Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2886

For this reason, his heart was very uncomfortable, and a strong sour smell appeared at the bottom of his heart. This sour smell is for children, and more for Gao Yunjin.


Gao Yunjin’s expression is very lost when the two children talk about Yuanshi.

What is lost?

She can’t get in touch with him after she’s lost?

Thinking of this, he held her hand hard and said to the children faintly, “what toys do you want? You can tell Dad directly. You always let others give you toys. Aren’t you shy?”

“Shy.” Yue Du mouth: “so, I and Xiao Xuan also want to send something to the original uncle, this is called reciprocity.”“ Are you sure he will like the present you gave him? Do you know what he likes? If you don’t know, you’re not taking advantage of others? It’s not right, you know?

””We don’t know what uncle yuan likes, but mom knows.” Yueyue didn’t know how explosive she said. She also felt that she made a special sense: “let mom tell us what our old uncle likes, and we can give him a present

I like the present

Fu Jincheng’s heart is tight, and his heart suddenly sinks. He looks down at Gao Yunjin. Gao Yunjin is also a little surprised. He didn’t expect Yueyue to say that.

She didn’t tell Fu Jincheng that she was guilty, so she was uncomfortable. She frowned and said to Yue Yue, “Yue Yue, don’t talk about it.”

Children don’t know anything, and she can’t scold them.

In the end, it was all her fault. If she had sent a letter earlier, she would not have done so much.

Thinking of this, she quickly raised her head and said to Fu Jincheng, “children talk nonsense. Don’t think about it.”

She didn’t know. The more she explained, the more confused Fu Jincheng was.

If there is really nothing between them, she laughs and scolds the child, but she apologizes to him so seriously that he doesn’t think about it, that means it’s not easy.

Fu Jincheng held back the surging emotion in his heart. He nodded. Then, he narrowed his eyes and squatted down to look at Yueyue and Xiaoxuan: “do you say you want to give that… Uncle yuan a gift?”

“Yes.” The two little guys nodded together: “it’s not Dad. You said you can’t always ask for other people’s gifts? So we’ll give him gifts, too. Isn’t that good? “

“What about my present?” Fu Jincheng reached out and knocked the heads of the two little guys: “from small to large, how many things did dad buy for you? Why didn’t you think about giving me something? “

The two little guys were stunned.

It’s like

It makes sense.

But Yueyue thought about it and said, “but aren’t you our father?”

“So?” Fu Jincheng asked: “so I don’t deserve the things you sent me?”

Fu Jincheng looked as if he was angry. The two little guys were a little flustered, “we don’t mean that…”

In the concept of the two little guys, he and Gao Yunjin are their parents. Their parents should buy things for themselves, while Yuanshi is an outsider. They can’t just ask for other people’s gifts without returning them.

Fu Jincheng also asked: “if dad likes other children besides you very much, I will only give him gifts and not buy things for you in the future, will you be happy?”

The big eyes of the two little guys immediately blistered and cried. They went over and hugged Fu Jincheng: “no, you are our father. You can’t just buy gifts for other children without buying gifts for us.”

Gao Yunjin didn’t expect Fu Jincheng to say that. Seeing two little guys crying, she frowned and said, “how can you say that? If you say that, they will feel scared and uneasy. “

Fu Jincheng asked coldly: “why not? Am I wrong? We are the people closest to them, and we are also the people who care about them most and treat them best. Shouldn’t they treat us well before they treat others well? “

Gao Yunjin was stunned and couldn’t refute a word.

Fu Jincheng didn’t look at her any more. He gently rubbed the heads of the two little guys, “OK, don’t cry.”

The two kids sobbed and looked at him with wet crying faces, “Dad, are you really only good to other children, not to me and my brother?”

“No, you are my father’s children. My father has only two of you. You are my father’s most important treasure. How can my father be willing to buy gifts for others instead of Yueyue and Xiaoxuan?” Fu Jincheng gently kisses them, “Dad is just jealous, you actually don’t buy gifts for me, I feel very sad, so I say so. Dad said so, just want you to understand dad’s mood, happy and happy

Can Xiao Xuan understand? “

The two little guys were very upset just now. Fu Jincheng’s pacification played a very important role.

They are no longer afraid, they began to reflect on themselves, “Dad, you’re right, I’m not good with my brother, I’m wrong with my brother.”

“What’s wrong?” Asked Fu Jincheng.

Yueyue said, “we shouldn’t just give gifts to others, not to –“

“Not this one.” Fu Jincheng said, “it’s right to give reciprocity.”

Yue Yue Leng next, “that, what is that?”“ Your mistake is that you can’t always receive other people’s gifts, and you can’t think that others want to give you gifts. If you want something, you should ask your parents, not others. Whatever you want, mom and dad will do their best

Big efforts to meet you, because mom and dad are the people who love you most, and the people closest to you, understand? “

Fu Jincheng’s words swept away the uneasiness and fear in their hearts.

“Yueyue understood.” Yueyue nodded heavily, raised his head and showed a smiling face.

“Xiao Xuan also understood!” Xiaoxuan said busily.

“Good boy.” Fu Jincheng laughed, touched their heads and held them in his arms.

Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin have been doting on the two kids since they were little. They are too carefree. They come and go quickly. Now they are playing again.

Gao Yunjin thinks that Fu Jincheng’s saying is reasonable. He can’t help looking at him more.

But just now, when he said that he was good to other children, but not to Yueyue and Xiaoxuan, her heart also pained. It’s one of the things that could happen and scare her the most, not one of them.

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