Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2896

“I’ll be back as soon as possible.” Fu Jincheng looked at the time and said with a smile, “we’ve been chatting for a long time. A group of people are waiting for me. We’ll talk again in the evening?”

Gao Yunjin: “good.”

“Well behaved, next time I have a chance to introduce them to you.”

Gao Yunjin felt at ease: “good.”

“Hang up first?”


Fu Jincheng was reluctant to hang up, “then, kiss?”

Gao Yunjin

“Come on.”

Gao Yunjin’s heart beat harder, but she didn’t resist what he said. On the contrary, she felt very happy, because he did at least show that he had nothing to do with Lei Yun, didn’t she?

Thinking of this, she came up to the screen and gave a kiss.

Fu Jincheng: “darling, I’ll hang up first.”


After she finished, Fu Jincheng was embarrassed to ask others to wait, and then hung up.

But he was in such a good mood that he looked very happy.

As soon as he went back, someone asked curiously: “after President Fu answered the phone, the whole person looked much more gentle. Is there anything happy about this?”

“Did you make your wife pregnant again?”

The relationship between Fu Jincheng and the Lei family is elusive, but others are undoubtedly jealous, and they don’t want to meet too deeply, so they deliberately ask.

Speaking of Gao Yunjin, Fu Jincheng’s smile is more gentle: “it’s my wife’s phone, right, but my wife is not pregnant, but thank you for your concern.”โ€œ It should be, it should be. ” On hearing Gao Yunjin’s phone call, the others looked at Lei Yun’s face. Although Lei Yun didn’t show anything wrong on his face, he couldn’t help them to be happy. He complimented: “Fu and Mrs. Fu have been in love for ten years

One day, it’s still so good. It’s really enviable. “

“I’m flattered.” Fu Jincheng smiles. He doesn’t want to talk about Gao Yunjin with others, but changes the topic.

After all, they are not friends. There is no need to tell them too much about his family.

Lei Yun doesn’t have no idea. She knows that other people don’t want her to have a result with Fu Jincheng, waiting to see her joke. Naturally, she can’t let them see anything wrong with her.

When Fu Jincheng talked to Gao Yunjin on the phone, he didn’t stand far away. He also turned his back to them, but he came back to see them once or twice. Maybe he talked about them.

But I can’t wait to admit that Fu Jincheng, who is talking on the phone with his wife, and who is talking business with him, doesn’t look like a person at all. He is very gentle, and his smile can be infectious.

Such Fu Jincheng is strange to her.

It was as if she had never known the real Fu Jincheng.

Lei Yun narrowed his eyes slightly, looked at Fu Jincheng like this, and thought for a while.

She suddenly raised the corner of her lip and laughed.

This kind of Fu Jincheng, actually better, she likes more!


Fu Jincheng has been in H city for three or four days. In these days, he does not socialize every day, and every morning someone is waiting for him in the hotel.

Among them, Lei Yun is here every day.

Therefore, Fu Jincheng spent more time with Lei Yun.

Although Lei Yun is very young, he has a unique vision and has certain opinions on the market. Every time he finds a good topic to talk with Fu Jincheng, Fu Jincheng is also very interested in it.

Gradually, they became familiar with each other.

That night, they went out to see some bosses together. It was not very late when they came back, but it was nine o’clock.

They sat face to face in Lei Yun’s garage.

Lei Yun looked at him with great interest: “are you really planning to participate in the new project of the old house?”

“It’s the intention.”

“Why? This is not a big profit, but a big investment. “

“It’s just a comparison.” There is a big market for the new construction of old houses. After all, the place is so big that it will definitely become the most important real estate development mode in the future. Seizing this opportunity is equivalent to seizing the general direction. In the future, the new construction of old houses will have the initiative to play new tricks

It’s in his hands.

Of course, he didn’t have to tell ray Yun about that.

Lei Yun also knows that his idea of building a new old house is not just here.

He did not say that she also understood, but Fu Jincheng’s advanced market vision is one of the main reasons for his smooth development in recent years.

Therefore, Lei Yun also put this matter in mind and considered the possibility of investment.

She saw that Fu Jincheng rubbed his eyebrows and said, “is Mr. Fu tired?”

Fu Jincheng let go: “a little bit, after all, not young.”

Lei Yun laughed: “I didn’t expect Mr. Fu to be so joking.”

Although Fu Jincheng is in his thirties, he looks less than thirty years old and is still very handsome.

But these days Fu Jincheng has been socializing outside, leaving early and returning late. It’s reasonable to be tired.

“Why don’t I introduce you to a place, a hot spring, and a massage to relax?”

As soon as Lei Yun finished, Fu Jincheng’s mobile phone rang.

It’s a video call from Gao Yunjin.

Fu Jincheng looked at him, his eyes softened, looked up and said to Lei Yun, “do you mind if I take a video call?”

Thunder luck clear, smile: “certainly don’t mind, you at will.”

Fu Jincheng was not polite to him. He picked it up. He was just about to open his mouth. Two little guys came into his eyes.

“Daddy They were lying on the bed of the master bedroom, holding their faces in their paws and looking at him through the screen, “Dad, where are you now? Why is it so dark? “

“Dad’s in the car now. He’s not home yet.”

The light in the garage is not dark, but in such a narrow space, it’s hard to turn on the light too bright, “where’s mom? Why don’t you see mom? “

“Mom is taking a bath.” Yueyue stealthily looked at the bathroom side, “we are not telling mom to call you!”

“Oh?” Fu Jincheng relaxed and rubbed his daughter’s face on the screen. “It must be my sister who can come up with such a bad idea, right?”

Xiaoxuan Snickers and says, “is this a bad idea? I miss you so much, Dad. Don’t you miss me? “

Fu Jincheng nodded: “yes, I don’t miss you very much. I just miss my mother and Xiaoxuan.”

“Well, you are right and wrong. You like me so much.” Yueyue was not sad at all, but she sighed: “Dad, when will you come back? Can you come back this weekend? I miss you

Then he said, “my brother wants you too, right, Xuanxuan?”

Xiaoxuan nodded and called his fatherโ€œ Dad misses you, too. ” Fu Jincheng’s heart softened instantly, and she didn’t tease her daughter. She said gently, “but can you go back at the weekend? Dad doesn’t promise, but Dad will go back as soon as possible, OK?”

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