Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2908

When he went upstairs, he first met Gao Yunjin. He took her over and gave her a few kisses. Gao Yunjin pushed him away with a smile: “the children are asking you to tell them stories. After a while, they will go to bed. Go and tell them stories.”

“I see.”

Before Fu Jincheng let her go, he could not help kissing her again.

Gao Yunjin

They two hugged each other tightly. Gao Yunjin could smell the familiar smell on him. “Didn’t you drink tonight?”


“It’s rare.”

There are really few people who don’t drink in social intercourse.

“There are not many people, so we don’t drink because we are not interested.” Fu Jincheng said.

Gao Yunjin nodded, did not ask, pushed him, “go to see the children, the children are waiting.”

“Well, I’ll go now, OK.” As soon as he came back, she pushed him to the child when he wanted to be intimate with her for a while, but he didn’t say much.

It was half an hour after Fu Jincheng coaxed the two children back. Gao Yunjin had just finished taking a bath. Fu Jincheng held her in his arms, went up to her ear, kissed her ear, and said with a smile: “how fragrant…”

Then, gently push her down on the bed, and then the whole person pressed up.

Gao Yunjin pushed her away, “I’m here, aunt…”

Fu Jincheng action meal, chin in her neck out rub rub rub, helpless sigh, from her body to leave, also not reconciled in her neck kiss several.

Gao Yunjin smiles and pats his back, “go to take a bath.”

Fu Jincheng was quite obedient and nodded, but he didn’t want to get up from her and said: “you help me put the clothes and the bath water.”

Gao Yunjin: “good.”

Said, she pushed him, want him to stop pressing her, but Fu Jincheng did not move, Gao Yunjin sighed: “you like this, how can I get up to help you find clothes, how can I help you put the bath water.”

Fu Jincheng had to let her go and lay down on the bed.

Gao Yunjin got up and left. He felt bored when he was lying alone. Gao Yunjin went to help him find clothes, and he followed him. Then he hugged Gao Yunjin from behind to the height of his chin, smelling her hair.

Gao Yunjin didn’t care. After all, Fu Jincheng used to follow her and stick to her.

It’s just that Fu Jincheng didn’t recover the memory of his last life, but now Fu Jincheng has the memory of his last life, so he does now——

Gao Yunjin’s eyes darkened a little and didn’t let him think much. After finding his pajamas, he wanted to go into the bathroom to help him put the bath water. Fu Jincheng held her like this, but she couldn’t even move. She patted his arm and didn’t say anything. Fu Jincheng understood her meaning, just as before

Let her go.

When Gao Yunjin goes in to give him water, Fu Jincheng still goes in with her, but he can’t help kissing her with her fragrant body.

Gao Yunjin is used to it, but she doesn’t push him away. Seeing that the water in the bathtub is almost full, she pushes him away. “Well, go to the bath quickly.”

“Well.” Fu Jincheng narrowed his eyes and breathed a little disorderly. Looking at her eyes, he was so greedy that he wanted to swallow her in his stomach.

Gao Yunjin patted open his face, “hurry up, or the water will be cold.”

“I see.” After that, Fu Jincheng let her go.

Waiting for Fu Jincheng to take a bath, Gao Yunjin is not in the room, but the light on the balcony outside is on. As he wiped his hair, he walked towards the balcony. Gao Yunjin was sitting on the hanging chair on the balcony, flipping through the latest fashion magazines. When he saw him coming, he looked up at him and asked, “it’s finished.” after that, he didn’t wait for his answer,

I kept looking down and reading.

Fu Jincheng dissatisfied with her neglect, bent over to kiss her, Gao Yunjin helplessly looked away from the book: “what are you doing?”

“Kiss you.”

Gao Yunjin

He took her out from the inside. Gao Yunjin thought he wanted to make trouble and said, “did you forget? I’m here, aunt. You — “

“I know.” He hugged her, sat in the hammock and let her sit on her lap. “Isn’t it a magazine? See. “

Gao Yunjin

Fu Jincheng kisses her in her ear and helps her turn the page. Apart from occasionally kissing her and touching her, he doesn’t do anything else in-depth.

Gao Yunjin was obsessed with it and ignored him.

Fu Jincheng was not at ease. After watching with her for a while, he saw a lot of clothes that he couldn’t possibly wear out of the street. He said, “I still can’t see where these clothes look good. I can’t appreciate them.”

Fu Jincheng has always respected her career. When Gao Yunjin used to read magazines, he had nothing to do. He also liked to hold her like this and read with her.

Before, he said that he couldn’t appreciate most of the clothes in magazines, but he just stated the facts, not sarcastic or derogatory.

He thought that he had been with her for so many years, and he might know more about fashion than most people, but he found that he still couldn’t understand. Gao Yunjin smiles: “it’s normal. You call it every other way. People like cars. In their hearts, they may think that a car is more sexy than a model car; Medical students, some of them think that the human skeleton model is beautiful and charming, generally

Ordinary people, even if it’s just a model, feel terrible when they see it, OK? “

Fu Jincheng: “OK.”

Gao Yunjin: “if you feel bored, you might as well do your own business.”

There are not many common hobbies between them, and the things they like are quite different. There is no common topic in each other’s majors.

So she didn’t want to force him.

“No business.”

“Then go downstairs and watch TV?”

He is not interested in TV dramas and movies. Although he has invested in them, they are all managed by professionals. She said that he likes economic channels or news channels. He likes to focus on national or international events.

He rubbed her hair. “Are you with me?”

Gao Yunjin: “good.”

Fu Jincheng smiles, kisses her, holds her up, Gao Yunjin is afraid to fall, “don’t make trouble, I’ll do it myself.”

Hammock is not big, Fu Jincheng is also afraid to fall her, also did not make, let her go.

A few minutes later, the two of them went downstairs.

Fu Jincheng holds her in his arms as a pillow to watch TV. Gao Yunjin feels uncomfortable and pushes her out of his arms. Instead, she lies on his back and quietly reads her book. Fu Jincheng, in order to make her watch more comfortable, also took a pillow to lean against her, while he himself picked up the remote control, turned on the TV play and watched it.

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