Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2884

And the Lei family, as one of the core families of the reception, it’s not a matter of a word who she wants to take with her?

Fu Jincheng understood and looked at Lei Yun more. “Thank you, Mr. Lei. I’ll be there by then.”

“That’s all right? I’ll send you an invitation some other day. “

Lei Yun was not too surprised at his promise. After all, this is a good opportunity to integrate into the local industry chain of H. how can Fu Jincheng, who is ambitious and insightful, be willing to miss this opportunity?

“All right, Mr. ray, please.”

“You’re welcome.” Lei Yun waved his hand, “I’ll go first. Mr. Fu, you should have a rest early.”

“You too.”

After that, they separated.

On the bus, the smile on Fu Jincheng’s face was silent. He came downstairs, took out his mobile phone and looked at it. Gao Yunjin gave him a message saying that he was busy and would contact him later.

Fu Jincheng replied with the word “good” and put down his mobile phone.

He seems to be in a bad mood. Secretary LAN remembers what Lei Yun said just now. He wants to help Fu Jincheng turn his attention away and says, “it seems that the Lei family is very satisfied with our cooperation so far.”

Fu Jincheng: “since you have money, why not be satisfied?”

“Having said that, I think Mr. Lei is also very interested in us. The Lei family has a solid foundation and rich family background. It’s really a good choice to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with them.”

Fu Jincheng: “well.”

Secretary LAN sees that Fu Jincheng doesn’t want to say more. He seems to be quiet. Secretary LAN doesn’t bother him any more.

Back home, Gao Yunjin hasn’t called yet. Fu Jincheng went to take a bath. When he got out of the bath, his mobile phone just rang. It was Gao Yunjin who made a video call.

He took his cell phone and picked it up. “Finished?”

“Well.” Gao Yunjin holding a mobile phone, looking at his wet hair, “after the bath?”

“Well.” Gao Yunjin’s face was still wearing makeup. He asked, “just returned to the hotel?”

“Yes, just arrived.”

She leaned back in her chair and thumped her shoulders wearily.

Seeing her tired face, Fu Jincheng’s heart softened a little, and her expression softened a lot. She said gently, “why don’t you take a bath first?”

“I’d better talk for a while. I’m afraid I won’t be able to move after I take a bath.”

Fu Jincheng said, “if you say that, people who don’t know think it’s a very hard task to chat with me.”

Gao Yunjin yawned: “no, I’m just too tired.”

She was so tired and sleepy that she couldn’t help dozing off now.

Fu Jincheng noticed, or distressed her: “let’s talk about it tomorrow, tomorrow morning I’ll call you.”


Fu Jincheng is a little uneasy, “or don’t take a bath, I’m afraid you’ll sleep in the past, when you catch a cold, how to do?”

“OK, I see. Don’t take a bath, OK?”


Over there, her voice was gentle, her smile never stopped, and her eyes were very gentle when she looked at him. They really looked like a very loving couple.

And in her heart, it seems that

There is also his.

“So I hung up?” He suddenly looked at her, did not know blink, she wanted to hang up the video, see his eyes, some hesitation.

Fu Jincheng’s voice is a little hoarse, “come back early.”

Gao Yunjin: “no matter how early I am, I have to go back the day after tomorrow. There are so many things here that I can’t deal with them so soon.”

“I know. When it’s done, come home. Remember to call me before you go home, and I’ll pick you up.”

“Well, I see.”




Hung up the phone, Fu Jincheng’s heart more solid.

Although he is not sure that Gao Yunjin is not with Yuan Shi, he just doesn’t like him or just because of his children.

But at least, she didn’t exclude him or hate him, and they got along very well together.

He doesn’t have no chance of winning.

That night, Fu Jincheng finally fell asleep.

The next day, I got up early and ran back. Before breakfast, I called Gao Yunjin.

Although Gao Yunjin was not at home, this morning because he called Gao Yunjin, they were still full of laughter.

Gao Yunjin is the plane the day after tomorrow afternoon.

Before she came back, she called Fu Jincheng and told him the departure time of her plane.

Fu Jincheng met her at the airport half an hour in advance.

When Gao Yunjin came out with his luggage, Fu Jincheng saw her from a distance. Because of the fence, he couldn’t go past, but just gazed at her figure.

Gao Yunjin with a smile on his face, see Fu Jincheng, also very happy.

They just separated for a few days, and even contacted each other every day, but she still missed him very much.

She walked towards him quickly, but when she noticed the look in his eyes, her steps suddenly stopped.

Although she is not particularly clear what his eyes represent, but her heart across a warm current, small face also slowly covered with a blush, after half a sound, just raised his feet, continue to step by step toward him.

Before Gao Yunjin walked towards him, he quickly walked over and held her tightly in his arms.

Two people’s face value is too high, immediately attracted a lot of attention.

Gao Yunjin is a little uncomfortable. He wants to push him away, but he can’t.

Holding her, feeling her real existence, Fu Jincheng’s heart fell to the ground, looking at her raised face, Fu Jincheng’s eyes darkened, could not help but bow, covered her lips.

There are so many people around the scene. Gao Yunjin’s brain explodes. He wants to open his mouth, but Fu Jincheng blocks his lips and his voice disappears in his throat.

Fu Jincheng holds her, kisses her, and thoroughly feels her existence. The heart he just put down, but he lifts it up again. He suddenly lets her go, holding her luggage in one hand and holding her in the other, and walks out quickly.

Gao Yunjin: “what

She couldn’t keep up with him.

However, he held her hand too much, and she finally noticed something wrong: “Jincheng, are you in a bad mood?”

Fu Jincheng did not speak.

“What happened?” She asked.

“Nothing.” Fu Jincheng said quietly.

“Then why are you –“

“Nothing.” Before she finished speaking, Fu Jincheng confessed.

Looking at her expression, it seems that she didn’t know that he had met Yuanshi and had a very unpleasant conversation.

In this way, is Yuanshi deliberately not telling her, or

There is no contact between them during this period of time?

In other words, the contact between them is not as frequent as he thought? Whatever it is, since she doesn’t mention it, he doesn’t mention it either.

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