Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2882

In addition, there was the food that was still hot when he used to eat, which Gao Yunjin had never touched.

He has read so many materials, which show that she and Yuan Shi have a good relationship and are very close, but the materials also tell him that they have never done anything sorry to him.

Between them, they are still innocent.


Gao Yunjin’s feelings for Yuanshi are not clear.

The data does not say that Gao Yunjin has feelings for Yuan Shi, but it does not say that he has no feelings for him.

But judging from their performance that day, Gao Yunjin must have known Yuan Shi’s heart, but she

I didn’t accept the original, did I?

Thinking of this, his heart relaxed a little.

However, immediately, he thought of the day when she was ill. She was obviously colder to him than before, and her mood was extremely bad.

If she refused him just because she didn’t like Yuanshi and didn’t stay with him, her mood was definitely not like this.


Think of her sick the next day, her attitude to him as usual, Fu Jincheng just put down the heart, once again hung up.

Yes, she didn’t stay with Yuanshi and didn’t do anything wrong to him, but it doesn’t mean she didn’t care about Yuanshi.

It can only be that she can’t let her child go, so she will continue to come back to him, and then make trouble with Yuan Shi, right?

The more you think about it, the more likely it is. Fu Jincheng’s heart is colder and his face is gloomy.

That night, Fu Jincheng stayed up all night.

In the morning, the sound of children getting up interrupted his thoughts.

He put down his cell phone, got up from his chair, pushed open the door of his study and went out.

Different from Fu Jincheng, the two little guys had no dreams all night. They had a good night’s sleep and were not in good spirits. Their faces were full of vigor and vitality.

Seeing Fu Jincheng, they came to him and hugged him, “Dad, are you back from sports so soon today?”

Fu Jincheng was still in his formal dress when he attended the dinner last night.

Fu Jincheng’s suit is similar to that of the two little guys, so he has changed his clothes and is ready to go to work.

Before Fu Jincheng spoke, Yue Yue frowned and said, “Dad, did you forget to wash your face? How is the face dirty? “

She stood on tiptoe and reached for the new stubble on Fu Jincheng’s chin.

“Yes,” Xiaoxuan also found out. Holding his head high, he asked, “Dad, you really look like you didn’t wake up. Dad, do you miss Mom, so you couldn’t sleep last night?”

Fu Jincheng touched the heads of the two little guys, and then “Er” said, “yes, my father missed my mother.”

He didn’t sleep or drink water all night. His throat was very dry and his voice was hoarse.

Yueyue left the corner of her lip, “do you think more than me and my brother?”

“Yes, Dad misses mom.” Fu Jincheng said very seriously, although Yueyue likes to argue with Fu Jincheng, to see his face color difference, and since she forgot to wash her face, she can’t bear to continue to fight with him, awkward said: “then you won’t give your mother a video call? anyway

You are always hiding the video from my brother. “

Speaking of this, Fu Jincheng finally showed a smile: “but your mother is busy, no time.”

Yueyue saw that he was not very happy when he talked about it. He knew the seriousness of the matter. “Then… Then why don’t I call my mother and scold her?” Speaking of this, she had no confidence in herself. She didn’t know what she thought. She glared at her eyes: “but you have to promise, oh, I scold my mother, you can’t scold me. You know, I’m helping you. I don’t really want to scold my mother, you know

Yes, I like my mother best. I only help you because you are in a bad mood. “

Fu Jincheng

The Housekeeper on one side said:…. “

The housekeeper covers his face. He thinks that Gao Yunjin is very reasonable in educating his children. He doesn’t know what’s wrong, so Yueyue will come up with such an unreliable way.


In terms of Fu Jincheng’s past love of playing tricks on his daughter, Fu Jincheng also suffered from it.

In this regard, the housekeeper wanted to snicker, but Fu Jincheng was in a bad mood. He didn’t even dare to smile, so he could only hold it.

“Sister, don’t make trouble.” Xiaoxuan couldn’t see it any more. He said to Fu Jincheng, “Dad, I’ll call my mother now and ask her to kiss you and apologize to you.”

The housekeeper was relieved to hear that.

At least, his young master is very reasonable, and his ideas are very reliable.

Fu Jincheng touched his son’s little face, thought about it, and said with a smile, “good.”

Xiaoxuan really took Fu Jincheng’s mobile phone and called Gao Yunjin.

Gao Yunjin has already got up and is brushing her teeth. Seeing the video call prompt from Fu Jincheng, she quickly rustles her mouth, wipes her mouth and picks up the video call: “get up?”

“Mom, it’s me.” What comes into the eyelids is Yueyue’s white and beautiful face, and what rings in his ears is his crisp voice.

Seeing his son, a smile immediately appeared on Gao Yunjin’s face: “is it Xiaoxuan? Did Xiao Xuan have breakfast? What about my sister? “

“Mom, we haven’t had breakfast yet. I’m here.” Yueyue put her round face together and said, “Mom, Yueyue miss you so much. When can you come back?”

Early in the morning, hearing the voices of the two little guys, Gao Yunjin’s heart was crisp. He said with a smile, “didn’t mom make a difference just yesterday? Not so fast

“OK, but mom, you should come back as soon as possible. My brother and I miss you very much.”

“OK, mom will be back when she’s finished.”

“Mom.” At this time, Xiao Xuan spoke again.

“Mother is here. Does Xiao Xuan have something to say to her mother?”

“Well.” Xiaoxuan nodded his head hard. He handed his mobile phone to Fu Jincheng, who was standing on one side and didn’t speak: “Mom, Dad misses you more than me and my sister. I can’t sleep at night.”

The child may just state the facts, but Gao Yunjin thinks that Fu Jincheng has other in-depth meanings based on her understanding of Fu Jincheng.

She was so ashamed that her face was very hot that she said to Fu Jincheng: “don’t talk nonsense to the children all the time.”

Fu Jincheng knew that she was wrong, but he didn’t explain it for himself. He just said, “you just told Yueyue and Xiaoxuan so much that you didn’t mention me.”

They are still together now, for the sake of the children.

But her heart, eyes are only children, there is no him, how can he be happy?

He is not happy.

Gao Yunjin: “here it is again?

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