Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2910

Lei Yun is very happy that he doesn’t want to stay. She doesn’t want to have a chance to be alone with Fu Jincheng. She is forced to become a business party.

She sat down to have a rest, looked at the time and asked Fu Jincheng, “is Mr. Fu busy? What’s the plan for later?”

Fu Jincheng understood her subtext, “morning time will be more free, Lei always has something to say.”

Lei Yunxiao: “I haven’t played like today for a long time, so I want to ask Mr. Fu if he would like to play with me more.”“ Of course, I don’t mind. It’s my pleasure to play with ray Some time ago, when he was in H, Lei Yun also spent a lot of time on him. He didn’t have much to do this morning. Since Lei Yun said that, even if it was reciprocity,

He should have promised her, too.

Lei Yun: “since President Fu has said that, I’m not polite.”

So, Fu Jincheng accompanied Lei Yun to play golf in the morning. After a short rest, he went to a restaurant to have dinner.

At the corner of the hotel, Lei Yun is hit by a young girl, and the other party immediately politely apologizes to Lei Yun.

Lei Yun laughs: “it doesn’t matter.” The girl laughed, looked up to see Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun’s face, eyes full of amazement, “sister, you are beautiful, your boyfriend is also very handsome, you are a good match.” Finish saying, in front of her friends called her, she should be a, no

When Fu Jincheng spoke to Lei Yun, he said, “I wish you happiness.”

Then he ran away.

Fu Jincheng twisted his eyebrows. He didn’t like to be associated with other women, but the other party just misunderstood him, and he couldn’t show it in front of Lei Yun.

Lei Yun was very happy in his heart, and he didn’t feel embarrassed at all. “Being beautiful means taking advantage of it.” When she said that, Fu Jincheng only felt that she was relaxing the atmosphere. He had to say that after she said that, they were not embarrassed and angry when they were misunderstood. And the displeasure in his heart just now dissipated, and he said with a smile:“

If you want to take advantage, I should take advantage of you. “

She understood that he was saying that he was a man and married, and that she was unmarried. Being misunderstood like this, she was at a loss.

“Lei Yun picked his eyebrows,” Mr. Fu said. I feel like I’m taking advantage of more. If we talk about cooperation, Fu can always be so gentle and modest, I think I will be more happy. What do you say, Mr. Fu

Fu Jincheng said that. She didn’t really think that was what he said.

It’s good that she is the leader of the Lei family, but the Lei family doesn’t belong to her. What she gets when she sits in that position is totally different from what Fu Jincheng does when she starts her own business.

So, in terms of single person conditions, he is better than her.

However, it does not mean that she will feel inferior, because she knows that there is a gap between her and him, yes, but her condition is more than ten blocks away from his wife.

As for the fact that he was married, she didn’t care at all.

On the whole, she thought they were quite a match.

Fu Jincheng thinks that Lei Yun is really smart and interesting. “General Lei’s eloquence is really good. Fu feels inferior to himself.”

Lei Yun’s smile grew stronger: “I’m flattered.”


Gao Yunjin went back to the company. After a while, he opened the mailbox and saw an invitation letter from the master. He invited her to attend her fashion show next week and said he would introduce some people to her.

Gao Yunjin was very excited, but after a while, she hesitated.

Yuanshi is closer to the master. The master will invite her. How can she not invite Yuanshi?

But the master was very good to her, and also gave her some beneficial suggestions in the design. She wanted to invite her so warmly and sincerely. If she didn’t go, she would be a little sorry.

As for Yuanshi, she has made it clear. As long as she has a clear conscience and keeps a distance from Yuanshi, there is no problem.

Thinking of this, she called her secretary to come over and asked about her two-week itinerary. When she found that there was no problem, she immediately replied to the master.

That afternoon, there was a problem with the previous project of Fu Jincheng’s company. Fu Jincheng had to work overtime temporarily that day. Before work, he gave Gao Yunjin a sweet talk and told him that he would go back later so that she and her children would not have to wait for him to have dinner.

That night, after dinner and the children’s rest, Fu Jincheng hasn’t come back. Gao Yunjin thinks that his company has something to do and doesn’t call to urge him to go home. She takes the picture book and goes into the studio to be busy.

In the evening, Fu Jincheng came home and it was eleven o’clock.

It’s quiet at home.

Fu Jincheng asked the housekeeper, “did the child sleep with his wife?”

“My wife is still up in the studio, busy and sleepless.”

Fu Jincheng nodded, did not ask, went upstairs, straight to Gao Yunjin’s studio.

Gao Yunjin didn’t close the door. When he came to the door, he saw that Gao Yunjin was seriously busy with his own affairs. He didn’t even find that he came in.

Fu Jincheng smiles, goes to her back, and gently hugs her with a chair.

Gao Yunjin was too involved and startled. Seeing that it was him, he patted his chest and said, “how can you walk without sound?”

“Do I walk soundlessly or are you too involved?” Fu Jincheng looks at her.

Gao Yunjin

I think so.

Fu Jincheng lowered his head and kissed her face, “is this the new model to be produced?”


“Isn’t there still time? How do you look like you are in a hurry? “

“I want to catch up with some samples this week. I want the master to help me have a look and give me some advice.”

Before Fu Jincheng spoke, Gao Yunjin continued happily: “by the way, the master invited me to attend her new product launch next week, and also said that he would introduce some people to me.”

“So you agreed.”

The smile on Fu Jincheng’s face faded a little. He didn’t forget that the so-called master was Yuanshi’s friend.

Since the other party can invite her, naturally they will also invite harashi, so they

Don’t you want to meet again?

“Yes.” Gao Yunjin noticed that his smile faded, and he paused: “what’s the matter? Are you going on a business trip next week? “

Fu Jincheng shook his head: “No.”

“What’s the matter?”

Fu Jincheng drooped his eyes, collected the emotion from his eyes, “I just think that once you go, you may have to go for several days, and the children will miss you.”

Gao Yunjin: “I know, but I don’t want to miss this opportunity, and I’m only going for a few days. If you don’t have to travel, there should be no problem.”

“Must I go?”

Fu Jincheng knows that the reason he said above is really far fetched for her not to go.


He just doesn’t want her to go, and doesn’t want her to meet harashi again. He could see that Yuanshi liked her very much and would not give up easily.

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