Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2880

If it’s not for business, it’s just for the other side to fight with him. Fu Jincheng doesn’t have to use this naive means to show others color.

So, before that, he couldn’t figure out how Fu Jincheng would suddenly fight with others.

But now, he knows.

Fu Jincheng loves Gao Yunjin very much. He believes that people who really have a good relationship with their husband and wife know this very well.

Therefore, if the object involves Gao Yunjin, it is not surprising that Fu Jincheng has lost his temper.

See just now that man’s meaning, the other side seems to have thought to Gao Yunjin.

It’s just… If it’s just that the other party is thinking about Gao Yunjin, Fu Jincheng will be upset even though he knows it. If the other party doesn’t listen to a few words of warning, Fu Jincheng’s way of doing things will directly put pressure on the other party in other places

He had an ugly, horrible look on his face.

The only explanation is that Gao Yunjin thought about the man.

He used to think that it was impossible.

But he knows that there was a divorce between them last year.

Although it is said that they will make up in the end, it is easy to hurt their feelings if they quarrel with each other. It is estimated that there is a rift between them.


Maybe Fu Jincheng knew something and knew that he might not win, so he changed his face and was no longer calm. Secretary LAN has always known that he has a great influence on Fu Jincheng, but many times, when he thinks he already knows their feelings, Fu Jincheng will tell him that he knows too little

It’s too late.

He underestimated Fu Jincheng’s feelings for Gao Yunjin.

Fu Jincheng, in the shopping mall, always has no disadvantage and is extremely confident, but at this moment, he is the opposite.

When Secretary Lan thought about this, Fu Jincheng had finished chatting with others and hung up.

But then, he took out his mobile phone and found Gao Yunjin’s number.

He stared at the number, but didn’t press it out, but his face didn’t get better. The atmosphere in the car was gloomy. Secretary LAN didn’t dare to speak to him at all. When the car passed his house, he didn’t dare to ask the driver to put him down.

Until the car arrived at the door of Fu Jincheng’s villa, the driver spoke, and Fu Jincheng got off and left.

Secretary LAN sighed and asked the driver to take him home. At this time, the two children had gone to bed, and Fu Jincheng suddenly came back. The housekeeper was surprised, but he didn’t speak. As soon as he came towards Fu Jincheng, Fu Jincheng said, “I’m a little tired. Go upstairs to have a rest. Don’t worry about me. You want to help me


He was obviously unhappy, and the housekeeper did not dare to speak.

Fu Jincheng went upstairs and went back to his room. He closed the door and then called Gao Yunjin.

Gao Yunjin is still busy this time. Her mobile phone vibrates. She sees Fu Jincheng’s call. Fortunately, she reaches out her hand and hangs up. She quickly replies to him with a message: she’s still busy. I’ll call you back later.

Fu Jincheng replied in one word: good.

He was holding a mobile phone and so on, but in his mind he recalled the words that Yuan Shi said. The more he recalled, the more ugly his face became.

At this time, his mobile phone suddenly rang.

It’s a strange local number.

Fu Jincheng hang up, the other party persevered to continue to fight.

Fu Jincheng pause, do not know what to think of, big hand to the pocket, took out a business card out.

He looked at the number above and then at the number he had just called. He pursed his thin lips and his eyes were cold.

But there has not given up, continue to call him, Fu Jincheng sneered, this time, finally picked up.

“It’s me, harashi.” Over there, harashi opened his mouth first.

“I know.” Fu Jincheng said.

“I want to have a word with you.”

Fu Jincheng said in a cold voice: “I don’t think there is anything to talk about between us. I have already said it at the banquet just now, and my attitude will never change.”

“You are too selfish.” Yuanshi frowned and said, “no matter what, you’ve been a couple for so many years. Even if you don’t have feelings now, you still have feelings. Do you have to do this to her?”

“What did I do to her?” Fu Jincheng face sinister: “I hit her or scold her?”

“Yes, you didn’t beat her or scold her, but the problem is that she is not happy with you now!”

“She’s not happy? How do you know she’s not happy? ” Fu Jincheng asked: “she told you?”

As soon as he finished, he grabbed the mobile phone hard, and the blue veins protruded from his neck, revealing his nervous and uneasy heart.

As if, he was really afraid that Yuan Shi would say it was Gao Yunjin.

“She didn’t say that.” Hearing this, Fu Jincheng was relieved. But at this time, Yuan Shi said, “I don’t need her to tell me all this. I know everything. The first time we met was in the bar, and we met more than once in the bar. She didn’t even know

She doesn’t like to go to bars, but she goes to bars at night to relieve her worries and relax herself. Do you think that if you continue this marriage, as you can see, she is really happy? “

“You –“

Fu Jincheng was stunned.

Gao Yunjin went to the bar. He knew that, but he only knew that she had been there once.

He didn’t know she had been there more than once.

Besides, she never told him about it, never.

Fu Jincheng lost his mind and sat down on the chair.

At this time, Yuanshi said on the phone: “if you love each other, if she is really happy, even if I like her again, I will stay away from her, but if you don’t love each other, she is not happy, so I don’t want to shrink back.”

After that, he seemed to have something to say, but before he spoke, Fu Jincheng couldn’t listen. He hung up the phone and even pulled him into the blacklist.

When he finished, his cell phone rang again.

This time, it’s a call from Gao Yunjin.

She said that she would call him back when she was busy. Now she is busy, she called him as scheduled.

Fu Jincheng looked at her number, until the phone naturally hung up, he did not pick up.

Gao Yunjin thought that he had something to do and walked away. He didn’t take his mobile phone and was not in a hurry. He planned to call later.

At this time, her mobile phone rings again. It’s Yuanshi’s phone. Gao Yunjin sees it, frowns and hangs up.

Harashi continued to call, she continued to hang up, and then she sent a message to harashi in the past: I said, if it’s not business, I hope we don’t have any more contact. Yuanshi’s message came quickly: it’s just your idea. As I said, I’m willing to wait for you.

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