Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2904

“Well, if you’re not busy some other day, we’ll make another appointment?”

“Good.” Fu Jincheng said, and politely said: “if Lei always encounters any problems, please contact Fu at any time. If Fu can help, he will try his best to help.”

“Since President Fu has said that, I won’t be polite to you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Lei Yun also knows that Fu Jincheng is still busy. She doesn’t want to disturb Fu Jincheng any more. After chatting with him, she hangs up.

In the afternoon, Fu Jincheng has been busy. When it’s time to get off work, he hasn’t finished. Thinking that he promised to pick up the two children after school, he rubs his eyebrows and calls Gao Yunjin during the break.

Gao Yunjin quickly picked up the phone and said, “are you finished?”“ Not yet Fu Jincheng’s tone was somewhat embarrassed: “there are still some things that I can’t solve. I can’t leave the company now, and it’s not easy for everyone to work overtime. So I want to meet you after the meeting, but it’s estimated that I can’t leave until after 6:30.

Gao Yunjin understood, “it doesn’t matter, you continue to be busy, I’ll pick up the children from school, first take them to play for a while, we wait for you to have dinner together.”

That’s what he said, “OK, but if you and your child are hungry, you can eat first. You don’t have to wait for me. You can’t be hungry, you know?”

Gao Yunjin: “I see.”

“Then I’ll send someone to pick you up now?”

“Good.” Gao Yunjin said, “I’ll take my child to the skyscraper not far from your company to play. We’ll wait for you there?”

There are all kinds of entertainment places in that place. It’s lively and clean. It’s very lively at night. Children love to go there. She and Fu Jincheng have taken their children there many times. They are very familiar with that place.


“That’s settled first? Call me when you’re done


When his voice dropped, Gao Yunjin hung up.

When Gao Yunjin went to school, the two kids just finished school.

See only Gao Yunjin in, did not see Fu Jincheng, two little guy eyes full of loss.

Yueyue: “Mom, where’s dad?”

Xiaoxuan: “Mom, dad is not free to eat with us?”“ No, “he said Gao Yunjin rubbed the heads of the two little guys: “Dad is still busy, so I can’t take time to pick you up, but dad said, let mom take you to play for a while, when he’s busy, we’ll have dinner together. dad

Dad works so hard, Yueyue and Xiaoxuan will understand dad, right? “

“Well!” The two little guys nodded in unison.

“Good boy.” Gao Yunjin kisses the two kids on their faces. After coaxing the kids, he gets on the bus and leaves school.

She took her children to the skyscraper. Two kids were growing up. They had a whole afternoon class in the afternoon. Now they are hungry. When she saw the food on the street, Gao Yunjin bought them something to pad their stomachs, and then took them to play.

When the two kids are playing, Gao Yunjin is watching and waiting.

At about six o’clock in the evening, when the sun is setting, Gao Yunjin seems to hear someone calling her in the noise.

Gao Yunjin looked back and saw Yuanshi standing not far behind her.

Gao Yunjin was a little surprised at first, and then he was not at ease. “Are you back from H City, too?”

“Well, I came back yesterday.”

Just then, the two kids who were playing on one side also saw him. They were very happy and cried: “Uncle yuan!”

They did not play, ran back, “the original uncle, you also come here to play?”

Yuan Shi bent down to touch the heads of the two little guys, “right.”

“Is uncle yuan here to play with Yueyue and his younger brother?” Yueyue holds Yuanshi’s arm and asks again.

Yuan Shi looked at Gao Yunjin and shook his head: “no, uncle Yuan made an appointment with other friends, but now it seems that uncle yuan and Yueyue, Xiaoxuan have a lot of predestination. It’s so big here that they actually met.”

“Yes, yes.” The two little guys nodded happily.

“Sorry, uncle didn’t expect to meet you and didn’t prepare toys for you –” it’s OK. ” Yueyue said: “Mom and dad said that children can’t ask for gifts all the time. It’s not polite to take advantage of you. My younger brother and I don’t want to take advantage of the former uncle. The former uncle is willing to take advantage of you

Let’s play together. We don’t have to buy toys for us. “

“Yes.” Xiaoxuan nodded to one side.

Gao Yunjin was worried that Fu Jincheng once said two little guys because of toys. The two little guys would be embarrassed when they saw harashi. Now it seems that her worry is superfluous.

Thinking of this, she thinks that Fu Jincheng is actually a good teacher, and the two children also understand well.

She also felt relieved. It seems that the two children just thought that they could not ask for the proper gifts in the last Fu Jincheng education, not that they could not continue to be friends with him.

The two children are well separated.

It’s good.

In fact, is that what Fu Jincheng means? Because he didn’t know what Yuan Shi thought of her, did he?

When Yuan Shi heard this, he didn’t think much about it. He said with a smile, “OK, whatever you say is what you say.”

“Is uncle yuan here to eat KFC just like us?”

“Yueyue and Xiaoxuan are here to eat KFC?” Yuanshi bent down and said with a smile, “it’s just that my uncle didn’t eat either. Would you like my uncle to invite you to dinner?”

Gao Yunjin was about to open her mouth when Yue Yue said, “but didn’t uncle say that he made an appointment with a friend?”

“Yes.” Xiao Xuan was very considerate and said, “Uncle yuan, my father will come to have dinner with us later. Uncle yuan doesn’t have to worry that we have no food to eat.”

Yuan Shi didn’t see Fu Jincheng. He wanted to ask Gao Yunjin, but he didn’t have a chance to speak.

Now listen to two little guys say so, his eyes are a bit gloomy, looking at Gao Yunjin: “President Fu will come over soon?”

Gao Yunjin: “yes.”

Yuan Shi pressed down the bottom of his heart and touched the heads of the two little guys: “Yueyue and Xiaoxuan are really considerate.”

Yueyue is not modest at all: “that is, who makes us all like Uncle you very much!”

Xiaoxuan seems to have thought of something, side head asked Gao Yunjin: “Mom, we can’t casually ask for other people’s gifts, also can’t casually accept others to invite us to dinner, right?”

Gao Yunjin didn’t expect his son to be so clever. He nodded: “yes.”

Xiaoxuan understood and took Yuanshi’s hand and said, “Uncle yuan, we can play together. You don’t need to send us gifts or invite us to dinner. My sister and I will feel very happy.” Yueyue nodded to one side.

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