Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2905

Yuan Shi looked at the two lively and sensible children in front of him. He really liked them.

Hearing this, he laughed, “well, uncle yuan understands. You continue to play. Uncle yuan’s friends are coming soon. Uncle yuan has to go. “

“Good.” The two little guys didn’t give up either. Maybe they thought they had a lot of opportunities to play together. “Uncle yuan, goodbye.”


Yuanshi said goodbye to the two little guys and looked back at Gao Yunjin: “two children, you teach very well.”

Two children sensible, Gao Yunjin as a mother, naturally happy and happy.


She laughed, “it’s not my own credit. My husband is also very attentive to his children.”

Yuanshi took a look at her and knew that she was just telling the truth, not telling him that her husband had a good relationship with her children. Even if he liked two more children, they were closer to Fu Jincheng.

He dropped his eyes and gave a wry smile: “so?”


They were quiet.

Yuanshi looked at the time and said, “my friend should be here, so I’ll go first.”

Just listen to the two children’s meaning, Fu Jincheng seems to be sure to come, but he does not know when Fu Jincheng will come.

Although he is interested in Gao Yunjin, he doesn’t mean to him now. Since she insists on keeping her family, he doesn’t want to make it difficult for her or embarrass her.

If Fu Jincheng comes and sees him, I’m afraid I’ll think more.

“Well, have a good time.” Gao Yunjin said.

Harashi nodded, “you too.”

Then he touched the heads of the two little guys and said with a smile, “uncle, go ahead. Goodbye.”

The two little guys said in one voice, “goodbye!”

Yuanshi left. Two kids waved to him, and then went back to play with other children.

After a while, Fu Jincheng called Gao Yunjin and asked where she and the child were now. He was almost there.

Gao Yunjin said a position, and then asked him: “how about we gather in KFC?”

“Not at all.” Fu Jincheng asked, “are you hungry?”

“Not bad.”

Just now, the two kids ate something, but they didn’t think it was delicious enough. They didn’t want to waste it, so they ate all the leftovers.

“Where are the two little ones?”

“I’m not hungry. What’s the matter?”

“It’s OK. Let them play a little longer. When they want to eat, we’ll go there.”

Gao Yunjin: “good.”

After a few minutes, Fu Jincheng arrived.

Far away, Gao Yunjin saw his figure.

Seeing him, Gao Yunjin’s face burst into a smile and waved to him.

Fu Jincheng also noticed her for the first time, walked over quickly, took her hand and gave her a kiss on the face.

At this time, the two kids who were playing crazy finally noticed that their father was coming. They were so happy that they immediately ran to his arms and kept talking excitedly.

Although they were very happy to see Yuanshi just now, when they saw Fu Jincheng, they were full of trust and peace of mind, happy and happy.

There is a big difference between the two.

See this, she and Fu Jincheng hand, clenched a few minutes.

Fu Jincheng noticed, looked back at her, saw that she was happy to see him talking with the children, he also understood what she was thinking.

She’s obviously happy with her life.

Fu Jincheng also felt at ease about this.

He raised a smile to Gao Yunjin. Gao Yunjin looked at it and blushed a little. Fu Jincheng looked at them with a brighter smile. She took her eyes back and gave them a kiss on their faces. Before she spoke, Yueyue held her father’s neck and said, “Dad, can we play for a while? Just a minute. It’s over

Shall we go to dinner? “

Gao Yunjin

Sure enough, Fu Jincheng knew Yueyue better than his father. He knew that they would like to continue playing, so he proposed not to meet in KFC.

Fu Jincheng: “OK, let’s go, but I’m going to have dinner soon. I can’t play any more, you know?”

“I see!”

The two little guys happily kiss Fu Jincheng and go to play excitedly.

Gao Yunjin watched the two little guys like Fu Jincheng so much. He liked it, but he was also a little jealous. They haven’t even kissed her today

“What are you thinking?”

Fu Jincheng pulled her to his side, let her half lean on his arms, two people’s fingers, has been tight, did not loosen.

“Nothing.” How can she say she’s jealous?

Fu Jincheng did not think much, asked her: “what would you like to eat?”


Fu Jincheng sighed: “we must not have enough to eat in KFC, and we must have something to cushion our stomach.”

“Whatever you like, you can also ask the housekeeper to make bowl noodles. Just go back and have two bites.”

Fu Jincheng nodded: “good.”

In front of others, he still has his mouth in his mouth, especially since he has lived for two generations and has eaten all kinds of delicacies, so he is more picky about what he eats.

But in front of Gao Yunjin, he can’t rest assured that what he eats is mainly her preference.

They talked for a while. When the two kids were happy, they yelled at them. Fu Jincheng had to answer them loudly. Even the two kids were more happy, with happy smiles on their faces.

After playing for such a long time, they were tired and hungry. They came back consciously and said they were going to have dinner.

Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng hold hands, two little guys go ahead, a jump, not happy.

There are four members in their family. Their appearance is too excellent. Many people present have noticed them.

Of course, out of the passers-by, there is no really go far the original appropriate.

He was just around the corner, looking at them all the time.

So, he knew that after Fu Jincheng came, the smile on Gao Yunjin’s face never disappeared, and the two children were much happier than when they saw him.

In short, when the four members of their family are together, people with eyes can see that they are happy.

In particular, he also noticed that Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin never let go of their hands from the moment Fu Jincheng came.

No matter whether they are pretending in front of their children or really loving each other, he thinks that they really care for their children and they are willing to feed their children and continue to maintain their marriage. What else can he say?

Thinking of this, he gave a bitter smile and finally turned away. The two kids played for a long time and ate their favorite KFC. They were very happy.

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