Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2912

But it’s already after three in the morning. He said that he would rest in the company at night and would not come back. Let her not worry about him.

Gao Yunjin saw it, relieved, and gave him a message.

This is just the beginning.

Fu Jincheng went out early and came back late in the next two days, not to mention with the children, but she seldom saw him, because every night she went to bed, he didn’t come back, even when she woke up, he had already left.

Gao Yunjin is also very busy with her work. She has to work overtime every day, but she can’t rest assured of her children, so even if she doesn’t finish her work, she will go home to accompany them before they go to bed.

She worried that both she and Fu Jincheng were busy and had no time to accompany the children, so the children would be sad.

And when the children go to bed, she has to keep busy with her own business.

But it’s obvious that Fu Jincheng is busier than her. Gao Yunjin is a little worried about his health. On the third night, although she hasn’t finished her work, she still made some soup in the kitchen and sent it to Fu Jincheng after the child went to bed.

When she arrived at his company, it was around ten o’clock.

He has a bright company.

As soon as she got out of the elevator, she ran into Secretary LAN, who came rushing from the side with the papers in her arms.

Blue Secretary saw her, but immediately responded: “madam, are you here?”

“Yes.” She looked around. “You look like you’re busy.”

“Yes, I’m very busy. We’ve been busy for several hours. I guess we won’t be spared tonight.” Blue Secretary rubbed to rub eyebrow center, quite tired way.

“Hard work.” Gao Yunjin said.

“It should be.” Secretary Lan said with a smile.

Seeing that he seemed to be in a hurry, she didn’t say much and asked, “where’s Jincheng? Is he busy? “

“Yes, Mr. Fu is in a meeting now.”

“When will he finish?”

“Well, I’m not sure.” Secretary LAN sighed, “would you like to go back first, madam? When you have time to rest, I will tell you that you have been here

He did not want her to wait for Fu Jincheng, but worried that she would be tired after waiting too long, because Fu Jincheng really would not have too much time to accompany her.

“Good.” Gao Yunjin nodded: “then you go to work. I’ll put the soup in his office and go.”

She didn’t want to wait, but she was afraid to disturb Fu Jincheng’s work and upset him. After all, she couldn’t help him.

“All right.” Secretary LAN stopped, “I’m just going to the general manager’s office to get something, or I’ll take it for you?”

“Well, please.”

Secretary Lan said with a smile, “it should be.”

Gao Yunjin doesn’t waste his time any more. “I’ll go first. You’re busy.”

Secretary LAN couldn’t send Gao Yunjin into the elevator because he was in a hurry. After Gao Yunjin said hello, he walked away quickly. Before he reached Fu Jincheng’s office, he heard his assistant tell him that President Fu asked him to go into the conference room quickly.

Secretary LAN nodded and walked away quickly. When the other party saw the food box in his hand, he said, “I’ll put the box for you.”

Blue Secretary mind was occupied by business, gave things to the assistant, quickly went into the meeting room.

After an hour, the meeting was suspended with a 15 minute break.

Secretary LAN is still busy. After leaving the meeting room, she goes back to sort out the documents that she will use for a while. She is so busy that she has no time to drink water.

Fu Jincheng had a moment to rest. He went back to the office, loosened his tie, picked up his mobile phone and looked at it. There was no information.

Gao Yunjin didn’t send him a message. He flashed a faint emotion at the bottom of his eyes. Holding his mobile phone, he wanted to call her. But now, it’s early in the morning. Thinking that she has been sleeping to a large extent, he put down his mobile phone, rubbed his eyebrows and leaned back in his chair

to rest.

And that night, because he was too tired, he stayed in the company to have a rest and didn’t go home to sleep.

Gao Yunjin gets up the next day and knows that Fu Jincheng hasn’t come back. She knows that he is too busy and loves him very much. All she can do is not disturb him as much as possible.

The two children haven’t seen Fu Jincheng for several days and miss him very much.

When having breakfast, they frequently asked about Fu Jincheng. In a word, they all revealed their missing for Fu Jincheng.

Gao Yunjin had to explain to them that Fu Jincheng was still working. He was very busy and tired. When he was finished, he would have a lot of time to stay with them.

Listen to Gao Yunjin say Fu Jincheng is very tired, two little guys also love him very much, especially good, did not quarrel to say want to call Fu Jincheng or video, after breakfast, good to go to school.

Over the years, Fu Jincheng company has been developing steadily. Although she is sometimes very busy, she is so busy that she needs him to stay up all night for several days. She is really rare. After sending two kids to school and the company, Gao Yunjin actually wanted to call Fu Jincheng, but he was worried that he would wake him up before he woke up. Because she sent him messages these days, he didn’t reply until after eleven o’clock

Her, he did not call back, it is estimated that it is really too busy.

So let alone meeting, they don’t have much chance to talk.

In the past, when one of them was on a business trip, even if he was not in the same place, sometimes he could video twice a day.

Now he’s not on a business trip, but they can’t even compare when they’re on a business trip.

She didn’t see each other for so many days, and she didn’t get in touch with him these days. In fact, she missed him more or less.

She thought she could meet him and say a few words when she went to deliver him soup last night, but she didn’t expect to see him at all.

Think of this, she took the mobile phone, uncontrollably want to give him a call in the past, but she hesitated for a long time, or put down the mobile phone.


There was a “Dudu” sound outside the door several times. Fu Jincheng opened his eyes, looked at the sky outside, screwed his brows, got out of bed and went out to open the door.

Secretary LAN: “Mr. Fu, it’s time for a meeting in half an hour.”

Fu Jincheng: “I know.”

Secretary LAN nodded and left the office, while Fu Jincheng went back to his room to wash and tidy up.

Just after finishing the grooming, there was another knock on the door. After he said “please come in”, Lei Yun appeared at the door of his office, with her secretary and President sun beside him.

Fu Jincheng went to meet him and said with a smile, “so early?”

“It’s not too early. It’s over nine now.” Lei Yun came in and looked at his face: “just wake up?”


“So you haven’t had breakfast yet?”


“Just right.” Lei Yun took her secretary’s food box and said, “I had breakfast outside just now. It’s very delicious. I think you’ll like it. Just as I’m coming to your company, I’ll pack one for you and try it.” Fu Jincheng laughs: “thank Mr. Lei.”

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