Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2889

Fu Jincheng raised his eyebrows and held Gao Yunjin’s hand. He continued to kiss Gao Yunjin provocatively: “your mother is my wife. It’s natural for me to kiss my wife. Do you need your permission?”

Then he reached out and pinched his daughter’s face.

“You –“

Fu Jincheng was angry with his daughter and was in a better mood, but he didn’t intend to “let go” Yueyue, and said: “also, I can hold my mother to sleep, can you?”

Yueyue was really angry, “you, you, you big villain!”

Fu Jincheng smiles: “even if I’m a bad guy, only I can hold my mother to sleep, but you can’t.”“ Even if you can hold your mother to sleep, it does not mean that your mother’s favorite is you. My mother’s favorite must be me and my brother. It is clear that you are shameless, and your mother can’t resist, so that you can hold her. Otherwise, my mother would prefer to hold me and my brother

It’s sleeping. ” Then he looked at Gao Yunjin and asked her, “am I right, mom?”

Gao Yunjin rubbed his eyebrows and felt a little headache. He glanced at Fu Jincheng and motioned him to tease his daughter if he had nothing to do. Then he coaxed: “yes, Yueyue is right.”

Yueyue was very proud: “see? Hum

Fu Jincheng looked at it, feeling a little uncomfortable. He pulled his daughter’s cheek and said, “you are really my good daughter. Where I hurt you, you poke.”

Yueyue may be casual, but it is also true.

Gao Yunjin really loves them more than him.

“Well, stop it.” Gao Yunjin said to Fu Jincheng, holding Yueyue and Xiaoxuan with a smile, “brush your teeth and wash your face?”

“After brushing my teeth, I washed my face.” The two little guys said together.

“Then go downstairs and have breakfast. Mom and dad will come down in a minute.”

“Good!” The two little guys kiss Gao Yunjin on the face and are about to leave. However, Xiao Xuan has a good conscience and knows that she kisses Fu Jincheng equally. Yueyue looks at her. She also wants to kiss Fu Jincheng, but it’s a bit awkward at this time

It was only then that I had a quarrel with Fu Jincheng.

Just when Yueyue hesitated, Fu Jincheng laughed, hugged her, patted her ass gently, and then gave her a kiss on the face, “OK, go downstairs.”

Yue Yue’s little face smiles and kisses him. He goes downstairs happily with Xiao Xuan.

“You’re so funny, aren’t you afraid she’s serious?” Gao Yunjin said helplessly.

“No, she’s quick to come and go, and she doesn’t know who she looks like.”

On hearing this, Gao Yunjin felt that he was right.

Although Yueyue’s temperament is a little noisy, many things will not be taken into consideration. After that, it will not let adults worry.


She paused, “but not absolutely.”

“What do you say?” Then he came to kiss her. Gao Yunjin thinks it’s very important. She pushes him aside and says seriously: “Yueyue doesn’t care because she knows we all love her. She just plays with her. If we do something wrong, it’s still easy

It hurt her

Fu Jincheng a meal, “so?”

He felt that she had something to say. Gao Yunjin hesitated, then continued: “what I want to say is what happened last night. Judging from their mood today, they have really forgotten the uneasiness of last night. But I hope it doesn’t happen again, right

As far as children are concerned, it is the cruelest for their parents to be kind to other children but not to themselves.

If you say it once, they know you are joking, but if you say too much, they will remember it and feel fear and fear in their heart. They are afraid that it will come true. Do you know what I mean? “

Last night, he was jealous and didn’t want his child to like Yuanshi so much, even more than him.

Although he lived two lives, it was the first time for him to be a father. Many things were not as detailed as she thought.

However, he will try to improve.

Thinking of this, he said in a warm voice, “OK, I know. It’s really my fault. I won’t say that again in the future. Don’t worry.”

“That’s good.”

At this time, the two people kiss together again.

But it was late. After kissing for a while, they got up to wash, then went downstairs to have breakfast and sent the two kids to school.

After this time, the couple regained their usual intimacy and sweetness.

After two days, Lei Yun came to Fu Jincheng’s company in person.

Before she came, she didn’t tell Fu Jincheng at all. When Secretary LAN talked about it, he was still a little surprised, “what’s the matter?”

“I don’t know. I’m looking for you.” Secretary LAN stopped, “but she’s the only one. It doesn’t look like business.”

“I see. I’ll go there now.”


At the reception room, Fu Jincheng shook hands with Lei Yun. After loosening his grip, he sat down opposite Lei Yun and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were coming. I’ve kept you waiting for a long time.”

Lei Yun said with a smile, “I came here without saying hello. It’s still my fault.”

Two people exchanged greetings a few words, Fu Jincheng asked: “by the way, I don’t know Lei Zong suddenly came to me, is there anything important?”“ It’s not a big deal Lei Yun opened the LV bag and handed an invitation to Fu Jincheng. “I just went to work nearby. After I was busy, I passed by your company and thought that you might be here, so I came up

It’s over. “

Fu Jincheng took it over and said politely, “it’s because of this. I asked Miss Lei to go there specially. Please Miss Lei.”

Lei Yun gently plucked his short hair and sighed: “President Fu is still so polite.”

“It should be.” Fu Jincheng looked at the time and hesitated: “is there anything else for Miss Lei to do next? If you’re not busy, we’ll have dinner together later? “

“Good.” Lei Yun said with a smile, “but will it be too much trouble for you? If you have something to do, don’t be so polite. You must invite me to dinner. “

Lei Yun pinches the time to come over, just to have a meal with Fu Jincheng alone.

And now things are going her way.

She was in a better mood.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m almost finished here. Please wait for me, Mr. Lei. I’ll come over later.” This time, Lei Yun invited him to the Party of their old family. Her intention is so obvious. He also wants to have more contacts with those old families. Fortunately, she has given him a chance. Even if she doesn’t come today, he will take a chance to invite her to dinner to show his gratitude.

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