Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2891

Although the words say so, but there is not much flattered meaning on the face, the expression is very insipid.

Lei Yun laughs, feeling very happy. She asks people to pour them a glass of wine and hands it to Fu Jincheng, “have a drink?”

Fu Jincheng took it, took a small sip and put it down.

Besides them and one of ray Yun’s assistants, Secretary LAN is also here.

Lei Yun is more cautious. She doesn’t intend to reveal her mind yet, so she doesn’t show interest in Fu Jincheng. The topics she talks with Fu Jincheng are all about the latest market trends, and then they exchange their views with each other.

So, the atmosphere in the car is very pleasant.

When they arrived at their destination, the two of them appeared together and immediately attracted everyone’s attention at the party.

Everyone at the scene knows Fu Jincheng, but they may not have contacted him or done business with him.

We are all smart people and like to make friends with people who can make money.

Therefore, we are very interested in Fu Jincheng and pay special attention to him. However, some people are curious about their relationship when they see the two of them appear together, and some people look at them with ambiguous color. Even when Lei Yun introduces Fu Jincheng, he uses a very commercial tone, but he doesn’t like it

Fu Jincheng’s attitude is also very normal.

But all the people present are human spirits. Even if there is something between them, they can’t easily be exposed to the public. Therefore, many people also think that Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun’s politeness and respect is just superficial.

In fact, it’s very likely that they’ve been dating for a long time.

They don’t know Fu Jincheng, but they know Lei Yun.

Lei Yun has a high heart, a high vision, and appreciates everyone who has the ability. Fu Jincheng’s achievements now have enough capital to convince Lei Yun. What’s more, they are all talented and beautiful, and they really match each other. As for Fu Jincheng, they don’t always have a good relationship with his wife. It’s just that it’s hard to tell whether these things are true or not in a rich family. Couples who love each other can be found everywhere in private. These are just outsiders

In them, you can see it as a joke. Besides, although Lei Yun is strong, she is really beautiful. In addition, she holds power, which easily arouses men’s desire to conquer. This kind of woman has much more flavor than the ordinary lady Jasper. Who is not ambitious

Want to taste the woman at the top?

No one can refuse such a woman.

After chatting with others for a while, Fu Jincheng felt that someone was looking at him.

There are not a few people who see him at the scene, but few people feel so strong.

Thinking of this, he looked toward the line of sight, just in the eyes of Yuanshi not far away.

He frowned. Lei Yun always pays close attention to him. Seeing that he discovers the existence of Yuan Shi, he explains: “as I told you before, my family’s elders are close friends with the original family’s elders. Now the original family intends to come back here to develop their career, so they call him my grandfather

Here we are

This is not the case.

The elders in her family will know that Yuanshi is what she told them. As for Yuanshi, she has already handed him an invitation.

Since Gao Yunjin dares to cheat, she doesn’t want Fu Jincheng to bear it. She wants Fu Jincheng to see Yuan Shi several times. She believes that the more she sees Yuan Shi, the more unforgettable he is about Yuan Shi and his wife.

Of course, this is one. You know, her family is also very rich. Although she has no intention of Yuanshi, she naturally doesn’t want others to take such a piece of fat if she can. If she can digest it internally, it will be very good for the development of their Lei family


This is the main purpose of her calling harashi. Fu Jincheng didn’t speak, and he didn’t have a chance to speak, because Lei Yun’s grandfather was very interested in Fu Jincheng and asked him to chat with him. Lei Yun wanted to follow up, so her grandfather said with a smile: “OK, you’ve known each other for so long, what would you say

After the chat, there are so many people at the scene. Go and say hello to those uncles. “

Lei Yun understood her grandfather’s meaning. “OK, I see.”

Fu Jincheng and grandfather Lei left. Lei Yun chatted with others for a long time. He was tired and found a quiet place to have a rest.

But the day is not so good, she just passed, someone came over.

This is her cousin Lei Qin.

She curled her lips. “Our president Lei Da doesn’t go to social parties. How can we have time to drink here?”

“I’m happy. What? Can’t you? ” Lei Yun laughed and choked.

“Yes, of course. You are the leader of the Lei family now. You can say anything. How dare we losers have any opinions?”

“You know you’re a loser, and you come here to find a sense of existence? It’s a big heart. ” Lei Qin clenched his teeth, “I’m the loser, but I’m still the Lei family. The honor and disgrace of the Lei family are closely related to me. I just can’t see that someone is so low and seduces a married man. If this word is spread, you can’t let it go

Where else do we have face in the Lei family? “

It is always the enemy who knows himself best.

There is a certain truth to this. Many people at the scene are full of imaginations about the relationship between Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun, but Lei Qin knows Lei Yun. Even if she appreciates another person, she doesn’t have such a kind heart to help the other party. After all, the other party is the best, even if it soars to the sky

If it’s not her, it has nothing to do with her.

Lei Yun is an ambitious and mercenary person. She is so attentive to Fu Jincheng. She doesn’t believe it’s just because she appreciates him and wants to cooperate with him.

You should know that the Lei family has a hundred years of foundation. There are many enterprises cooperating with their group, and there are not many outstanding young people. How can we not see her being so positive to other people?

Lei Yun was said to be in the mood, but he was not angry at all. He chuckled, “I won’t say anything else. I just want to ask you a question. If Fu Jincheng is interested in you, and he wants to divorce his wife for you, will you disagree?”

Lei Qin choked: “you!”

Lei Yun sneered and said, “jealousy is jealousy. Why are you so indignant? People who don’t know how noble you are. “

After a meal, she said, “as for what you say, I Seduce a married man and make our Lei family a laughing stock? No face to hang out in H city? If I can say such words, I really don’t deserve to be my opponent.

You seem to have a point. However, if the other party is just a nobody, or a poor guy, the situation you said may appear. But what is Fu Jincheng? His family background is not necessarily less than that of the Lei family. Even if I really seduce him and marry him, it will only make my Lei family stronger.

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