Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2898

Because Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun are very close recently. In addition, Fu Jincheng obviously appreciates Lei Yun. In the case that he and the Lei family already have two projects in cooperation and still want to continue to cooperate with the Lei family, everyone thinks that the relationship between Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun is not just ambiguous

It’s easy.

Although the Lei family does have this strength, it’s not necessarily the Lei family. For example, there are more suitable partners for the new project of old houses. Fu Jincheng finally decided the Lei family.

If Fu Jincheng had just arrived in H City, people thought that there might be some ambiguity between them, now they all think that they appreciate and like each other. After all, Fu Jincheng has never tried such in-depth cooperation before. What’s more, if the two big things cooperate too deeply, a lot of mutual information will become shared, and the intersection of interests will be too deep. In the future, some people will see them

It’s half a whole.

You know, even the marriage of two families can’t do this.

It’s a dangerous signal.

If the other side really join hands, it will be a big deal for others. After all, the market is such a big cake. If someone is too strong, the development of others will be oppressed.

For this reason, there are rumors about Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun in the upper class of H city. However, some people have seen Fu Jincheng call Gao Yunjin and feel that Fu Jincheng is really devoted to his wife as rumor has it. They don’t feel any deviant behavior towards Lei Yun. They think that Fu Jincheng’s attitude towards Lei Yun is mostly just a gesture towards Lei Yun

It’s just a reward.

But generally speaking, the former is the most.

These rumors spread, because the original Shi is still in H City, also spread to the original Shi’s ears.

In fact, some rumors are not rumors.

For example, Lei Yun does have breakfast with Fu Jincheng early in the morning.

They get up earlier than him. Every time he comes down for breakfast, they all arrive. He doesn’t know whether Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng have breakfast together so early, whether Lei Yun came here early or whether Lei Yun spent the night here.

He also wanted to explore, but this is the site of ray Yun. If he did something, he would do it with his feet. What he could do was to put the eye line on the front line.

That night, Lei Yun knocked on the door of his room and said with a smile, “are you interested in talking?”

Yuan Shi said coldly, “I’m not interested.”

“Are you sure?” Lei Yun looked at him: “so timid?”

“It’s nothing to do with courage. Morality doesn’t allow it.”

Ray Yun plucked his hair. “You mean I’m immoral?”

“Ray is joking. I don’t mean that.”

“If there is no morality, there will be no morality, but if people don’t do it for themselves, heaven will destroy the earth. This is how I am. I will try my best to get what I want.”

Harashi: “Oh.” Lei Yun laughed, “you are also very interesting. If you don’t care, why do you follow us these days? Do you want to take the evidence and give it to Gao Yunjin so that she can divorce Fu Jincheng? ” Before he could speak, Lei Yun said:“

This is actually a good idea. Maybe we can put it into practice? “

“Don’t think of people as mean as you.” Yuanshi is not embarrassed to be found and tracked at all. He has already guessed that the thunder games will know his move.

He said: “I just told her what you thought of Fu Jincheng.”

Lei Yun narrowed his eyes: “so, she already knows my existence? It’s very good. She won’t be surprised when I come to her

“You –” what? You don’t take the initiative? Don’t you let others take the initiative? ” Lei Yun said coldly: “do you think I’m joking? I’m not moving now, but it’s not the time After a meal, she said, “what I said before is still valid if you

If you want to cooperate with me, you are welcome at any time. “

Then she left.

Yuan Shi didn’t expect that she would be so direct and frowned. In recent days, he has been in contact with Lei Yun. He knows more and more about Lei Yun. He also understands that Lei Yun’s position depends not only on her intelligence, but also on her daring to put her ambition into action

Dare, even, for the sake of the purpose, unscrupulous ruthlessness.

Thinking of this, he took out his cell phone and wanted to call Gao Yunjin, but when he took out his cell phone, he hesitated again.

He is not her friend. His identity is too embarrassing for her. If he says more about these things, Gao Yunjin may not believe him and feel that he is deliberately provoking the relationship between her and Fu Jincheng.

Finally, he put down his cell phone and didn’t dial out.


Fu Jincheng still couldn’t make it back at the weekend.

He was only busy on Tuesday, so he made a reservation for his flight back that day.

Gao Yunjin knows about his return, but she didn’t go to the airport to meet him.

Because Fu Jincheng said to her in advance that after he got off the plane, he would go straight to the company to be busy.

He didn’t tell the two kids about his return, because he wanted to surprise them.

At about nine o’clock in the evening, the two kids go to bed, and Gao Yunjin is free. He can’t help but want to find Fu Jincheng, but he’s worried that he can’t wait to find him

If she is too involved in their relationship, he will be under pressure and uncomfortable.

In fact, they still need to maintain certain boundaries and distance.

So, in the end, she didn’t go.

But in this way, even if she has something to do, she has no mind.

Today’s weather, the evening is still a little cold, high Yunjin leather coat, downstairs.

The housekeeper is still up, “ma’am? Can I help you? “

“No, I just want to walk around and relax.”

“All right.” The Housekeeper will not ask more.

The public security here is very good. Although the houses are a little far away from each other, they are still very safe.

Gao Yunjin walked for a while, a little tired, found a place to sit down, looking at the bright moon in the sky in a daze.

After she went out for more than half an hour, Fu Jincheng came back.

When Fu Jincheng came home, he was in a good mood.

The housekeeper got up quickly: “Sir, are you back?”

“Well, what about Madame? Is it upstairs? Did you go to bed? “

He thought she was upstairs. He asked and went upstairs to find her.

The housekeeper said quickly, “Sir, madam has gone out to relax. She is not upstairs.”

“Relax?” Fu Jincheng steps suddenly, remembering that Gao Yunjin has something on his back to go to the bar to relax his sisters, his face sinks down, “where to relax? When did you go? With whom? ” Housekeeper Leng next, busy say: “Madam just walk in the garden, did not go where.”

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