Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2900

Gao Yunjin didn’t expect that he was apologizing to himself. Fu Jincheng rubbed her chin and continued: “I’m not good. I shouldn’t be angry with you. There won’t be another time. Don’t be angry, OK?

He knew that she came out to relax, maybe because she had something on her mind. He was angry that she didn’t tell him what was on her mind. No matter how close they were, he still couldn’t get into her heart.

He is also more angry. She is basically obedient to him now, just like now, it is his fault. She can be more angry than him, scold him and blame him.

But she didn’t.

She chose to be patient, not to fight with him or quarrel with him. In fact, she doesn’t care why he is angry. She just wants it to pass quickly, because what she wants is to let the children think that their love is as good as ever

So she can cooperate with him to continue this marriage when she clearly doesn’t love him. He hopes that they can recover as before, and sometimes she can cooperate without flaws.

Sometimes she even gave him an illusion, as if she was willing to live with him like this all her life. Maybe she still had feelings for him. It seemed that they really went back to the past.

This is not the case.

But it’s not her fault.

In his last life, Yueyue had no chance to be born because of Lin Yixun. Although Xiaoxuan grew up smoothly, he never had a father’s love.

The child is too important in her heart. She doesn’t want Xiaoxuan to live two lives and grow up beside her father.

She is very clear that she continues to maintain this marriage with him for the sake of her children. These days, she has done very well, because he has not controlled his heart well, and is still asking for more, hoping that she can slowly fall in love with him.

Inexplicably, he forced her to ask, scold and take her as a vent. Even if he respected her a little, he would not do so.

So after hearing his apology, Gao Yunjin didn’t feel anything at all, and her eyes became more red. When he held her, she even tried to push him away.

But she thought about it, but hesitated. Finally, she didn’t push him away and let him hold him. After half a sound, she dropped her eyes and said “Hmm” without expression.


Looking at her like this, Fu Jincheng can’t say anything.

He can’t forget what Yuanshi said to him. He said that she continued this marriage with him, but it was not as happy as he thought.

He didn’t mention it to her, because he thought that maybe she would be happy after they divorced, but he couldn’t say it.

If they get divorced, even if they have children as fetters, in fact, they will only go further and further away and eventually become strangers to each other.

He didn’t want to.

But he didn’t want her to be unhappy. He wanted her to tell him something.

Therefore, when the housekeeper said that she was in a bad mood and went out to have a rest in the evening, his heart broke out, especially when he saw that she was so unconscious and refused to go home.

In fact, he was just upset and miserable.

He was afraid that even for the sake of children, their marriage would not last long.

“Nothing.” Aware of his inner guilt, Gao Yunjin’s heart also slowly softened a little, she thought, stretched out her hand to hold his hand, “let’s go back.”

Life still has to go on, they have been frozen like this, it is not a way.

Therefore, Gao Yunjin plans to reconcile and forget about it.

Fu Jincheng pulled her back to her arms and hugged her tightly, saying nothing.

Gao Yunjin can feel that he seems very sad, and his eyes also reveal some vulnerability.

But she didn’t know what he was sad about, but it can’t be denied that looking at Fu Jincheng like this, she still couldn’t bear it. Her heart became softer. Her grievance just now also forgot, “what happened?”

She thought it was something that made him so sad.

But she couldn’t think of anything that could make him sad and supportive.

Fu Jincheng did not speak, just holding her.

Just now, he almost said that if she wanted a divorce, he might

I can agree.

But in the end, he couldn’t say anything.

Fu Jincheng has never been a great selfless man. He is selfish and he can’t let go.

He didn’t say, Gao Yunjin also didn’t ask, stretched out his hand to pat his back lightly, silently comforting him. Fu Jincheng was stunned and looked down at her little face. Seeing that she was not angry at all, he seemed to be worried about him. He looked at it and suddenly laughed, but his eyes were red. “Why are you still like this? It hasn’t changed at all, really

I haven’t changed at all… “

He had just lost his temper with her. She should be very angry, but now she saw that he was sad, and her heart softened. She was not angry with him, but also comforted her.

As like as two peas, she is just like her.

This is one of the main reasons why he fell in love with her in his last life.

But she did not know, even to death, she thought he had never loved her.

“Why…” Gao Yunjin didn’t understand what he meant. He just wanted to ask why he said that, but Fu Jincheng suddenly attached himself, blocked her breath, and kissed her affectionately.

His kiss came suddenly, but with a kind of tenderness that she could not understand. Gao Yunjin was so upset that he was reluctant to push him away, and even slowly responded to his kiss.

After a long time, when both of them could hardly breathe, Fu Jincheng let her go.

Think of just now oneself excessive devotion, Gao Yunjin’s face is a little uneasy, want not to open a face, Fu Jincheng big hand covered her face, turned her face back.

Gao Yunjin blushed, “you…”

“I’m sorry.” Fu Jincheng forehead against her above, again said to her sorry, “I’ll never be so inexplicably angry with you, you don’t get angry with me, OK?”

Gao Yunjin: “good…”

She was not angry at all. Now he said so again. How could she be angry?

“Cold? Let’s go home. “


Fu Jincheng led her and walked towards home side by side.

He thought he was too anxious. Rome wasn’t built in a day. He wanted her to open her heart again and accept him. At least he had to give her some time to see his change. He believed that with her soft nature and her love for him before, she would be able to accept him again

It’s only a matter of time to fall in love with him.

And now the children are still young, they still have a lot of time to get along with. He believes that this day will come.

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