask like this? Is Mr. Lei interested in cooperating with our company? “

Lei Yun asked in such detail that people who didn’t know thought she was very interested in him.

In fact, it is obvious that this is not the case. He didn’t see from Lei Yun’s eyes that he was interested in him.

“If it’s appropriate, it’s naturally interesting.”

Yuanshi: “if Mr. Lei is interested, please feel free to contact me. I have something to do, so I won’t disturb you.”

“OK, next time.”

Lei Yun nodded and looked at Fu Jincheng. He wanted to see if Fu Jincheng had finished chatting. When he looked back, he found that Fu Jincheng was standing near her chatting with others.

And they’re looking right at it.

Lei Yun chuckles, and Fu Jincheng smiles politely. He is about to take back his eyes and glances at Yuan Shi beside Lei Yun. Fu Jincheng pauses, but doesn’t stay much.

But at this time, Lei Yun came towards her. He was about to take his eyes away from Yuan Shi’s face. This time, his vision became much clearer. He saw the coat on Yuan Shi’s body. He only responded with half a sound. His face changed slightly and he turned to look back.

“Is there anything wrong?” Lei Yun’s face suddenly changed. He didn’t know what was going on.

Fu Jincheng turned a deaf ear to her words.

At the moment, all that was left in his heart and eyes was the clothes on his body. The more he looked, the more his heart sank.

If he remembers correctly, he saw this dress in Gao Yunjin’s room when she went abroad to attend the masters’ exhibition last year.

But only once, and he never saw him again.

At that time as like as two peas, they were busy and busy. He forgot that such a thing happened. He basically forgot about this. He didn’t expect that he could see this identical dress on other men today.

Yuan Shi also noticed his sight, his face is not good, Yuan Shi suddenly thought of Gao Yunjin.


Does he know he likes Gao Yunjin?

Soon, he denied the idea.

He likes Gao Yunjin. Only he and Gao Yunjin know it, and Gao Yunjin refuses him directly. She has no reason to tell Fu Jincheng about it.

He was thinking so, but Fu Jincheng walked towards him.

Yuanshi watched him step by step, but he didn’t move. He stood there waiting for him.

After a while, Fu Jincheng came and stood face to face.

Their appearance is particularly outstanding, height and stature is quite, the bearing is not vulgar, for this reason, they have attracted a lot of people’s attention.

Among them, the most interested is Lei Yun.

She had thought that Fu Jincheng didn’t know about Yuanshi and Gao Yunjin, but Fu Jincheng’s attitude didn’t seem to know anything.

Thinking of this, she raised the corner of her lip and came closer.

After Fu Jincheng walked over, he didn’t speak, just looked at Yuan Shi.

Yuanshi was neither flustered nor confused. After a few seconds, he asked faintly, “what’s the matter with Mr. Fu?”

Fu Jincheng looked at him and said, “your clothes look familiar.”

He has seen harashi several times.

The first time as like as two peas, he used to see him as the handkerchief he had bought for him.

But the handkerchief Gao Yunjin bought completely disappeared after he saw it twice. He didn’t know where it had gone.

But it doesn’t mean that his handkerchief is from Gao Yunjin.

In the same way, even if the clothes he was wearing had appeared in Gao Yunjin’s hands, it didn’t mean they were the same. Although he thought so, he thought that when he saw the man in front of him using the handkerchief, Gao Yunjin also appeared at the banquet; He also thought that Gao Yunjin was ill some time ago, and he also met him at the door of the hospital

I’ve seen him.

All this

Is it all just a coincidence?

If it’s just coincidence, is it too coincidence?

“Is it?” Yuanshi’s smile remained unchanged: “it may be that Mr. Fu admitted his mistake. The clothes on my body were specially made for me by a fashion designer in M country. There is only one in the world. What Mr. Fu saw may be similar.”

Originally, Shi thought that Fu Jincheng said this just because he wanted to talk to him. He didn’t really think his clothes looked familiar.

After all, only he and the creator of this dress have met people.

Fu Jincheng squeezed the hand of the mobile phone and forced to close: “only this… One?”

So, is this the one he once saw in Gao Yunjin’s hand?

If this dress was only made for him by the master, why did it appear in Gao Yunjin’s room?

“Yes.” Yuanshi seems to really care about this issue, “or does Mr. Fu like this dress very much? If you like Mr. Fu, I can tell the master to make a similar one for you. “

“No more.” Fu Jincheng’s eyes were fixed on him tightly, and the corners of his lips pulled a smile: “I’m sorry to disturb you.”

Harashi: “it doesn’t matter.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t leave. He handed him a business card. “By the way, I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Fu Jincheng. Nice to meet you. What’s your name, sir?”

Yuan Shi exchanged business cards with him: “please don’t use your surname yuan.”

Fu Jincheng holds the hand of business card suddenly a meal, the eye sharp looking at him: “original?”


Fu Jincheng did not speak any more. His face didn’t change much, but if he was really just curious about his clothes, he wouldn’t look like that at all.

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