Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2913

“It’s just a breakfast. Why is Mr. Fu so polite?”

Just finish saying, blue Secretary also sent breakfast to Fu Jincheng to come in, see the exquisite breakfast that already put on the table top, he paused, “has madam come?”

Secretary Lan’s words made Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng pause. Fu Jincheng first reacted, drooping his eyes to remove the emotion of the fundus, shaking his head and saying faintly: “No. These breakfasts are brought to me by Mr. Lei. I’ll have this this morning. You can see who else hasn’t had breakfast. Give it to me

They’ll send it. “

Secretary LAN didn’t think much: “OK.”

Fu Jincheng raised his head and said with a smile, “does Lei always want to eat together?”

“No, I’ve eaten it. You can eat it.”

“Then I’m welcome.” Fu Jincheng took a mouthful of dim sum. The sweetness of the food spread in his mouth. He nodded happily: “it’s an authentic Cantonese breakfast. What Mr. Lei said is true. It’s really delicious.”

“Mr. Fu likes it.” With that, Lei Yun stood up and said, “you eat first, and I’ll go to the conference room to deal with something.”

She would like to stay and chat with him, but she brought her breakfast. If she didn’t eat it, she would watch him eat it in his office. In this way, it’s hard for people to think about it.

But now it’s not time for her to take the initiative to tell him what she’s thinking. She knows what’s enough.

Fu Jincheng nodded: “OK, I’ll be there in a minute.”

Lei Yun took Sun Zong and they left. He also closed the door to Fu Jin city.

As soon as Lei Yun left, the smile on Fu Jincheng’s face faded. He stuffed a piece of cake into his mouth. Then he got up and went into the room and took out his mobile phone.

When I turn on my mobile phone, the first thing that pops up is a message from Gao Yunjin. The time of the letter is more than ten minutes ago: wake up? Are you still busy today?

When Fu Jincheng saw her message, he was in a better mood and called her with his mobile phone.

Gao Yunjin just returned to the company, saw his call, immediately picked up: “wake up?”

“Well.” Fu Jincheng asked her, “what are you doing?”

“Just arrived at the company.” She paused. “Are you having breakfast?”


“Secretary blue prepared it for you?”

Fu Jincheng a meal, also don’t want to talk about other people, casually “well” a, “you these two days or very busy?”

“A little, you know, I’m going abroad in two days, so I have to deal with things well.”

“Well.” He knows. However, even if she is busy, she has time to come to see him and bring him something to eat. But she doesn’t come to see him once. He doesn’t say that, but she seldom calls.

He knows that she is afraid to disturb him, but she should know that he is not afraid of her disturbing him.

Thinking of this, he asked, “when do you usually go home in the evening?”

“It’s usually eight or nine when you get home.”

Fu Jincheng: “go back to accompany the children for a while, and continue to be busy?”

“Yes.” Gao Yunjin rubs her eyebrows. She is actually very tired recently. “Will you have a meeting later?”


“Is it an internal meeting?”

“No, the partners come to talk about the details of the cooperation.”

“When does it start?”

“In ten minutes.”

“Why don’t you stop talking? Do you have breakfast first? “

“Not in the way.”

He wanted to talk to her. Gao Yunjin thought about it and asked, “is there anything wrong with the company? Is it true that you need to work overtime because the company is too busy with so many things, or… What’s the matter? “

Although he told her that he would be very busy next, because there are too many projects to do.

But he seldom worked overtime like this before, so she was a little worried, worried that he said so, just didn’t want her to worry.

Fu Jincheng did not expect that she would think so, but said: “it’s really because of being busy. If something happened to the company, you should have heard about it.”

Gao Yunjin breathed a sigh of relief: “that’s good.”

She looked at the time, and after a few minutes, she said, “would you like to eat first? I’ll hang up first? “

Fu Jincheng had a meal. He had no appetite for breakfast. He put down his cake and called out: “Xiaojin.”

“Well?” Gao Yunjin thinks he has something to say to her.

Fu Jincheng wanted to let her come to see him at noon, but when the words came to his mouth, he couldn’t say it again.

He just wanted to know when she knew she was coming to see him. Didn’t she miss him at all?

Thinking that she has no feelings for him now, and that being with him is just for the sake of children, he understands that it is normal for her to do so.

That’s why he can’t say it.

“What’s the matter?” Gao Yunjin felt that he wanted to talk and stopped, “why don’t you talk?”

Fu Jincheng took back his mind and said, “nothing. I just want to tell you that I will be very busy in the next few days. Maybe I will rest here in the evening.”

“Well, I see.” When Gao Yunjin heard this, he was worried and said, “are you so busy that your body can bear it?”

Hearing her concern, he was in a better mood: “I have a good rest, don’t worry.”

“You –“

“What?” Fu Jincheng thought that the signal was not good, he did not hear clearly: “what did you just say?”

“Nothing. Take care of yourself.”

She wanted to say that he was very good now, so he didn’t have to work too hard.

But she can’t say it.

She is a person, no matter in this life or last life, her ambition is not big. She knows that the money she makes is enough to make the people she loves live a good life.

Therefore, when she died in her last life, the scale of her clothing company was not big, and the accumulated assets were only 30 million to 20 million.

In this life, Fu Jincheng also wanted to help her make the company bigger and become a first-class clothing company in China, but she wanted to come step by step.

But he’s not her.

Their pursuits are very different.

He is now in a high position. In fact, there are not many things that need him to come out in person.

She thought that he must have attached great importance to these projects, which reflected in his ambition for his career.

No matter in his last life or in this life, he is a careerist, never willing to be ordinary, his pursuit is hard to catch up with her.

Naturally, she can’t ask him to be as satisfied as she is.

Fu Jincheng said, “well, I know.”

“I’ll hang up first.”


As soon as he put down his cell phone, Secretary LAN knocked on the door and came in, “Mr. Fu, everyone is here.”

Fu Jincheng got up and said, “I’ll go right away.” With that, he looked at the breakfast which had not moved much on the table. “Let’s clean it up.” Secretary LAN had a meal: “do these breakfasts not suit your appetite?”

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