Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2892

As for other families, let alone ridicule, no matter what they say, they will cry with envy and jealousy. Do you believe itโ€œ You, you pervert Lei Qin gritted her teeth. “So, you are so close to Fu Jincheng with this idea? Don’t think I’ll do what you want. Believe it or not, Fu Jincheng will come out later. I’ll make it public that you like him and want to seduce him

Public? Let’s see that the current leader of the Lei family relies on men to make the Lei family brilliant. What do you think of you? “

Thunder luck, sneer out: “you say ah, if you don’t want to surname Lei again, annoy grandfather, you can’t have a good end.”

Lei Qin is impulsive, but he doesn’t have a brain.

She was surprised: “you mean, grandfather knows, knows you, knows you –“

Lei Yun smiles but says nothing, but a surprise in his smile expresses everything.

Lei Qin was very jealous. “You are a woman with a deep heart. Do you think a man will really love you for a woman like you? I think Fu Jincheng is just playing with you. After all, he can afford it. I’m waiting for the day when you are dumped! “

Finish saying, very cold a, turn round to walk.

Lei Yun sneers and looks up, only to find Yuanshi standing not far away

Lei Yun’s face sank slightly, but he soon laughed again and walked toward Yuan Shi. “It’s a coincidence that you’re here, too.”

Then he raised his glass and touched it.

Yuan Shi looked at her face as if nothing had happened, and said with a smile, “Mr. Lei is really powerful.”

There has never been a woman in power in the Lei family. Lei Yun is the first.

She defeated the men and women of her generation and succeeded in the upper position. It seems that there is no reason for her to succeed. For this, it is certain that Mr. Lei is not the one who hears outside. It is a fool who chooses Lei Yun to take over his class.

Lei Yun knew that he was talking about what she had just said, but she didn’t change her face and took his words as a compliment: “I’m always polite.”

After a meal, she said with a smile: “in fact, I am very interested in the misunderstanding between you and Mr. Fu. I don’t know what happened between you? Are you interested in telling me? I have a good relationship with Fu. Maybe I can help you to mediate it. “

Yuanshi looked at her without a smile: “Mr. Lei is still a warm-hearted person.”

Lei Yun: “only occasionally.”

“Thank you, Mr. Lei, but I don’t need it.”

Lei Yun shrugged: “it doesn’t matter. When you need it, please feel free to contact me.”โ€œ Thank you, Mr. Lei Yuan Shi laughed and suddenly said, “it’s said that general manager Lei is gorgeous, intelligent and skillful. I’ve heard people guess how good a woman like general manager Lei looks at a man when she chooses a partner,

Now, I’ve seen it. This general manager Fu, all aspects of the conditions, really match with general manager Lei. “

Now that Yuan Shi has satirized her so much, Lei Yun is not in vain to give way: “yuan is always polite. When I saw you and Mrs. Fu together that day, they were a perfect match

Yuan Shi seemed to think of something and laughed: “Mr. Lei really has a good plan.”

He also thought about how the elders of his family suddenly called him and told him to attend the banquet in H city. It turned out that Lei Yun knew he knew Gao Yunjin from beginning to end.

Think of the first time they met, Lei Yun look at them, Yuanshi understand everything.

The last time they attended a banquet together, he asked Lei Yun why she would take the initiative to say hello to him. She said that he looked familiar, and he knew that she was lying at that time.

Now, at last, he understood.

She did so only because of Gao Yunjin, no, or because of Fu Jincheng behind Gao Yunjin.

Lei Yun shook his head: “I’m always polite.”

Yuanshi smiles and doesn’t speak any more.

They were silent for a while. Yuanshi said, “Mr. Lei, you are busy. I’ll go and see first. I won’t disturb your quietness.”

“We can work together.” When harashi was about to leave, Lei Yun said.

“Sorry, I’m not interested.”

Don’t think about it. Harashi knows what kind of cooperation she is talking about.

“You can think about it.” Lei Yun said: “in fact, it’s good for everyone to separate them. Why do they have to be together?”

“That’s just your idea. What do they think? How can we be clear as outsiders?”

“Mr. Yuan, don’t be so noble. I think you like her very much. If you are so noble, why don’t you just stay away from her from the beginning?”

“I think that’s because –“

Because Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng are not happy together, and he believes that he can give her happiness.

He has no other purpose.

But what about ray Yunโ€œ My purpose is the same as yours. ” Lei Yun’s smile faded a little, “what? Only if you have sincerity, can’t I? He is not happy with her. He has no common language or hobbies. Fu Jincheng is as ambitious as I am

I’m the most suitable person for him. We can have countless interesting things to talk about together. What’s more, I really like him, or do you think I’ll take the initiative to approach a married man? “

“It’s just your business. It’s none of my business. If there’s nothing else, I’ll go first.”

Lei Yun’s words are very nice.

But Yuanshi didn’t forget how she satirized her cousin just now. Her every word was weighing her interests.

“You can think about it. I’m always welcome to call.” Lei Yun looked at his back and said.

Lei Yun’s steps did not stop at all. Soon, he disappeared in Lei Yun’s vision.

Lei Yun’s face was a little heavy, but she soon laughed again, because she saw the figure of Fu Jincheng and her grandfather.

She quickly walked over and hugged Mr. Lei’s arm. “Grandfather, what did you talk about with Mr. Fu? So happy. “

“Mr. Fu is young, and his vision and grasp of the overall situation are not as good as me. I’m afraid of future generations.” Mr. Lei said with a smile: “it’s my honor to talk to such a young generation.”

Fu Jincheng said with a smile, “I’m flattered.”

“I’m an old man. I’m telling the truth.” Mr. Lei laughed and patted him on the arm: “Xiao Yun, grandfather, go to chat with some old friends. You are welcome to host Mr. Fu, but you can’t neglect others.”

Lei Yun said with a smile, “OK, Grandpa.”

“My grandfather likes to talk to people. After talking to my grandfather for such a long time, is it boring?” After master Fu left, Lei Yun said with a smile. Fu Jincheng said politely: “the old man has a lot of knowledge and talks with him freely. It’s something that others can’t ask for. How can he be bothered?”

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